Thursday, February 9, 2012

January Haul

Hi lovelies! I'll be busy with school probably until March. However, I will still try to update my blog once in a while. 

Secondly, I am also planning to do another giveaway. Stay tuned! I'm still in the process of gathering sponsors. If you know company/store that offers sponsorship for bloggers, please let me know. 

Moving on. Since I have a little time tonight, I will share with you my January collective haul. These are the things I got from my allowance, my sister, boyfriend and friends!

My sister, Evelyn, sent these for us! Xbox is super cheap in Singapore according to her. She also gave her itouch to me! Yay! 
Since Mac is a bit cheaper in Singapore, she  sent some goodies to me and my other sister, Emmeline.

I forgot to take a separate pic for Mac Studio Fix Powder plus Foundation (NC30). Nevertheless, that foundation is really amazing. Just last December, I purchased Fanny Serrano two way cake foundation because according to some, it was a great dupe for Mac. I'm sorry to tell you this but I disagree. I don't think it was anything like Mac foundation. Yes, both offers full coverage but it doesn't mean that FS is a great dupe for Mac  (at least for me). Mac has a brightening effect once applied. I haven't seen that effect on my FS. Moreover, FS isn't as great as Mac in oil control. The closest dupe for Mac that I could think of is my highly raved IN2IT FOUNDATION. Great coverage, superb oil control. Sadly, both broke me out! 
Mac Eyebrow Crayon in Spiked- the color is quite darker than my recent eyebrow pencils, however, I use Etude House Color my Brows on top to make it look lighter. I've been really loving this pencil because it is super sleek and thin, thus, more precise in creating a well-shaped eyebrows. I haven't seen anything as thin as this before, so if you girls know a dupe for this please message me! 
Mac Lipstick in Cherish. This is probably my most used lipstick for the month of January. I like wearing peachy lipstick for everyday because it brightens up my dull face.
Mac Lipstick in Cherish is a peachy-nude shade, perfect for that natural everyday lip color. 
Mac Lipstick in Pink Nouveau - one of the best sellers of all time! According to Mac addicts, this shade is always out-of-stock(slash rarely available) because celebrities were hoarding it! 
This is definitely not my go-to-shade. It is a bright purple-pink barbie lipstick that may look washed out if use without eye makeup. Mostly, I use this for corporate attire day and special occasions. I love pairing it with a well-defined eyebrows and thick eyeliner. 
Revlon Super lustrous Lipstick in Smoked Peach- it was recommended by my college schoolmate. It is a beautiful peachy coral shade, perfect for everyday and even for special occasions. This color is very wearable for most skin tones. The only reason why I don't use it is because it is fcuking drying on lips. It accentuates my crocodile-ish lips. I just hate using it. I don't think I would purchase anything matte on Revlon line ever again. It's my 3rd lipstick from this line and i'm always disappointed on how drying and not long lasting these were.

Disney lipglosses- this was given to me therefore, I don't have any idea on how much these were. The packaging is super duper cute! Reminds me alot of kikay kids. However, i do not recommend them. These lipsticks are super sticky on my lips. 
Ever Bilena in Mauvey- it is a great dupe for Maybelline Watershine in BM31. However, compared to Maybelline Watershine (lustre finish), Ever bilena in Mauvey  has a matte finish. EB in Mauvey is a very pretty and wearable pinky nude lipstick. It is not creamy, therefore, you have to drag it several times to see the real color on your lips. Most bloggers have been raving about how great and affordable this lipstick is, but it is definitely not for me. I don't think I would repurchase again. I hate lipsticks that are very drying on my lips, so, I surely hate this one. 

Nail polishes from Avon. I haven't tried these yet.

Bunch of eyeliners from Avon (glimmersticks). I'm not a huge fan of their eyeliners because these smudge like crazy on my eyes. But it is a great eyeliner if you're aiming for a smokey eye-look. 
Avon True color blush - probably one of my favorite blushes of all time. Great pigmentation and color.

A simple makeup bag for me
Olay Moisturizer
Avon Lotions. I don't like lotions with fruity scent, really. But i've been really loving cucumber and cherry blossom scent alot! 
The best way to make your perfume lasts whole day is through layering (Lotion plus perfume). Cherry blossom is my super love since it's very fresh and mild, not too fruity/sweet.
Mac lipstick in Cosmo. Another perfect shade for everyday, and for work. I will do a separate review on this. Stay tuned.
MUD Cream Foundation- this is quite pricey but it provides amazing coverage. For everyday wear, this can be so heavy. I would definitely recommend this for special occasions or if you don't mind wearing heavy foundation as long as it lasts the whole day
Purchased my 4th Maybelline Pure Pack Mineral foundation. 
Avon lipstick in Island glow - I got it from my friend who needs to sell Avon products for their marketing. It is a pink lipstick, pinkier and brighter than Nyx Tea rose. It has a watermelon scent like Maybelline moisture extreme (US Version). I don't like the scent because it is too overpowering that's why I rarely wear it.  
Avon lipstick in Tangerine- a bit brighter and orange-y than I expected it would be. It is like a sheer reddish orange lipstick with shimmers. Definitely not drying. I like the scent of this one than Island glow because it has a mild scent to it. 


  1. I also dislike Ever Bilena lipstick because it leaves my lips super dry -___- good thing I have a lipgloss to make my lips less dry.

  2. Nice haul, sis! Avon has nail polishes din pala :D

  3. di talaga ako naging fan ng ever bilena makeup. parang di ako ginaganahan sa reviews. maraming nagsasabi na drying nga sya sa lips.
    just like what aya said there, may nail polish pala ang avon! didn't know that.
    have fun sa xbox! kung may kinect ka rin, masaya mag-dance central haha XD

  4. Wow grabe ang dami! didn't know the avon had nail polishes. I've never tried any lippie from everbilena. even from all the raves, I'm still not convinced to try them. hehehe

  5. @chocola bear: true. this is my 2nd tube from EB. may pink flame din ako before pero i don't know kung san ko na nailagay yun. haha! super drying e

    @aya: bigay lang ng aunt ko yan. not sure if it's available here

    @another late bloomer: wow, sige check ko yan. my dad wants to buy new cd din kasi e. gusto nya yung mga sports

    @hollie: i don't think it's available here in ph, sis.
    true, don't like EB tlaga. btw, how's your suesh mirror? nakuha mo na?

  6. You got Olay Complete! I don't see it here anymore urgh. Kainis lang, I want to try it pa naman as a sunblock for everyday.

  7. @rae: hehe, my aunt gave it to me :) you could try olay products available here. okay din sila :)

  8. Jealouuuuuuuus! xD Btw I am doing a huge giveaway so plz check it out!

  9. Love your blog:)
    Following you:)
    It would be so nice, if you follow me back:)

  10. kainggit much, lots of products. I'm excited to your giveaway. tehehe. Have a great day. By the way I'm a loyal EB user, but the thing that i want is their foundation :)

  11. Me encantan los labiales de MAC !


  12. Definitely love your haul!! :) excited to see the reviews of those products! :) goodluck with school btw!

  13. where did you get your olay moisturizer? is it available here in the phils? thanks xx


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