Friday, November 18, 2011


Do you know when is the last time I posted a lipstick review on my blog?? It was last April 27. LOL! I was asking myself, “Why on earth am I not posting lipsticks review??” then I realized it is because I haven’t been buying lipsticks for quite a while now. The last lipstick I bought was from Etude House (Look at my lips)  which I got just a month ago. I don’t use it that much though since the lasting power is so-so. Just 1-2 months ago, I tweeted that I want to purchase Mac Lipstick ‘coz someone is doing a preorder. Then, I realized that in reality, I really don’t wear lipstick that much. In school, I usually bring only few things on my makeup kit such as powder, brush, Le faerie lipgloss (in case I want to have a neutral color on my lips) and Careline lipgloss in 101.
Anyway, I don’t know if this introduction makes any sense but I just want to share with you why am I not posting lipsticks reviews.

Moving on, today, I decided to do a lipstick review for a change. And the lipstick that I decided to do a review on is definitely not my usual on-the-go lip color.

I am not a huge fan of red lipsticks, I usually wear nudes and pinks. I originally have 4 red lip color but then, just few days ago I decided to give my Avon red lipstick to my tita (aunt) since it is a really really bright red color, I just can’t wear it.


On tube, it was like a true red color but when I swatched it on the back of my hand, I noticed that it has a slight orange undertone to it. 
Definitely, a great color if you’re looking for a warm toned red lipstick.

It comes in a simple round, black packaging. 
 I like that you can see the name of the shade on top and  it has a color cap on the bottom which is exactly the same as the color of the lipstick itself. 
The packaging is made from a cheap material, not sturdy  at all. You’ll really get what you paid for.

It has a distinct smell that I can’t explain. People often describe that it has a “soap like smell” but for me it wasn’t anything like soap. Although, I must agree that it tastes like soap.  The scent doesn’t bother me. It is the unique characteristic of this lipstick. In fact, I could tell that this is a nyx rls, even with my eyes closed, by just smelling it.

No doubt, it is one of the most pigmented kind of lipsticks I ever owned.It is very true to color on my lips.

The lipstick is rich and creamy, thus, glides really smoothly on my lips. Once applied on lips, it has this slightly glossy in it but not as glossy as if you’re wearing a lipgloss on top. It dries into a nice matte finish. It doesn’t makes my lips dry inspite of being a red lipstick. You can use or not use lipbalm underneath.

Staying Power:
For nyx rls in general, the lasting power is so-so. Nyx rls would have been my HG only if the lasting power was good. But it wasn’t. It wasn’t good, not even average for most of the colors.

For Nyx Eros, this would last me few hours WITHOUT drinking. However, I notice that when I drink water,the color fades away but will atleast leaves stain on my lips. Inspite of that, i still think that it is pretty average. The staying power of careline lipglosses are better than this honestly.

Price: Php 150-Php 300. Depending on where you'll get it.

(UP: 100% not edited)
(UP: Sorry, I have to change my picture in grayscale and blurred some parts of my face since I'm having a bad breakout, nevertheless, the lips is 100% unedited.)


  1. Kyaa Love the color~! It looks good on you.

  2. Luscious lips! Looking so pretty, sis! I have that color too! <3

  3. Love the color. It's beautiful!

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  4. it's okay to blur-out the areas around the lips/face impt naman is the lips since it's a lip product =).. I always do that same editing, kse super focussed so makikita yung little bigotes ko hahaha.. kaso yung iba OA and exagge mag-react pag may konting editing...
    love that shade on you, i have that too kaso not brave enough to wear it eh..


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