Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Random makeup updates (Feb-March)

If you have been following me on my twitter account and facebook fan page, you already know that my makeup kit was stolen last month. It really broke my heart. Some of the things that were in the kit include: my Maybelline Pure pact foundation (which I purchased just 1-2 days before it was stolen), Mac in Cherish Lipstick, Etude House Look at my lips #10, Marionnaud Blush brush and Chapstick lip balm. And yes, these were my top products for everyday. So sad, db? But on the brighter side (brighter nga ba?!) …now, I have more reasons to purchase and try new stuff! Lol

With that said, behold my new set of everyday makeup. These are the things I always bring with me.
 Beauty Cosmetics Pink Kabuki Brush. 
Oh goodness! This is my favorite face brush so far!!!!! I love it, you want review? Let me know!
 EOS lip balm in Honeysuckle
It smells so yummy! The egg shape is super cute. It's quite bulky, I know. But I don't mind it at all! However, take note, it wasn't as moisturizing as my other lip balms in the past. Nevertheless, I still love it!
 hihih. Of course, I repurchased my HG foundation from Maybelline! 
 Etude House in Chic Beige. 
The packaging is so gorgeous! I bought it as replacement for my two lipsticks (or as my everyday lipstick). Although, the shade of this is totally different from my Mac Cherish and EH Look at my lips #10. This is a peachy pink lipstick that has more pinkish tone than peach on my lips. It's a little lighter than my gum's color. 
 Other than these, I also bought some stuff last February to March
 Sleek Lipstick in Barely There. 
The color is quite similar to Chic Beige on my lips. However, I don't like the formulation. This tends to settle on the lines of my lips
Eyelashes from Etude House
If you're looking for an eyelashes for special occasions, I wouldn't recommend this since it looks natural on me.
 Elf Eye Primer and Line Sealer
This is my first eye primer. I've used it couple of times already. It does help the eyeshadows to stay intact the whole day. But it doesn't brightens up/intensify the colors of the eyeshadows... :(
 Eyebrow Shaver
I've been looking for this kind of eyebrow shaver everywhere and finally my sister found one at The Faceshop.
 The Faceshop AQUA Tinted BB Cream
This was purchased by my sister, actually. But I'm also using it sometimes. I like how natural it is on skin plus it has this nice cool feeling once applied. It smells good too! The only thing I hate about it is going home looking greasy. This is a great product for people with normal to dry skin but for me, it's definitely a NO NO.
 Venus and Mars Products
You should try La Chica perfume, it smells amazing! The staying power is superb. Mint Espresso is the improved version of my Coffee fame.
 Free stuff from The Faceshop
 Premium Collagen Powder Drink
This is another product that my sister purchased. I just included it here because she highly recommend it.

 Dove Hair Product samples
Dove samples are everywhere! LOL! I've tried the full size hair treatment conditioner, their regular conditioner and the shampoo. All smell amazing! But I still think that for conditioner, Creamsilk is still alot better for soft and smooth hair.
 Easy Brow Pencil and Eyebrow Drawing Refill
I absolutely adore these two. I do alternate them because sometimes, drawing eyebrow pencil is available in store but the easy eyebrow is not or vice versa. Actually, I purchased two drawing eyebrow refill as back-up. Basta, i love these two!
 Etude House Styling Eyeliner
Decided to pick this up  since I want to have a white eyeliner for my waterline. It is so smooth that it glides super easy without dragging it too hard on my waterline. It doesn't last the whole day, though. Nevertheless, I still like it.
 Ever Bilena Dip Liner
Just got it since I never had anything like this before. I'm quite surprised on how easy it is to use. But it's not waterpoof.
 Etude House Lip and Eye Makeup Remover
Etude House changed the formulation of this makeup remover according to the S.A. So, I went home to compare the ingredients. Unfortunately, in the old packaging the ingredients are not written at the back. Anyway, what's funny about it is that they did changed the packaging but the name of the product is still "LIP AND EYE REMOVER" Lol!  
 Celeteque DermoScience Facial Wash
Remember my old review on Celeteque facial wash? You know how much I love it, right? I don't know why I stopped using that but just recently I decided to try it out again since my skin is becoming dry again. Honestly, inspite of being one of the products in their new line called "Dermoscience" I still feels like that the old formulation is just the same as this new one, which is great for me. If you have dry to combination like mine, you should give it a try.

The next few products are some items that sponsors sent to me for review and for me :) 
 Beauty Cosmetics Beauty Blender
You know how much I love this! Check my review HERE . Thank you Ms. Rosenn! 

These were sent by Ms. Katrina for giveaway but she gave the Oil Eliminator and Skin Hydrator to me ;p
 SkinSonic SkinCare System
Ms. Jennifer is so wonderful for sending these 2 skincare system for our giveaway! Yay! 
Mary Kay Samples , bracelet and personal note
My favorite sponsor and friend, Jhia, owner of Red Jhelli Shop sent these items for me together with a contact lenses and Mary Kay magazine! Thank you Jhia, you're the sweetest!

Iwhite Korea sent these products for  giveaway and for me! Thank you thank you! I will review it soon! Btw, if you're wondering, you can purchase these items at Watson's store nationwide!
 And ofcourse, I have been receiving alot of mails since February to March for the prizes for our giveaway! Yay. To all sponsors! Thank you so much!

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