Monday, January 9, 2012

Comparison Review: Maybelline and Mac Gel Liner

Hi lovelies! Chocolabear Fumiko II requested me to do a review (on fan page)  on Maybelline Gel Liner but instead of reviewing Maybelline alone, I decided to do a comparison review on Maybelline Lasting drama Gel Liner in Black and Mac fluidline in Blacktrack (para sulit sa post!)

If you haven’t read my first review on Mac, click here.

I'm a huge fan of gel liners! Honestly, I like it more than I like liquid liners and pencil liners since gel liners are much easier to work with (for my eyes). 

I started using gel liners two years ago. The first gel liner I’ve tried was the Elf Crème liner. 

Market Price:
Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel liner- Php 449
Mac Fluidline in blacktrack – Php 1,100

Net wt.: both 3g

I like that both gel liners’ pot are made of glass so that the products won’t dry out really fast. Avoid buying gel liners with plastic pot packaging because it won’t lasts you long enough. My elf crème liner dries completely after 2 mos! I had my Mac gel liner for a year now and guess what, I can still use it! AMAZING! Really worth my money.

Both gel liners are really creamy. I can still recall how much I raved about the creaminess of Mac when I first got it (considering the fact that Elf wasn’t as creamy as both). However, Maybelline is denser.
Since both are creamy, I never had any problems in applying these on my eyes. I normally use angled brush than the free brush on Maybelline just because angled brushes are much easier to use.  Btw, I don’t have any issues with the free brush, I honestly think that the brush that comes in the packaging of maybelline has a good quality  (bristles are stiff and soft).

In spite of being creamy, both dries quickly on my eyes (though Mac dries little faster than Maybelline).
Left to right: Fanny Serrano Waterproof felt Liquid liner, mac gel liner, maybelline gel liner
When I first swatched these on the back of my hands, I was like, “Oh these two have different finishes. Mac has a  matte finish while Maybelline has a semi-matte finish.” But after few minutes,  Maybelline dries completely into a matte finish. (Parehas na sila!)

Color payoff
If you’re looking for eyeliners with vibrant-black finish, I suggest that you should get liquid liners instead (or elf crème liner and wet n wild gel liner). 

However, the color payoff of these gel liners were good enough *like a carbon* (refer to swatch above). 

Lasting power:
These don’t last the entire day on me. (Take note: I live in Philippines plus I do have oily lids). Yet, you could use  a primer to make it lasts the whole day. Or if you’re someone like me who don’t have eye primers *ako na walang primer! lol* , you could do my technique. *aba, may technique pa pala ako, haha!*  To make these gel liners last longer, use pencil eyeliner (you can use the pencil liners you don’t normally use) as a base. After applying pencil liner, apply gel liner on top.
Left to right: Fanny Serrano Waterproof felt tip Liquid liner, mac gel liner, maybelline gel liner
I tried rubbing these gel liners for few times (more than 5x) . I noticed that Maybelline smudges a bit while Mac crumbles a little.

I did another test (water test) to see if these gel liners will last even we perspire, cry or get under the rain.
Left to right: Fanny Serrano Waterproof felt tip Liquid liner, mac gel liner, maybelline gel liner
I put my hands on the running water then rubbed these off. Again, Maybelline smudges rather than crumbles when rubbed off. That’s why beware of rubbing your eyes when you’re using Maybelline gel liners as it might give you a panda-looking (pero hindi naman katulad kay Kungfu Panda) eyes afterwards. Though, I really had hard time rubbing the Maybelline off my hands compared to Mac. (refer to pic)

To all drugstore-brand users, do not raised your eyebrows yet! Mac fluidline isn't as expensive as you think. (It's cheaper than Elf creme liner,really!)  


I got mine for Php 750.00 (from U.S.) 
Mathematical computation:
Php 750 / 12 mos = Php 62.50 (Imagine, I'm only paying Php 62.50/mo for a Mac!)


Php 1,100 (<--Price in Philippines) / 12 mos = Php 97/mo (or even cheaper since I can still use mine until now! So, that's more than a year now!)

Elf Creme Liner costs Php 250 and it dries completely after 2 mos.
Mathematical computation
Php 250 / 2 mos = Php 125.00!!!

So, If you want to try high-end brand and you want to make the most out of it, this is a product to try! 

So far, I think Maybelline is a good dupe for Mac. I couldn’t say that Maybelline is cheaper than Mac yet since I’m still waiting for another test. If one pot of Maybelline would last me until the 5th month (and wouldn’t dry out) from the day I purchased it, I will definitely say that “MAYBELLINE IS A CHEAPER ALTERNATIVE FOR MAC FLUIDLINE”. (Php 449 / 5 mos = Php 90/mo.)


  1. I super love my Maybelline gel liner! Great blog! Im a new fan of yours! :D Btw, Can we order Mac lippies from you? :o :D

  2. Great review! :) how much is the Fanny Serano Liner?

  3. Oops! Just scrolled through your blog and I saw your online shop. :)_Bea Era

  4. Bea Era: sorry, not selling mac lippies now :(

    france: thanks france!

  5. wow ang galing ng review! love it! galing galing!

  6. NYAHAHA!Desidido na akong bumili ng MAC gel liner ! Napansin ko kasi sa mga gumagawa ng eye makeup sa youtube na lagi yun ang ginagamit nila..then naisip kong mag-search pa ng iba at pinagkaiba nun sa MAC . Salamat po sa info! Katik pa makagastos ng mas mahal eh meron naman palang mas mura! ^___^ hehe~

  7. that's true! everything is tru abt the review... kahit nagswim nako ok padin effect sa eyes un mac. compared sa maybeline (gamit ko dati

  8. oo. hindi ko rin gusto un maybelline T.T


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