Friday, April 6, 2012

Mac Pink Nouveau

Do you have a magical lipstick? You know, during those times when you feel ugly, you just pull it out of your kit, apply it on your lips and magically prettify you? Well, I have! Hihi. ;p

At first, I was sceptical whether to purchase it or not. People says Pink Nouveau is drying on lips and does not work well on all skin tone. Gawd! Who likes wasting money, right? But when I saw Noe’s video sporting this fabulous lipstick, I knew I had to get it!
Pink Nouveau is described by Mac cosmetics as “Bright Pink” (duh!) shade. A makeup blogger would describe the color as (because I call myself a “makeup blogger” LOL) a cool-toned pink lipstick or Barbie pink with a good dose of purple. However, if I were not a makeup blogger and just a simple human being who’s not into makeup, I would simply describe the color as a red-violet-shade lipstick. As simple as that. Period! LOL! Do I make any sense? Well, if not. No worries! I provided a swatch for you!

Because Mac is expensive (and freaking overpriced here!) We deserved good quality of not only lipstick but also the packaging, right? The mac comes in a bullet-like packaging which is simple, professional-looking and somehow travel-friendly because of the size.
Once you removed the cap, you will see another "MAC" logo printed on the body of the lipstick which reminds me  that "IT'S MAC!" LOL. According to Mac experts, the printed Mac is one test to see whether you got an authentic Mac or not. If there's no printed logo, then it's fake. If after some time and the printed logo fades away, then congratulations! You got yourself a fake mac! hehe. Although, there are other tons of things you have to inspect to know if your Mac is fake or not. I won't be discussing it all since I-am-no-Mac-expert! Just search on google--- the brain we never had (as they say!)
hahaah! Sorry, wrong focus. LOL! the logo is blurred! 
At the bottom of the Lipstick are the following: Finish of the lipstick (for Pink Nouveau: it must be in Satin!), name of the shade and lastly the date your lipstick was produced.
Okay, why A30? 
The first letter stands for the batch number of the product.  A for first batch. B is second and so on.

The second is a number/letter that stands for the month it was manufactured. 
1 - January 
2 - February
3 - March
4 - April
5 - May
6 - June
7 - July
8 - August
9 - September
A - October
B - November
C - December
(if you have a D on the second letter, congratulations again! It might be fake)

The third is the year it was manufactured. Mine is zero which stands for 2010. 

So to sum up, the date my lipstick was manufactured was 1st batch of March 2010. 

Therefore, the code written at the bottom of your lipstick should match the one written on the box

Mac Pink Nouveau has Satin finish. It glides smoothly on my lips with good color payoff. Since it’s in Satin finish, it tends to be drying on lips especially after few hours of wearing it.  Therefore, applying lip balm before is a must.  Mac lipsticks are famous for its mild vanilla scent.

Commercial: When I was new to this makeup world, I’m not familiar with satin, creme, amplified, lustre etc- finishes. I’m only familiar with 2 kinds of finishes: the Matte (are those without shimmers) and Frost (with shimmers). And so, in my first few lipstick posts, I told you that my favorite kinds of finish for lipsticks are matte. But then, as I get to know lipsticks more, I realized how much I hate matte (no-shine) finishes as they’re super drying on my lips. The finishes that I’m referring a year back then were Satin and Crème finishes.  Matte like what I’ve said before has no shine to it, just a flat color. Satin, on the other hand, is a semi-matte. It’s has a sheen to it but not so glossy. Crème finishes are shiny and very creamy. So basically, Satin is in between Matte and crème finish. Other finishes include frost, lustre, dazzle, and glaze.

Staying Power: I normally would wear it a little longer than most typical lipsticks. It stays probably 4-5 hours (or more, if you don’t eat your lipsticks LOL) on me. 

Overall, I highly recommend this shade and lipstick. It's okay to spend sometimes. After all, it is worth every single cent! 

As usual, pictures are provided at the end of this post! Enjoy!

Until then! 
Appreciate, do not hate!
Love lots!

This is my sister, the one who made my banner! :)
Some pictures I took before using my low-quality cellphone's camera

Lastly, a lip swatch from google image. credit to the owner.


  1. Waah super bagay sa'yo tong shade! Now I know why this is such a popular shade :D

  2. Beautiful shade! It so awesome it looks wonderful on you, sis! :)

  3. Beautiful shade! It so awesome it looks wonderful on you, sis! :)

  4. a lot of girls are sporting this shade and i really like it. =)

  5. Wow! it nice shade, I like this. pink normally suits on girls. I am continually invstigating online for tips that can facilitate me. Thanks!

  6. I love this color too! So gorjas on you! :D

  7. Lucky you! It looks pretty on you, suuper!~ I've always thought only nicki minaj can pull these lip colors off. Parang gusto ko narin i-try! :) Thanks for the review!

  8. Aya: yes yes aya! super pretty!

    Janet: thank you. i'm sure pretty din sayo yan sis

    bee: thank you sis! try mo din

    swexie: unique and pretty shade no?

    bec: i saw your review nga and pretty sayo sis!

    @craighorman: thank you

    @janine: i saw your review too! ang bongga no?

    @gettheguts: no no sis. i'm surprised nga hindi sya mahirap isuot. bsta defined eyebrows mo, tpos may eyeliner carry na!

  9. Yay! Mine is coded A41. I super love this shade from MAC. Bestie sent mine from Cali after waiting for about 2 weeks for the MAC store to re-stock this shade. Lagi daw ubos there.. hahaha!

    The color looks good on you!

  10. The logo inside eventually fades over time more so if you use it often and cannot be considered an indication that your lipstick is indeed fake. the rest of your observations are true though. Thanks!

  11. God, I'm getting this one. I'm actually trying to stop myself because I already one a LOT of lipstick but I just can't resist this INSANE PINK NOUVEAU!!!!! :D


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