Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Geo Angel Brown

I started wearing contact lenses back in my highschool years (more than 5 yrs now). This is my second contact lenses from a korean brand. The first I’ve tried is Geo Angel Gray which is absolutely a gorgeous color although it appears bluish on my eyes. I believe I haven’t done any reviews on that. Anyway, I had that like few months ago.

In this POST, I told you that Jhia, owner of Red Jhelli Shop, sent me contact lenses more than a month ago for me to do a review on. 

Of course, the first thing I did was to check the authenticity of the contact lenses (both left and right). I wouldn’t recommend anything that will harm my readers.

 So, I guarantee you that Jhia is selling only authentic geo contact lenses.

Moving on.

The contact lenses I got was Geo Angel Brown. Compared to the geo angel gray, this appears to be more natural on me. I have dark brown eyes and this lightens the shade of my natural eye color. I really like that it enlarges my eyes too.

Comfort: They are comfortable even if I wear them for a long time, especially during the first two months. In fact, I wear them to school before for more than 8 hours straight. I know, it is not advisable to wear them for that long but I never had any discomfort on my eyes. 

With my experience on my past lenses, during the 4th month and so, I notice that my head would hurt if I wear it for more than my usual 7-8 hours. So, definitely, I wouldn’t recommend you to wear it for a year, even if the life span of this lense is good for 1 year. Also, wear them for only 6 hours maximum starting 4th month from 1st purchased to avoid any discomfort.

Cheap compared to lenses you can purchase in malls. 

Red Jhelli Shop prices:
1st purchase = 650 pesos
2nd purchase = 600 pesos3rd and succeeding purchases = 550 pesos

Here is me wearing GEO ANGEL BROWN 
(sorry sa mga pimples ko,di carry ng concealer yung iba. hahaha. breakout kasi ako naun)


  1. i had the same contact lenses kaso napunit :(
    ganda ganda sayo :)

  2. hindi naman halata ang pimples dear! :) pretty ka pa din and the color suits you. Thanks sa info about checking authenticity! ^_^

  3. ang ganda saiyo ng contact lenses...lalong na enhance yung pagiging porena mo. :)

  4. it suits you well! So pretty! ^_^

  5. Thank you so much girls! Love na love ko tlaga mgbasa ng comments sa facebook. feeling ko lagi akong maganda. hugsss!

  6. super pretty sis! loveit!! love your glowy healthy skin! and you eyes!!! love love love


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