Saturday, April 28, 2012

Etude House Playhouse 2012 and Ana's meet and greet!

I’m a ridiculous blogger, I know! Who would bring a “low-battery” camera on an event?! Well, I just did! I was really in hurry to go to the event that I  grabbed the camera  without checking the battery. Upon arriving at the event, I realized that my battery could run out at any minute soon! In short, I wasn’t able to take pictures of the event. Fail!

Anyway, here are some of our pictures (credit to: Ana, Abigail and Etude House) from the Etude House Playhouse 2012 event. I really enjoyed the fun games, workshop, freebies and most of all, the photobooth! You can check the pictures of the event of Etude House site HERE!

Me together with my reader Jhessica! 
 Shots from my camera
Ana Patricia, Abigail Joyce (Ana's sister and yes, she's a model!), Me and Jhessica

 Photo credit: Etude House Philippines
Hindi namin alam may kumukuha pala sa gilid namin ;)

Favorite post ko ni Ana!

After the event we went to KBOP for Ana’s meet and greet! I was able to grab some pictures from fellow bloggers and readers who attended Ana’s meet and greet. You can check Ana’s post HERE for more detailed post on her meet and greet.

Photo credits: Ana Patricia, Celline and Karen

The Venue: KBOP

Some of the delicious foods Ana and Ate Abigail ordered! 

I guess, this is Ana's favorite food among the set kasi she keeps telling "Ang sarap nito" LOL :)


Ate Abigail ordered donuts for snacks!
Ana while waiting for her readers + prizes for her mini games
Gift bag for the early bird!
Another gift bag for "Best in Makeup"
Me and Ms. Myla won the other 2 gift bags for the Q&A Contest
First Batch
  Second batch
From left to right:
Eloisa of kikaysimaria, Jhessica, Annadel Cay of Starmaine Cay, Myla of Fabshopaholic, Celline's boyfriend, Celline of Product Arena, Abigail Mendoza (model and Ana's stage sister ahahah!)
Third Batch
From Left to right
Eloisa of kikaysimaria, Jhessica, Myla of Fabshopaholic, Karen of My Life's Spectrum, Carizza (Karen's cousin), Clair of Another Late Bloomer, Celline's boyfriend, Celline of Product Arena and ofcourse, Ana Patricia of Makeup By Ana Patricia
More pictures! Photo credits: Ana Patricia, Celline and Karen

Ana, my sister Emmeline and I!

The pretty sisters!

 Finally, here are the things I got from the Etude House Playhouse event:


 Things I got from Ana's Meet and Greet
Sponsored by Myla of Fabshopaholic

This is so gorgeous! I will definitely wear this any time soon!

To all who attended the Meet and Greet, thank you so much!

Hope I could meet you all again plus those who weren't able to attend!
Until then!!
Spread Love!<3

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