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Whew. Another year to start. Good vibes for 2012. Hope I could do more reviews, more sponsorships, more contests for you, gain more readers, more improvements in writing and more years for my blog! Hooray!

And to start the year right, I will do a review on two of my primers for 2011 

I couldn’t pick one (best) since both works for me in different ways and I would recommend them to people depending on skin conditions and preferences.

Let’s start with the highly rave NYX HD Studio Photogenic Primer.
I don’t know if it is available in other shades but the one I got is in HDP 01.


It comes in a sleek black and white (reminds me alot of Makeup forever) packaging with a pump dispenser. One pump will dispense enough amount of product for your face (and probably, neck). The pump is quite good for controlling the amount of product you want to dispense off the packaging--- if you’re someone like me who do not really use this primer all over your face. I usually use 1/2 pump for covering some parts of my face (tzone).
I  like that the  packaging has almost everything you need to know about the product... the name, the ingredients, some info, the claims, the site where you can purchase it.. except for the expiration date (and it’s the most important things of all!--- or maybe, one of the most ;)).

 The consistency is more liquidy than typical lotions (and less thicker too).  For some reasons, the consistency reminds me alot of Liquid paper (or correction fluid).

This primer contains silicone (Dimethicone), the one responsible for smooth silky feeling (to blend the makeup smoothly and evenly) and helps fills in lines or large pores on the face. Silicones also makes the primer lightweight. However,  in spite of the fact that it contains silicone, i find this primer difficult to blend on my face especially if my face is not totally dry.

Another thing that add burdens in blending out the product was the white color of primer. If not blended really well (or you put too much amount of product) on skin, this has the tendency to leave white cast on your face. On the other hand, if the product is well-blended on skin, this instantly brightens up the face.
NOTE: dispense the product onto the back of your hands. apply pea size amount on your face, part by part. then, blend out. It's better to start from little on your forehead going on your nose and other parts of your tzone, then if you like on your cheeks.... If you put too much products, the only choice you'll have is to erase everything, so I suggest don't do the "dot" rule on this product (dot rule- dotting all the foundation on your face before blending out). sayang naman yung time, effort and products, db? ;p


High definition, photogenic primer. Perfect for liquid makeup, foundation or face powder. Silky, lightweight application helps erase the appearance of fine lines and pores for a flawless finish. You makeup will stay fresh until the party’s over!

If I would have to recommend this primer, I would definitely recommend it to people with normal to oily skin since unlike most face primers, it does not have that smooth-silky feeling to it. If you have really dry and flaky skin, you will end up having trouble blending out the product on your skin.

In my case, I have combination skin (oily in tzone, dry and flaky on cheeks). I tried putting this on my flaky skin (cheeks) and i couldn’t make it works for me. I was expecting that it would smoothens out that area so I could apply my liquid foundation better, but it failed me. However, I would highly highly recommend it to people with oily skin!

During my OJT last December, I hardly retouched my face (mostly, no retouching at all). Imagine, 8-13 hours of no retouching??! Pretty amazing, huh. (Note: I haven’t tried it on summer yet)

Overall, I’m pretty amazed. It did make my makeup lasts longer and keeps my oil at bay! I haven’t used any products as good as this in oil control. Plus, it’s only PHP 650! (more or less).

-cheap alternative for high-end primers
-It’s HD! (bongga db? High definition talaga)
- Mineral-enriched, talc-free and paraben free
- Cruelty-free, hypoallergenic and lead free
-dries fast (make sure to blend well)
-it does give your skin smoother and flawless look (can brightens up your face)
-not greasy
-superb in oil control
-makes any makeup last longer!

-hard to blend
-can leave white cast if applied too much
-it has scent (it has a mild powdery smell + something weird) – not really bad, though.

Next in the list is the THE BODY SHOP SKIN PRIMER MATTE IT


Unlike Nyx, TBS skin primer matte it comes in a much simpler tube packaging. There’s nothing much on the packaging, no ingredients, instructions or anything like that. While I was searching for the product details (for this post) I was surprised to know that this product main ingredients are Aloe vera extract and camomile extract. And guess what, it can be use as primer for lipstick too! LOL! I haven’t tried it yet, though. I will try, maybe tomorrow? (I wish it was included in the packaging)

It comes in a clear gel, like the infamous Smashbox primer. Both nyx and tbs contain silicone but unlike nyx, this is much easier to blend on skin.


This primer for normal and oily skins creates a smooth base for foundation. It has been designed to deter shine and make make-up last longer.
Banishes shine
Helps make-up stay in place

According to the description, this primer is for people with normal to oily skin. But I honestly think that this works better for people with dry to normal skin (plus sensitive skin). People with oily skin may find this product not-so-well in oil control. I even came across someone who mentioned that she reapply this every 2-3 hours. I was like, “Who the hell reapply primer every 2-3 hours?!” LOL. Maybe, she was referring to foundation, not primer. Anyway. Sorry, I’m being rude again.

Moving on, I apply this on my cheeks where my skin tends to be flaky (due to my acne soap). I don’t know if it’s only me but after applying it on my face, I squeeze another amount of product into the brush and mix it with my liquid foundation. In that way, the primer would help my liquid foundation (or even powder foundation) not to accentuates my dry and flaky skin. You may shoot me now, but it’s how i do it! I am not a professional, so I don’t follow rules. 

Anyway, the oil control works for me (somehow). If normally, I would retouch at least 2-3x a day, using this primer I would just retouch 2-3x at most. It’s pretty ok too. Not superb but it works for me.

In spite of all the bad reviews in the internet, I still recommend it for people with dry to normal skin. It’s my saviour for my dry skin. Definitely, a great base to smoothens surface for better makeup application. (BUT overpriced! It was really pricey for the amount I was able to get. Imagine paying Php 800+ for 25ml??)

Btw, it reminds me of Ellana Primer, but TBS is less greasy. I’m not sure yet since it's quite a long time now since I had that. I will try to repurchase Ellana primer and see if it will be as good as this primer.

-great base (smoothens skin) for makeup
- contains Aloe vera extract and camomile extract
- 2-in-1 primer (face and lips)
- helps control oil 
-works really well for people with dry-normal skin

-not superb in oil control


  1. Nice! Really cool stuff and very inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. i have normal skin and i think this works very well and makes my skin sooo soft and application of foundation is much more easier !

  4. I use maalox as primer (local version of Milk of Magnolia). It's available over-the-counter in Mercury Drugstore. It helps with oil control. It's said to help prevent breakouts, too, but I leave that part to my facial toner.

  5. I like to use NYX products especially their primer! Nice choice :)

    ~Pauline @Kallony


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