Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Mini Makeup Area

I don’t know if I should do this post because I don’t have a lot of makeup since I’m a person who likes selling stuff or giving them away when I know I can’t use them. I used to have a shop where I sell things such as my pre-loved makeup. I also sell them on Gtalk hehe!  Anyway, just few days ago, I read from a tweet of someone that “it is better to have few cosmetics that you always use rather than having a bunch that you rarely touch.” Do you think that makes any sense? Well, I do!

This room used to be my oldest sister’s room but she went to Singapore, me and my other sister used this as our Vanity room… Yes, we store not only our makeup here but also some bags, shoes, accessories and clothes. But for now, I’m going to show you one part of the room where I always do my makeup.

Tada! This where I do my makeup.
I told you I don’t have a bunch of makeup… ;p but sometimes, I do feel like this is already too much for me.

I decided to do my makeup here because Countessanna once said that "you can't hide from sunlight." Therefore,  in doing your makeup, it is better to always have a natural lighting.

Just a quick tour around my makeup place
The television is placed here so I could watch while doing my makeup LOL
Here is a closer look. :) 1st area contains face products, 2nd contains eye shadows and 3rd contains eye products such as eyeliners, mascara that I don't like, concealers, etc.
This one is another cool storage because it has a mirror and a divider inside. I keep our cotton pads here.
Trivia: I'm a mirror freak! Before I go out of the house, I always check myself in 5 different mirrors. Two are the mirrors in this room. When I go out of this room,  I  checked again myself on another mirror located outside our vanity room(probably almost 3x the size of the bigger mirror here) then on our living room and finally, a mirror placed on our gate LOL!
Here's a closer shot on my portable 3 way mirror. (my aunt gave it to me, I don't think it's available in Avon Philippines)
Closer shot:
This case (recycled case from Ferrero chocolates) contains my random blushes, MUD creme foundation, mary kay foundation and concealer, gel liners from Mac and Maybelline and allue gel blush. Underneath (which obviously you can't see) are my eyebrow pencils (mac and 2 from etude house), eyebrow gel from etude house, mascara from faceshop, eyeliner from etude house, elf eye primer and line sealer, mary kay lipbalm, vnm lipbutter and 2 small brushes. 
Beside the case above are some of the things I frequently use too.(Hindi na kasya sa case kaya nilalagay ko nalang dito para i could easily reached for it parin) These include my HG foundation (Maybelline), Nyx HD Primer, Chinese cream for scars, Krave Minerals Oil Eliminator and Skin Hydrator, Krave Minerals Contouring Powder, my unopened contact lenses from Jhia, Sharpener, Beauty Cosmetics Pink Kabuki Brush and VnM Magic Cream
Closer look:
 Closer look:
Aside from skincare products, this also contains my beauty cosmetics egg sponges, unused Etude House lip and eye makeup remover, hair brushes, my eyebrow shaver (blue case) and short handled brushes (blue  case). I don't mix the long handled brushes with short handled so I won't have hard time looking for the shorter ones like Elf Blending brush since I use them everyday.
Closer look:
I keep my lipsticks and other lip products such as lipbalm (I always bring with me my EOS lip balm therefore, you will rarely see it here), lip liner and lip glosses. Also, you can find my EH lip and eye makeup remover here, some face masks. The cute mug contains my elf curler, revlon and faceshop mascara and few eyeliners.
Btw, I want to show you something. Can you guess what's inside that big Celine paper bag? (yes! plastics! LOL)
Inside are the bottles that we will be throwing away... not really... we might sell them on junk shop :)
Underneath are some makeup containers that we just finished off!

Please leave a comment on what do you think of my  makeup place and share yours if you have! I would love to hear it from you!
Remember: Appreciate.. do not hate.. ;p


  1. You surely have a better place for your cosmetics than me. You are organized nga eh. I hope to get a good place for doing make-ups too, halos lahat ng items ko nasa kama na. LOL

  2. Wow thank you Chien. Nakikita ko kasi yung ibang bloggers,sobrang organized yung makeup nila. Kaya nag-try ako maglagay ng sariling area kung saan ako pedeng magmakeup.

  3. WOW! dami mong make-up hehe..i love the way you arranged super organized!

  4. Lucky you, you have a big window

  5. I wish my makeup area is as spacious as yours. :)

  6. You can't hide from the sunlight - this is so true! :)

    You have such a neat and organized "work" space for applying makeup! :)

  7. my study table doubles as my make up space but i feel it to be inadequate now because i have no natural lighting. kainggit! - liz

  8. leizle: thank you sis. nahihirapan din kasi ako pag di nakaorganized

    rae: true!!! tipid sa kuryente ;)

    nicole: naku it's ok. bli k nlng ng malaking table sis. tapos gawa k ng makeup space mo sa corner ng room mo :) ok dn yun ;)

    pammy: thnk you sis Pammy!

    peachy pink sister: try mo sis near windows din para may natural lighting ka. :)naku hindi pede sakin yung study table at makeup magkatabi kasi for sure, imbis na magaral ako. magmamakeup ako hahaha

  9. If I happen to be a burglar, I'd definitely steal that mirrored compartment wooden box. LOL Where did you get that baby?

    Btw, you absolutely are a makeup junkie based solely on the last photo. How could I try and finish all of those vanities in a month or two or even a year?!

  10. oh your room makeup is near the window..d ba siya(makeups) tinatamaan ng araw jan? >.< i love so neat

    p.s. please remove the captcha..ahehe minsan kasi d nag aapear captcha hehe d tuloy makapag comment ahha

  11. napanganga ako don sa lalagyan ng lipstick, haha! Ang dami sis but at least you got a really nice place to store them. I wish meron kaming ganyang kalaking mirror :)


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