Saturday, April 28, 2012

Updated: For PR, Sponsorship and Affiliation

Kikaysimaria was created on October 25, 2010. This blog is open for product reviews, product swatches, events and affiliation programs (all for free!).

Note: I am an exclusive affiliate of Red Jhelli Shop. Therefore, I can no longer do any product reviews and giveaway for geo contact lenses.

Kikaysimaria is open for exclusive and non-exclusive affiliate programs.
You may email me with your proposals

Free shipping
Selling Geo lenses and Mary Kay Products

Get 10% off on all items
Code: eloisa
Selling Makeup palettes and brushes

Selling Nyx Cosmetics, Sleek Cosmetics, Benefit, Urban Decay, Accessories and more!


A. Product Reviews Only
I accept products sent by companies to them out.

Terms and Conditions:
-All reviews will be written according to author's honest experience.
-Reviews will be posted as soon as the author is done testing them

B. Product Reviews with Giveaway
I am more than willing to host a product reviews with giveaway.

Terms and Conditions:
-All reviews will be written according to the author's honest experience.
-Reviews will be posted as soon as the author is done testing them
-Giveaway hosted on my blog will receive (1) banner on the blog’s slider. All posts related to the products and giveaway will be shared on different social networking sites such as facebook, twitter and tumblr.
-Prizes for the giveaway may be in form of goods/product or gift certificates.
-The company may forward the prizes on my address or may directly ship the prizes to the winners

My Past giveaways:

Iwhite Korea Giveaway
Date Hosted: April 9, 2012- May 8, 2012
Prizes: Iwhite Korea skincare products
Iwhite Korea
Number of Entries: 

Summer Giveaway
Date Hosted: March 17- April 17, 2012
Prizes: Php 18k worth of Goodies
Luview Cosmetics (International Brand)
Krave Minerals
Red Jhelli Shop
Skinsonic Skincare System
Suesh Makeup and ToolKit
Style Quarter
RK Manila
Number of Entries: 8437

Beauty Cosmetics Egg Sponge Giveaway
Date Hosted: March 8- April 8, 2012
Prize: BC Egg Sponge
Sponsor: Beauty Cosmetics
Number of Entries: 1093

Holiday Giveaway (Part2)
Date Hosted: December 4- January 4, 2012
Suesh Makeup and ToolKit
Red Jhelli Shop
RK Manila
Elicina Philippines
Number of Entries: 2521

Holiday Giveaway (Part1)
Date Hosted: November 26-December 26, 2011
Sponsor: Asian Vogue Shop
Number of Entries: 817

Pre-Holiday Giveaway
Date Hosted: September 25-October 25,2011
Luview Cosmetics
Red Jhelli Shop
House of Flair
Le Faerie Cosmetics
Junk Not
Number of Entries: 1642

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