Tuesday, April 17, 2012


For your info, when I changed my blog layout I provided a tab where you can ask anything and everything. However, I noticed that most of the questions were asked repeatedly and so I had to answer all the questions all over again. As a solution, I decided to do a post for all your questions.
To Ask Questions, just leave a comment below (please do follow the format)
Blog url (if you have one):
Your Question/s:

I will answer at least 5 questions per blog post. 

Or you may leave a question via for formspring. 

Or If you want to ask something and you don’t want it to be published on my blog, you may just click “Contact me” tab just below my banner and click “ask me anything.” I will answer your question/s as soon as I can.

You have alot of options: via facebook fan page, via formspring (sidebar), via blog post comment, via email (eloisaco20@gmail.com) and via ask me anything tab

Regarding the plugging of blog sites, please refrain from posting it all over my posts. I provided a post for your links. (or see the link on the sidebar, the one with my 1st logo: kikaysimaria: vanity of a college girl)

Let’s get organized people, so it will be easier for you and me.

Thank you! <3


  1. you seem famous among beauty bloggers and left me curious. now i know that you're worth following :).. back reading now your post :)

  2. Wow, thank you so much sis! I'm so happy to know some people really appreciate my blog. :)
    for the famous part, i'm not really sure with that. hehe! but still, thank you so much!

  3. hi po! :) since para pong ang dami mong alam when it comes to makeup, bka po alam mo san mkkabili ng lipstick na pink na parang neon? tagal ko na hinahanap nun eh >.< and if alm mo rin po where to buy lipstick na matte na purplish? :) mahilig ako sa unusual shades of lipstick eh. hehe. thankyou!:) ganda ng blog mo :))

  4. gnito ba un neon na lipstick na sinasabi mo? http://babyjaprn.blogspot.com/2011/04/hg-alert-phantom-lipstick.html

    actually, parang my nkta ako nian before sa ebay. ewan ko lng ngyon ^_^

    sa purplish, meron sa wet n wild, revlon, mac, sleek, and more. sa mga watsons for sure marmi sis. :)

  5. parang ganito po kulay oh http://weheartit.com/entry/10492981?group=A&imgres=

    cge po tngnan ko sa watsons yung purple :)) super thank yoooou! :**

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  7. Hi I live in the states and I was wondering if you can suggesst where to purchase kojie sans skin lightening soap?

  8. Hi sis! Thank you sa blog posts mo, super helpful saka informative. Just wanna ask if you' ve tried using dark red lipsticks? Medyo in kasi ngayon yun sa US, diba? And if you know of any brands na meron nun dito sa Philippines. Thanks and more power! :) -Jessica

  9. Hi Dear Jessica, madaming darklipsticks here. almost all brands meron nun. try wet n wild and loreal

  10. Why did Garthbrooks married Trisha yearwood

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