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Mac Studio Fix Foundation vs Fanny Serrano Two way cake foundation: dupe?

You should invest in good foundation above anything else in your makeup kit. But price doesn’t always guarantee best quality, right? (although, it’s applicable most of the time).
According to some bloggers and other users, Fanny Serrano is a good dupe for Mac Studio Fix Foundation. Being a curious blogger, I decided to try these out and see if FS will be a good dupe for Mac Studio Fix Foundation.

I started using Fanny Serrano back in my early years in college. I used to love it but then I suddenly stopped using it because I found a good and cheap alternative to it and it was the Elf foundation in Beige. As years passed by, I became more curious with other foundation and decided to try them out.

Recently, I’ve been hearing great reviews about Fanny Serrano two-way cake foundation. Since it was long time  since I last had it, I repurchased it to test it out and to see if it’s really a good dupe for Mac Studio fix foundation.


Mac Studio fix foundation has a nice simple looking packaging. Black is a great color because it’s classic! It goes with all ages and for any occasions. 
It has a mirror and a separate compartment for sponge. The sponge included in mac has a nice quality for makeup application although, it's a bit thinner than I expected. Nevertheless, sponge is really soft.

Fanny Serrano is totally different from Mac studio fix. They opted for a clear plastic with a logo label on top. 
The mirror is located under the foundation which I find a little inconvenient during application. Like Mac, it has a separate compartment for sponge. The sponge included has a good quality too and applies the makeup evenly on skin

Mac is (again!) overpriced here at Php 1,700 while FS foundation priced at Php 399  (which is quite affordable for foundation). Both have a net weight of 15g.

I saw this shade reference from

I’m NC30 at Mac and Organza (has more yellow tone) in FS. I was surprised with the S.A in Fanny Serrano booth because she gave me an exact shade of foundation for my skin. Usually, I don’t trust S.A is malls. Good job!

Anyway, the shade is almost close to each other though FS has more yellow-undertone than Mac.
 (Left: Mac, right: FS)
 Application, finish, Coverage and staying power:

-I tried swirling my Beauty Cosmetics foundation brush onto the powders (like 4-5x maybe)
And here is the result!Tada!
The FS foundation is pretty powdery and goes everywhere in the container.
 Surprised! Mac foundation will surely lasts you a very long time

-Mac studio fix foundation feels smoother on skin than Fanny Serrano.

-Both offers full coverage but Mac offers a better coverage than fanny Serrano.

-On my skin, both blend perfectly well. However, fanny Serrano looks flat on face while Mac brightens up my skin.

-Both FS and Mac help control oil, however, Mac stays longer and much better in keeping oils at bay.

I’m not a huge Mac cosmetics person. But I honestly think that in any aspect I mentioned above, Mac is still a lot better. Yes, both offers full coverage but it doesn’t mean they’re a good dupe. One of the biggest differences of Mac from FS is the oil control. Mac is just amazing in oil control and FS is just so average. 

Clarification, it doesn’t mean that people who are telling that they’re good dupe are liars. Each person is different, like what I always say. In additional, I’ve tried other foundation that is, for me, a much better dupe for Mac Studio fix foundation. Remember my in2it foundation? It’s the closest dupe that I could think of in terms of oil control and coverage. For me, Mac and in2it foundation are the closest dupe out of the foundation I've tried! But no matter how great the product is, if it’s not for you… it’s not for you. Unfortunately, both (in2it and mac) broke me out so badly. If you have sensitive skin like mine, I don’t recommend Mac studio fix foundation or in2it. Then, at that point, you may try FS because I find it a little skin-friendly than the other two products mentioned, since I never experienced breaking out as bad as when I'm using mac foundation or in2it. However, I cannot guarantee you 100% no breakout with FS, again, each person is different. ^_^

Hope you gained something from this post! 
Everything I said above were based on my own honest experience and opinion.

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Have you tried Fanny Serrano two way cake foundation? Share your thoughts too!

Until then! 
Appreciate, do not hate! 


  1. i was a fanny serrano user, in orleans. good to know that i got the perfect match for nc42. i haven't used mac and i sorta planned on buying one but i ended up buying stila in the end. good thing i didn't waste my money on mac, i'm super sensitive. =)

  2. Awesome review! I already have the one from MAC... and it works great for me. I already initially had a curiosity to try the one from FS a long time ago..and now you reminded me! I might pick it up now I'm in the Philippines! :D Thanksss again! :)

  3. I had the chance to grab my own Mac studio fix NC 25 at a steal 850 pesos because it was pre-loved! However natakot ako mag-break out. I am not having a good skin week kasi, so I did not bought it, I will still try fs though. My in2it foundie will be coming this Wednesday, I am thrilled to try it! :)

  4. Wow! thanks for the super informative post! Indeed, its very helpful especially for me as I'm currently searching for a nice foundation. Thanks again for this ^_^~

  5. Where did you buy your fanny serano foundation? :) nice blog there by the way!

  6. Where did you buy your fanny serano foundation? :) nice blog there by the way!

  7. two thumbs up girl! very helpful review...whats the in2it shade similar to MAC NW30?

  8. Nice review! I broke out with the FS Foundation, I used Duchess and I haven't even finish the pan. Currently using In2It and I'm not having any break-out with it. I have tremendously oily skin so for the oil control I'd say it has a medium oil control coz I still have to blot and powder most of the time.

  9. I have used the FS two way cake when I just started blogging and actually finished 2 pans, since it only takes me about 5 months to empty it out. I am on my 3rd pan of my HG powder, Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation, the first 2 were in the shade C40 while my current is in NC35, I got lighter. I only have to buy one compact per year with mac. sometimes it even takes me more than a year to completely finish the whole pan and I use it every single day. Unlike what other girls are saying, these two are NOT dupes in anyway whatsoever.

  10. Thank you guys for sharing your thoughts!

  11. I love this! It’s compact and very light on face :)
    ~Pauline @

  12. Hehe, thanks Pauline


Thank you for the comment ;p xoxo