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Beauty Cosmetics 20 pcs PRO Brush Set

Hi everyone! Today’s review will be one of my fave buys for the month of February… it’s my Beauty Cosmetics 20 PCS PRO BRUSH SET! 

Before anything else, let me begin this review by saying I’m not a huge fan of makeup brushes. In fact, this is my first ever brush set. I rarely buy brushes unless I badly needed them. I don’t know, maybe because I’m not a makeup artist and I don’t feel like I’m going to use all of them. However, when I saw this brushes at Beauty Cosmetics site, I was like, “What the heck! 20 pcs brush set for only Php 1,400! Php 70 for each brush??! Goodness! I have to get it!” So, that’s the reason why inspite of being Kuripot with makeup brushes, I decided to buy it. But like what I’ve said before, I never had any makeup brush set before, therefore, I can’t compare this with other brush set (except for my individual brushes). Nevertheless, I will try to review it as detailed as possible to help you decide whether you should purchase it or not. (BTW, this brush set was purchased by me, with ofcourse my own money).
The set comes with a leather black bag in case you want to bring the set with you in your gigs or the likes. It has a two lace at the end of the bag that will help you in keeping the bag closed and secured while travelling.

Aside from that, it has a black cover inside just like some typical makeup brushes bags to cover and protect the bristle of the brushes.

It has 20 individual pockets with varying sizes for each brush

In my opinion, these brushes are perfectly made for professional-use rather than personal use simply because the handle of these brushes are long, definitely not for travelling since it will not fit nicely on your pouch (unless you have giant makeup pouch). Nevertheless, you can still use it for personal use at home.

Note: This review is arranged according on how I like the brushes.

Synthetic Hair
This absolutely my fave brush from this set! Just few months ago, I bought a pencil brush from Marionnaud and I honestly don’t like it. 

Marionnaud pencil brush creates a harsh line on my crease since it is way too pointed. This BC pencil brush is definitely a no-brainer brush. I ran this back and forth to define my crease. Also, this helps the eyeshadows to blends effortlessly on my eyes. I just love it!
Left: Marionnaud, Right: Beauty Cosmetics

synthetic hair
Another fave of mine which works perfectly well with pencil brush. I normally use this brush first on my crease to create the shape I want on my crease then afterwards, I use the pencil brush to create an outer V on the corner of my eyes. I absolutely like how slanted this brush is! It fits perfectly on my eye shape. I never had anything like this before so I don’t have anything to compare it with.

high quality goat hair
Compared to Marionnaud Blush brush (which you know I absolutely adore!), Marionnaud blush brush is denser than this brush but BC blush brush surprisingly picks-up good amount of products.  This works very well on blushes, even those less pigmented blushes like Elf Studio line in peachykeen. However, it is not as versatile as the Marionnaud blush since I can’t make this works with powder nor liquid foundation. In spite of that, this is amazing with blushes and perhaps, as a contour brush. (In fact, for blushes-use, I like to use this more than Marionnaud Blush brush).

Lash spoolie brush

This sounds crazy but in spite of being “just” a spoolie, this little thing was able to cut itself above the rest. I had several spoolie before and so far, this is my favourite. I know, it’s hard to distinguish the difference of one spoolie to another since they do all looked the same but this works better on me (but the shape of the Etude House drawing pencil looks more interesting for me). Just like any spoolie, the bristles of this brush are soft.  The thing that I like most about this is that it doesn’t wipe away my eyebrow powder/pencil. I don’t know if that’s just me but that’s my major problem before especially with Marionnaud eyeliner and spoolie brush. Whenever, I use Marionnaud spoolie on my eyebrows to make it more natural-looking, it tends to erase most of the products so I have to make sure to use it very lightly to prevent that from happening. Again, I don’t know the logic behind it but I never had that experience with this brush, maybe, because this brush has long handle so it tends to lessen the pressure, or maybe not. . Btw, you can use this on to separate your lashes after applying mascara.

synthetic hair
This is my 2nd concealer brush if I’m not mistaken. The first one was again from Marionnaud and it sucks! This BC Concealer brush is way better than that one. The bristle is soft and flat, and was like a mini-version of BC Liquid foundation brush. I mainly use this to apply concealer around the corners of the eyebrows after applying eyebrow gel to make it more neat and defined. This is definitely one of the brushes that I use every single day of my life.

synthetic hair
I would rather call this brush as my liquid foundation brush since this would works perfectly well on foundation in liquid forms. I’ve tried it with cream foundation and I don’t like the result. I highly think that for cream foundation, nothing will beat using your fingers to warm up the product first before applying it on your skin. 

The brush is stiff yet soft. It made of synthetic hair which is perfect for Liquid foundations so that it won't eat much of the products.

Stippling brush
Synthetic and high quality goat hair
Oh goodness, this brush is so soft! I’m quite biased since I adore two-toned brushes but seriously, I noticed that most of the softest brushes are in two-toned style. Again, that’s just my opinion. I don't have much thing to say about it other than it does a great job as a stippling brush! If you want a natural-looking foundation, use this instead of the Flat liquid foundation brush. 

Blending: High quality goat hair
Tapered blending brush: Synthetic
Honestly, for blending brush, I still think that Elf blending brush is the best. The shape, the softness and the dense of Elf blending brush is AMAZING! However, the quality of this brushes are still remarkable. In fact, I couldn’t find any cons on most of the brushes in this set. It does a great job in blending out the eyeshadows and in applying base eyeshadow on my eyes. It can also be used to create a crease-effect on your eyes. I love this set because I was able to get two great blending brush. 

According to BC, “it's bent at the ferrule (the metal part of the brush that holds the bristles), allowing you to apply eyeliner easier AND allowing you to see where you are lining without having your hand or the brush block your vision using regular eyeliner brushes. If you have problems applying liner, this bent brush will solve all your problems. The ferrule is conveniently angled so that you can apply gel or liquid liner without having your view obstructed by the brush head. The tip of the brush was created to be dense and pointed to give you a clean line.”

I'm surprised that the bristles are soft even if it's made of nylon. Definitely, a great eyeliner brush as it is very gentle on my eyes. Remember, our eyes (and skin around it) is the most delicate part of your face (thin skin) so we really need to find an eyeliner with soft bristles.

Nylon Hair
This has the right stiffness as an eyebrow brush. I don't have alot things to say about it since it works just like any other typical eyebrow brush. 

 Nylon Hair
Definer brush? I don't know how to use this one. LOL! But I use this on my eyebrows too! :)

High Quality Goat Hair
Honestly speaking, this brush did not surprised me. Yes, the bristles are very dense and soft however, it is somehow scratchy on me (BUT not as scratchy as other cheap brushes). What’s weird about this is that if I touched it with my hands, it’s so soft but when I use it on my face, it feels scratchy. Well, my guess is that the bristles are made from a good material but there is something wrong with hair at the tip of the brush? Perhaps, on how this brush was cut? That sounds weird I know but I couldn’t think of other reasons other than that. LOL!

Oh, another con for this brush is that it bleeds RIDICULOUSLY. I’ve washed it several times already and still it bleeds badly. For those who don’t know what’s bleeding in brushes, it is when you’re washing your brushes and a black dye comes out.

And if you’re wondering, yes it sheds (1-3 hairs) everytime I washed it.

High Quality Goat Hair
I never had anything like this before and the shape is just wonderful. BUT BUT BUT, I do have the same problems with this as the Large powder brush. It’s quite scratchy, it shed hairs and it bleeds.

high quality goat hair
When it comes to softness, Elf eyeshadow brush is still way better than these two!! That one from Elf is really soft and gentle on my eyes. On the other hand, the large eyeshader brush from BC is quite harsh on my eyes. There was a time (while I was using BC Large shader brush) when I accidentally poked the large eyeshader on my eyes while doing makeup and it hurts badly! My one eye turned red for an hour (seriously!) and I was so disappointed! I’ve experienced poking my eyes with elf but it would hurt my eyes only for few seconds. So you definitely have to be extra carefully if you’re going to use this large shader. However, good news, I never had that experience with the BC small shader brush. The truth is I do like the small shader brush a lot better than the bigger but since I’m so lazy to do a separate review for both of them (and since both of them are eye shader naman) I decided to combine them in this post lol. But in term of application, both of them work perfectly well in putting eyeshadows on my eyes.

The next brushes are the brushes that I haven’t tried using yet.

Eye pencil brush
The brush looks good. It’s like a long-handled version of Maybelline eyeliner brush (free brush from Maybelline Gel liner). But I haven’t use it yet since I like using slanted Eyeliner or bent eyeliner more than I like using this.


Overall, for Php 1,400 this exceeds my expectation. Even my least favourite brushes in this set wouldn’t deserve a price of Php 70 (seriously, where can you find this kind of quality for Php 70?! Nowhere! Even elf sells their professional brushes/regular brush for Php 120!). I love this set and I never regret buying it. These are cheap yet amazing brushes. I highly recommend this set.  

You can purchase this set in BEAUTY COSMETICS online store and get 10% off when you use "eloisa" code. Take note: You can use "eloisa" code on all items in the store!


  1. where did you get this set po??:) I want one!


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  5. Hello! can I still use the code when purchasing?

  6. Hello! can I still use the code when purchasing?


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