Friday, April 27, 2012

Mac Lipstick in Cosmo

I like lipsticks but I try, with all my powers (believe me!), not to purchase anything expensive. But being in this kind of world where lipsticks are everywhere, it’s hard to resist! So, to somehow lessen the guilt of buying high-end products, I make an effort to look for the best deal available in the internet through online stores. In all fairness, Mac isn’t as expensive as we expect it to be… only if the prices in the U.S are the same with ours... (But it’s not!). Clinique too is way overpriced here. Their lipstick is just a dollar expensive as Mac. Can you believe that?  Revlon too is almost like a high-end brand with their price here. Goodness! Sorry for the rant, but Bobbi brown and other cosmetics are just a little expensive here as compared to their U.S Price (buti pa sila!).  Anyway, those were just out-of-the-topic again, Eloisa. Let’s move on! Aja!

I choose to purchase this color since I was looking for an everyday lipstick. This color is highly recommended by almost everyone that’s why I decided to order it. Yes, this color is definitely an everyday color, just not my everyday color. I’m really sad that I couldn’t review my Mac Cherish (because it was stolen!) but that kind of color is go-to shade. Nevertheless, this color is still a perfect “My Lips but Better” shade.

Mac Cosmo is described my Mac as “pink coco” which I honestly had no idea what kind of color at first. LOL. To those who are somehow like me, Cosmo is a pink-peach shade with brown tone but has more pink than brown. This color is perfect for people who likes pink but not brighter pink. A good dose of brown makes it wearable for everyday.

Because Mac is expensive (and freaking overpriced here!) We deserved good quality of not only lipstick but also the packaging, right? Mac lipstick comes in a bullet-like packaging which is simple, professional-looking and somehow travel-friendly because of the size.

At the bottom of the Lipstick are the following: Finish of the lipstick (for Cosmo: it must be in Amplified Creme!), name of the shade and lastly the date your lipstick was produced.
Okay, why A91?
The first letter stands for the batch number of the product.  A for first batch. B is second and so on.

The second is a number/letter that stands for the month it was manufactured.
1 - January
2 - February
3 - March
4 - April
5 - May
6 - June
7 - July
8 - August
9 - September
A - October
B - November
C - December
(if you have a D on the second letter, congratulations again! It might be fake)

The third is the year it was manufactured. Mine is one which stands for 2011.

So to sum up, the date my lipstick was manufactured was 1st batch of September 2011.

Therefore, the code written at the bottom of your lipstick should match the one written on the box

Mac Cosmo has an amplified crème finish. It glides like butter on my lips with super amazing color payoff. Since it is an amplified cream, it goes very smoothly on lips without the feeling of dryness. You can definitely wear it with or without lip balm underneath but I like wearing it with lipbalm. Although it is very creamy, I noticed that this stays amazingly too. It stays 4-5 hours or more.

I highly recommend this shade. It is definitely one of the easiest shades to wear. It is flattering and versatile shade. It is a perfect lip color for school, work and even special occasion. If you want a safe lip color that you can use for any occasion, you have to try this shade!

As usual, below are the swatches on my hands and on my lips.

Until then!
Appreciate, do not hate!

Left: Mac cosmo, right: Mac Pink Nouveau

Super zoom lang? :)


  1. Wow! I didn't know about that numbering at the bottom.. I'll check my Mac later.. ;)

  2. Super lovely on you! I love the shade! And thanks for the tip regarding how you can tell the manufacturing date of the lippie! :D

  3. Love it! It's a really nice color! I wonder how fab it'd look w a hint of gloss

  4. What a pretty color! It looks great on you xoxo

  5. Looking for this shade all over the place and wala stock! Even the trusted online sellers.:(


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