Saturday, December 24, 2011

Etude House Color my Brows

Hi lovelies! After many years, :) i finally decided to post this review! I had this for a couple of weeks now (or maybe, months? Weee! I can no longer remember). Etude house color my brows is basically an eyebrow gel, and definitely not a hair dye.

The use of eyebrow gel can be the same as the use of a hair gel. It place unruly hair where you want it for styling. Eyebrow gels can be clear or with tint. Tinted eyebrow gel is used to either darken or lighten the eyebrows.

Etude House Color my eyebrows is a tinted eyebrow gel. It comes in two shades:

01 Rich Brown- according to most bloggers it is a dupe for Mac Brow set in Beguile. It is a taupe color with tiny shimmers. However, the shimmers are not noticeable once applied on my eyebrows.  This color is best for people with brown to dark brown and black hair.

02 Light Brown- is a dupe for Mac Brow set Girl boy. It is a golden copper color with tiny shimmers. Just like the rich brown, the shimmers are not noticeable on eyebrows. Best for people with blonde hair or people who wants lighter eyebrow.

Most of the eyebrow gels with tint contain shimmers. Do not fret! These shimmers were placed in this gel for a very good reason and that is to make the eyebrow hairs appear more realistic (and not flat). If you still can’t get it (or imagine), try applying a mascara with brown-black shade (without shimmers) on your eyebrows then compare it with the eyebrow gel with shimmers. You would likely see the difference between the two.

The packaging comes in this folder like paper where the product is inserted inside. The folder has instructions on how to apply the product but unfortunately, it is written in Korean words which admittedly, I cannot understand. This has actually no use for me even the illustrations, I just can’t understand it! However, at the back of the folder/cardboard, there is an instruction written in English, finally! The shade is also indicated here.

The color of the tube matches the color of the product inside.
The applicator is like a mascara brush.  For first timers, this can be tricky. The first time I tried it, I ended up looking like someone with really thick eyebrows... seriously thick eyebrows!

I normally apply it starting from the arch of my eyebrows brushing it lightly in the direction of the hair, as if I’m applying a mascara, working my way down to the starting point of my eyebrows. Then, I go back to the arch going down to the end of the arch of my eyebrows.

EH Color my eyebrows can be used alone but I like using it after filling my eyebrows with pencil to make it look more defined and well-groomed.

The staying of power of this product is really amazing, definitely stays until the end of the day. It is waterproof, thus, quite hard to remove by just using water. however, it can be removed easily by a makeup remover, or soap and water.

-        - Lasts all day
-         -Tames unruly eyebrow hairs
-         -Quite affordable
-         -great dupe for high end eyebrow gels

-         -hard to apply (BUT practice makes perfect right?)

Overall, I really like it so much! I highly recommend it!

Price: Php 328!

As requested, here's my pic wearing EH Color my brows (on top of my etude house eyebrow pencil)


  1. Great review! :) I was planning to buy this particular product and i was, indeed afraid i might look like i have really thick eyebrows because i already have 'tama lang' eyebrows. I normally don't do anything with my brows but i wanted it to have some color. This EH product seems to be a bit hard for me to use haha, any other suggestions? :)

  2. It would be great to have a picture of you wearing it ;)

  3. Hi zelle, have you tried EH Drawing eyebrow pencil? it is much easier to use

    and thank you for suggesting, i will try to upload my pic with this. but i don't normally use this alone, though.

  4. i am seeing alot of reviews about this product!! now i am thinking of getting one or myself too. i am into thicker brows since i look way younger with them..happy holidays

  5. nice review! i actually love this product so much and you're right, i find it a little hard to use the first time. I have the rich brown and it's perfect for my brows.:)

  6. i like it !how much does it cost?

  7. Haha I wanna try this last month but I still need to practice on how to apply brow mascara. I tried the elf brow mascara of my mom but I end up with a thick brows. Hahaha! Anyway, it looks nice to you!❤

  8. this is really tricky to apply. Ako rin, i end up having thick eyebrows din nung una. pero practice makes perfect talaga. keri mo din yan sis, goodluck!

  9. This is great. I will try this one. I thought it's a mascara, gladly I read your blog. I like this and a challenging one for me.

  10. Hi sis, this is the first mascara brow i've tried. this dries out fast. recently, i reviewed brow mascara that works better

  11. You make it easier. Thanks for this.

  12. I've just started using this brow gel and I'm loving it so far!!
    mind checking my review on it please? +join my giveaway!
    xx Charmaine

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