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Beauty Cosmetics Egg Sponge + Giveaway!

Ever since, I’ve always wanted to have this highly-raved Beauty blender sponge but I never had the chance to have one… because it is freaking expensive here. Seriously, Php 1,200 for a sponge? That’s approximately $28. In the U.S, you could purchase it at cheaper price, though ($20 perhaps?). So imagine my joy when I got this sponges for free. However, it wasn’t the original beauty blender. This is an inspired beauty blender from Beauty Cosmetics.

It looks exactly like the Beauty Blender! Right?

Like what I’ve said before, I had never ever tried (nor had touched) any sponges as expensive as Beauty Blender.  As much as I wanted to do a comparison review, I just really can’t because there’s no way I’m going to shell out Php 1200 for a sponge. Therefore, this review is solely for Egg sponges of Beauty Cosmetics and not for Beauty Blender.

The packaging is cheap, just an ordinary cylindrical plastic container. Nothing really exciting about it except for the fact that it was inspired by the packaging of Beauty Blender. 

According to the label, the sponge is non-latex and hypoallergenic, just like Beauty Blender. And oh, I was expecting for an odor, but it has no odor. Therefore, just like Beauty Blender too, it is odor-free

Beauty Cosmetics egg sponge has a shape of an egg (obviously) with pointed side. Unlike those triangular-edge sponge, it was created with curves and no edges to avoid streaks. Plus the pointed side is just perfect to reach for hard-to-reach spots such as your undereye circles, side of your nose, etc. 

The first time I got it, the first thing I did was to sterilize it. I highly suggest that you sterilize it first too! Just pour warm water into a separate container then place your egg sponge for atleast 10-15 minutes. You’ll notice that the sponge will absorb the water making it twice as big as the original/dry egg sponge. (Just like the Beauty Blender again!)

After that, transfer it to a cooler water and soak it for 1-3 minutes so you can squeeze out the excess water without burning your hands. 

Left: Wet Sponge, right: Excess water has been squeezed out

Do not freak out if the egg sponge would not go back to its original size, nor do not wait for it to be smaller before using it or else, you’ll wait forever! LOL. Do not be like my sister…

My sister asked me if she could open the purple egg sponge. I told her, “NOOOO! It’s for my giveaway. You can try my egg sponge.” And she told me, “Ayoko, basa pa e!” 


Remember, this egg sponge should be dampen with water to use.

I normally use this with my liquid foundation.  First, I do put some liquid foundation on my face then blend it out using this sponge. In blending out, you may drag it (especially when you’re in hurry) but I prefer  bouncing it or rolling it all over my face.

I really enjoyed using it, in fact I had been ignoring my liquid foundation brush ever since I got this. You see, my skin is in good condition right now (Yeah, good. Not perfect, though). I do have few pimple marks (from my worst breakout ever!) but nothing really extreme. Because of that, I do appreciate the coverage this sponge can offer. The finish is really natural-looking , just the way I want it! If you have severe blemishes on your face, you might not be able to appreciate the coverage of this sponge unless, ofcouse,  you use a superb foundation. 

Since the sponge is dampen, it doesn’t absorb nor eat the foundation. It applies the foundation evenly on my face as it provides enough time for foundation to blend nicely on your skin before it dries up. This is perfect for liquid foundation that dries out really fast. It feels like your foundation can never go wrong with this sponge. Cakey is probably not in the vocabulary of this egg sponge. However, I haven’t tried it on my cream foundation yet. I think for cream foundation, you still have to use your hands in applying it for best result because the temperature of your hands will help the cream foundation to warm up a bit making it workable for you. 

If you’re wondering every how often I clean this sponge. Seriously, everyday! Right after I use it, I immediately clean it with soap and water. But when I’m in hurry, I just leave it dirty somewhere then clean it before I go to sleep.  Yes, this baby needs more care and attention than brushes do. I normally clean my brushes every week but please, do not ever do that with this sponge. The dirt and oil on your face can be easily absorbed by your sponge so be sure to clean it every moment you use it (talagang every moment, eh no? hehe). Being hygienic is a must if you want to keep your face away from bacteria and probably, bad breakout. Btw, the soap I’m using to clean this sponge is my Venus and Mars Mint Espresso  (or Pond's --activated carbon). I swear by it! Normally, it would take me forever to remove the stains of foundation on the sponge but with this VnM Mint Espresso, just for few minutes, your sponge will be good as new. I will try to do a separate post on how I clean this sponge after this sem, maybe. I swear by VnM Mint Espresso, it’s amazing too in removing makeup on my face and it is one of the reasons why my face is better now after my bad breakout. Anyway, that is totally out of the topic. Going back, you may still use whatever you like to cleanse you sponge like body wash, bath gel, soap etc. Or even dishwashing soap, just be sure it is anti-bacterial. Oh by the way, after washing, I store it back to its container, but I put cottons and tissues inside the container to help absorb the excess water in the sponge. Take note, do not store or place your sponge under extreme heat of any kind or directly into the sunlight. 

Overall, you might like it or not. In my case, I’m inlove with it. When I’m in hurry for school, I just use this to apply my foundation. It works really well on me. Like what I’ve said, it’s all about your preferences. I like it because it doesn’t make my liquid foundation look cakey, thick or fake!

-Too cute and convenient
-Long lifespan compared to ordinary sponges
- Perfect for natural-looking makeup (or commonly termed by beauty guru as “no makeup makeup!”)
- Light in weight, great for travelling
- Comes in different colors
- Affordable at Php 350!
-Has alot of use, for concealing, foundation (works well with any kind), blushing and contouring

-everyday cleaning is a must
-hard to clean especially if the soap used for cleaning is not good in removing stains
-provides sheerer coverage

This product was sent by Rosenn for review purposes, however, I was not paid to do this review or never Rosenn asked me to review only positive things about this product.  She just sent me the product and it's up to me to give my honest opinion. In fact, Rosenn sent another egg sponge just for you, so you could test it out to see that everything I just said was all true.
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That's it! Enjoy the rest of the day, beauties! <3 
Love and kisses! 



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