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Honestly, this review is one of the most requested review for my blog.  I received messages in facebook, comments on my blog post and even tweets about this product. I feel bad for not being able to review it “A.S.A.P.” 

Anyway, before proceeding to my review, I would like to make it clear that this product was sent by Elicina Philippines. (Thank you Mr. Jonathan) and yes, I did not purchased the product with my own money. I don’t deny the fact that I accept products sent by company to test them out, however, i didn’t give them assurance that I will give only good reviews on their products. In additional, I will not allow anyone to dictate me on what to write on my blog as I am not paid to do so (this blog is for my blog purposes only, not my job, ok?) . Rest assured, all my reviews are based on my honest opinion and experiences on the product.

Elicina, as mentioned in this post, is the “THE PIONEERS AND THE INVENTORS OF THE SNAIL CREAM.” Elicina snail cream contains 80% snail extract (other pricier snail creams contain less snail extract) in natural form: Allantoin, Collagen, Elastin, proteins and glycolic Acid.
Elicina is an all-over snail cream. According to their site, you can use snail cream for face, body, scars, burns, for stretchmark prevention, sun and age spots, wrinkles and more.
Elicina snail cream has two variant namely the original and Plus. The only difference is the latter contains moisturizer.

Elicina comes in two kind of packaging. The 20g Elicina cream comes in a tube while the 40g comes in a jar.

The one I received is in a jar which is completely sealed when I got it. 
If you’re planning to get the 40g, I highly recommend that you buy a spatula to avoid contamination of the product. I saw a spatula in Daiso for only Php 85.00. But if you don’t like spending Php 85 for a spatula, you can use a plastic spoon.

It has a weird scent while the product is in its packaging (because of the plastic packaging) however, the product itself has no scent at all.

The consistency of this cream is thick but inspite of the thick consistency, I did not had any troubles in applying it on my face. It spreads easily. A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY! My skin can easily absorbs the product .Most importantly,  although it is made from snail mucus, it doesn’t feel sticky on skin.


My skin before taking this Elicina challenge (camera used: Blackberry curve)

After a month (camera used: sony cybershot- which is obviously 6x alot clearer than blackberry curve)
sorry for the bright lighting. I took this shot on our window for you to see my skin under the sun
(click the picture to see it clearly)

 Although it did not really made my skin as perfect as I want it (or as we want our skin to be), my skin did really improved. 85-90% of my pimples were healed. However, I still have few acne marks on my cheeks but hey, it’s alot better now. In all fairness, it did deliver a positive result on acne scars. Nevertheless, I do not give credit only to Elicina cream. Together with elicina cream I also used Coffee Fame soap (as facial wash) from Venus and Mars. ! It is a great soap if you have acne, BUT if you have open pores and acne, that soap will hurt your face really badly! Seriously, it’s like burning my face. So, if you don’t like that feeling, I won’t recommend you to use that soap.

NOTE: According to the label, you can use this twice a day. Though, i use it only in the morning. I prefer not applying anything on my face at night since I want my face to be really clean at night. You can definitely use it once or twice a day, whatever will works for you.

(I will try to upload more pics after 2 months)

-          Non-sticky
-          Can be easily absorb by the skin
-          Works for me
-          Quite affordable for a snail cream
-          Contains 80% snail extract
-          A little goes a long way
-          All in one product

-          Not  yet available in our local stores and malls (but you can purchase it HERE)
-          Can be drying on skin (try Elicina Plus –w/ moisturizer)

I do recommend it. But please take note that each person is different, so what works for me may not works for you.

Have you tried this product or any snail cream available in the market? Let me know! I would like to hear it from you. You can leave your comment here (but sorry I don’t usually reply on comments here because I don’t want to spam my own email but rest assured, I do read all your comments!) or share it on my facebook fan page and twitter!

Merry Christmas EVERYONE! 
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  1. Gosh. Elicina looks good ha. I don't have a lot of pimples despite the oily skin. May spots lang na may blemishes. Hmm. I am now extra curious about Elicina kaya lang magkakaroon na daw ng snail cream ang The Skin Shop sa Watson's so medyo torn ako hahaha.

    Glad this works for you! Ok yan. Hiyang ka :)

    Merry Christmas, Eloisa! <3c

  2. Thanks for sharing such a nice review...I've heard a lot of people raving about the snail cream particularly in Korea...glad it works for you!! ~^_^~ but not for me =(
    few months ago, I've tried the snail products from TonyMoly...however it gives me more breakout and acnes (-_-)"
    But that doesn't stop me, I'm still going to give the "snail" products another chance..this one looks promising...=)

  3. Thanks for this review. In the Cons part. This is available already in the Philippine market and you may send your inquiries here: It is just not yet available in our local stores and malls.


  4. Wow! I must get my hands on a jar of Elicina and that soap from V&M!

  5. How much does it take (jar,40 g)

  6. Hi eloisa, nice review...

    Followed you please visit my humble blog... Ty ty

  7. Hello! I have a question and i hope you will help me .. I was wondering which one is better celltone or elicina? I have scars and acne i have tried everything so if someone could help me it would be great. Thank you


Thank you for the comment ;p xoxo