Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Etude House Drawing Eyebrow Pencil

Modelco Designerz Eyebrow Kit (which I haven’t reviewed yet) and ever bilena pencil in dark brown have been my eyebrow’s best friends until I met this pencil from Etude House Drawing Eyebrow. I love it so much since it is easy to use. Before, it will take me atleast 10 minutes to do my eyebrows but now, I could do my eyebrows in just a minute. Unbelievable! 

In addition, this saves me alot of money. Seriously! Modelco Designerz Eyebrow kit costs around Php 1400 and Ever bilena pencil would costs me Php 90 but it will not lasts me more than a week. Why? I keep sharpening it! I know, that is ridiculous but I don’t use unsharpened eyebrow pencil. I want my eyebrow pencil to be super thin ‘coz it is easier to work with. But with this EH Drawing eyebrow pencil, no need to sharpen!! It saves me time and money!

I got it in #3 which is brown. T
his EH Drawing eyebrow pencil comes in 5 shades
01 dark brown
02 grey brown
03 brown
04 dark grey
05 grey
06 black

EH Drawing eyebrow is a dual ended, convenient for travelling. It has a pencil on one side and a spoolie brush on the other side. 
 The pencil side has this slanted triangular shape, perfect for shaping. 
 Also, because of the unique shape of the pencil, I can control the thickness of the line on my eyebrows.
 The spoolie brush brittles are soft enough to blend the pencil. 

The pencil itself is not waxy but glides smoothly. You can use eyebrow gel to keep your eyebrows even and in place. I recommend Etude House Color my brows. 

The pigmentation of this pencil is just right, perfect for filling your eyebrows without looking too thick/heavy. Although it is lightly pigmented, I never had hard time shading my eyebrows since the color is buildable (as shown below).
 The staying power is great on me. Definitely stays until the end of the day. But, if you don’t have eyebrow hair/thin and uneven eyebrows I would say that this might not stay the whole day. My sister who borrowed this to me went home with a half-done eyebrows. So, it is important that you don’t  over plucked your eyebrows. Otherwise,  this won't work on you.

Although this is a Korean product, this is not pricey. The whole pencil costs me only Php 128! Plus, you can save more if you buy refill instead of buying the whole pencil on your next purchase.

Overall, this is a perfect eyebrow pencil for me. In fact, this is my most recent HG eyebrow pencil. It is cheap and easy to use! It works well. Perfect for travelling, perfect for everyday use and perfect when I am always in hurry!

-          -No need to sharpen
-          -Great color selection, comes in 6 shades
-          -Slanted shaped, easy to use
-          -Stays the whole day on me
-          -Glides smoothly
-          -Enough pigmentation
-          -Refillable
-          -Travel friendly
-          -Comes with a spoolie brush
-          -Cheap!

-          -Won’t stay long for people with over-plucked hair


  1. Ooh! I also have this and is indeed one of the best brow "pencils" that I've tried! :D It's not too dark making it easy for building up the color to the desired "darkness" :D

    Thanks for the review! <3

  2. I usually don't apply anything to my brows because they're thick and really black, but looks good enough when groomed. However, I dyed my hair Mahogany and I think I should make my brows sort of the same shade too. I saw this in EH but didn't know what shade to get. What shade would you recommend? Thank you!

    PS. If it would help, a photo of my brow can be seen in one of my blogposts: http://smizingmica.blogspot.com/2011/10/smize-me-maybelline-hyper-curl-volum.html

  3. Thanks for this review! I wanna try this product! ^___^

  4. unfortunately my brow is not that thick, maybe I should need to buy one of this!

  5. I have this in the lightest grey. I find it to be the most natural of all for me because my hair is black.

    This is very good for those with a heavy hand.

  6. Great that it's refillable!
    Where do you buy the refills?

  7. boobooninja: etude house store/boutique :)

  8. I'm trying to find the refills online because there aren't any EH stores/boutiques in North America :(

  9. aw, that's very unfortunate. anyway, maybe u could preorder drawing eyebrow pencil and ask the seller if she could preorder refills too

  10. I did that last night. Great minds think alike :)

  11. Oooh i didn't know it comes with a brush! Thank you for your suggestion, i must buy this the next time I visit EH :)))

  12. It's the same with the one I have. But I bought it from the Face Shop.I didn't know that its cheaper from Etude house. Thank you for sharing! :) I know this was an old post and I am a beginner :)

    Oh I hope you can follow me back. Thanks!


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