Thursday, November 24, 2011


I had been wanting to join this contest ever since I saw Miss Char’s tweet on this but unfortunately, I was just so busy this past few days. Anyway, today, I decided to join the contest in spite of all those busy stuff I had to finish for school. LOL! Besides, I woke up this morning and I felt like I need to rest for a while and do stuff I really want. I was just so lazy to go to school today so I decided to stay home. We don’t have anything important to do in school, anyway.

I rarely join contest now, I join contest only for these reasons:

1. The prizes are AMAAAAZING!
2. If she is someone I know here in blogging (To show support)
3. If I was invited on my facebook, twitter or email.
In this situation, it’s number 1.  Oh gosh, Ate Char is very true when she replied on my twit that all the prizes will be worth it.

There will be 3 winners who will win three sets of prizes.

The first package is something I would be dying to have, the main reason why I joined this contest.

The first package / set A includes the following items:
Suesh 3 Way Lighted Mirror | Flawless Nano Whiteness | P1000 Gift Certificate from Flawless | Strip It Cold Wax | Neutrogena Moisture Shine Lip Smoother Shimmer 10 from Tamera Online | LuLu Makeup Concealer Wheel | Skin Hour Liquid Loofah | Trevise Feathered Earrings | Naomi Earcuff from The Style Prodigy | HBC Hortaleza Cuticle Coat | HBC Hair Perfection Color Hair Spa in Chestnut
P500 Gift Certificate from Benett Joyce Home Service Nails & Spa | Purple Jar's Creamy Leche Flan in A Jar | Executive Full Groom Service by Pooch Park

This is ridiculously amazing right? I want to win the suesh 3 way lighted mirror for myself. Why? Because I think this would HELP me A LOT! Seriously! I am always having trouble doing my makeup just because of the bad lighting on my room. That’s why if you would see me doing my makeup, I keep moving from one place to another depending on the lighting and the part of my face that I would be putting makeup on. It is such a pain in the arse!! I have been wanting to buy a mirror with led lights since before but I never had the chance to buy one as they’re pricey. This potable mirror would costs me Php 8,000! I know because I will have my contest very soon too and I will be giving away same mirror as one of the prizes. LOL! Can you imagine that? I would be giving away something I really want to have too. LOL! You girls are so LUCKY!!! So when I saw Char’s giveaway, I knew I had to join this contest! In additional, other great prizes are also included in this package.

Package 2 /SET B includes the following:

 Satchel Bag from Trevise | Glambox Mink Lashes | Strip It Cold Wax | Flawless Whitening Kit (Whitening soap, Whitening TOner, White Plus Cream, Skin Protect Cream) | P1000 Gift Certificate from Flawless | Stile Eyeshadow in Bouquet from Tamera Online | Neutrogena Mineral Sheers for Eyes in Stone from Tamera Online | HBC Hortaleza Hair Cuticle Coat | HBC Hair Perfection Color Hair Spa in Deep Hazel Brown | LuLu Makeup Brown Gel Eyeliner | Skin Hour Body Cream | Naomi Earcuff from The Style Prodigy

P500 Gift Certificate from Benett Joyce Home Service Nails & Spa | Purple Jar's Creamy Leche Flan in A Jar | Executive Full Groom Service by Pooch Park

Oh em gee! Flawless products, love the accessories  and look how cute the satchel bag from Trevise! Most of the prizes here is almost the same as package 1.

Package 3 / Set C includes:
LuLu Makeup Morocco Palette | Benefit Eyeshadow in Seal the Deal from Tamera Online | Merle Norman Definitive Lip Liner from Tamera Online | Flawless Skin Lift | P1000 Gift Certificate from Flawless | HBC Hortaleza Lipotrim Bath Soap | HBC Hair Perfection Color Hair Spa in Burgundy | Skin Hour Deep Cleansing Oil Standard Size | Beading memories Necklace from Fine Living Essentials | Beading Memories Bookmark from Fine Living Essentials | iWhite Facial Cream | iWhite Whitening Pack | Sutton Earcuff from The Style Prodigy | Bangles from Trevise

Sole Sister Baby Violet Canvas Tote Bag with Matte Gold Patent | P500 Gift Certificate from Benett Joyce Home Service Nails & Spa | Purple Jar's Creamy Leche Flan in A Jar | Executive Full Groom Service by Pooch Park

So many good stuff in this package too! Look how amazing the LuLu Makeup Morroco Palette. I haven’t tried iwhite products yet but I heard good reviews about them from Ate Char and other bloggers.

Aside from these prizes, Ate Char also prepared special prizes for the 2 people who earned the highest number of entries. Isn’t it cool?

Do you want to join now? If you do, then read the mechanics HERE to know how.

Maybe you’re wondering what’s my entry in the contest. Oh, I will share.
The most memorable birthday for me is during my 18th bday. You know how girls celebrate their 18th bday. Although I didn’t celebrate it as bongga as other people would,  it was my most memorable bday. My friends were there and also my family, my friend’s family and few relatives.

I celebrated my birthday in Emerald’s Garden, one of our favorite restaurants, located along Roxas Boulevard.  I seriously love Chinese foods! They have the most delicious siopao ever!!! (ofcourse, I did not have siopao on my bday ‘coz that would be quite funny, however, we do order siopao every time we go there).

After dinner, me, my twin, my friends ,my twin’s friend, my sisters, cousins, my mom and dad went to Bedrock, a small bar in Malate. Basically, that’s how simple I celebrated my bday but it was totally fun. It was a night full of foods, drinks, kwentuhan, whatnots!

How about you? Share your most memorable Birthday, Anniversary or Christmas and join! Goodluck everyone!

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