Sunday, April 8, 2012

BC egg sponge giveaway winner + sharing some love by helping

Are you excited to know who is the luck winner for my Beauty Cosmetic’s Egg Sponge giveaway?
Without further ado, here is the winner!
I think she already won a giveaway before on my blog. (I can’t remember which giveaway). She’s one lucky girl. Elinor, you should try lotto next time, no kidding! Anyway, please email me your shipping address and contact details.

Few days ago, one of the readers of my blog contacted me and asked me for help. I am always grateful for my readers and it makes me happy to help them.

I encourage everyone to support her on  her contest.

And here’s the good news, she hosted a contest for those who will support her on the contest. There will be 3 lucky winners for her giveaway. Click HERE to join

If you want to support her but don’t want to join the contest, you may just do by liking her photo entry HERE

Lastly, don't forget to join our summer giveaway.
Please keep inviting your friends to join!


  1. Wow, sis thank you. Swerte ako sa giveaway mo. Btw, nanalo rin ako sa asianvogue giveaway mo.

  2. congratz to the lucky winner ♥


Thank you for the comment ;p xoxo