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Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Pink Flame vs Covergirl Lip Perfection in Heavenly

Hi girls. Guess what! I have another lipsticks review for you. Please bear with me as I still have few lipsticks that I haven’t reviewed yet! LOL.

You probably have heard of Ever Bilena Matte Lipsticks  from several beauty youtube gurus like Ana, Noe, Maricarl Janna, MissCoryPotts, Say and more. I got mine a year ago when it is still on sale for Php 99/ea.
So, here’s my updated review on Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Pink Flame

Looks can be deceiving. When I first had this for review, I told you that the packaging is cheap like it might break anytime just like my nyx round lipsticks. To my surprise, the packaging is quite durable! I had this for a year now (or more), it fell from my hands many times already and yet, it’s still in one piece! The name of the lipstick fades a little but hey, it’s good enough for the price! I’m impressed!
At the bottom of the lipstick is a color cap (as coined by Say in her videos before), which according to Ana is a lip balm/gloss (as revealed to her by the S.A of Ever Bilena). However, as compared to most color cap mine cannot be detached so easily (or should I say, it can’t be detached at all!). But I have another lipstick from this line (Mauvey) which has a detachable cap.
Detachable cap of Mauvey

Here’s a swatch of the unidentified material in the cap
For me, it’s like an excess melted lipstick rather than a gloss/balm.

When I first opened it, the lipstick looks really dry! It’s like a lipstick toy I use for my Barbie back then. But due to the hot weather here in Manila, the lipstick melted a bit so it appears a richer than when I first opened it (and yet still drying as compared to other lipsticks).
For first time users, do not apply the lipstick directly on your lips or else it won’t glide smoothly and you’ll end up dragging / tugging the lipstick on your lips. For lipsticks that are as dry as this, you should swipe the lipstick at the back of your hands first before applying it on your lips (the friction and the temperature of our skin will somehow make the product creamier). It should be better that way.

The shade is warm pink lipstick that can flatter most skin tones. This shade is wearable for any occasions. It is not overpowering, just enough to brightens your face and gives it a dose of rosiness.

While it seems to be a rose on my lips, the smell really disappointed me. The lipstick ends up smelling like a cheap scented soap (and it taste like soap too!).

The color payoff is remarkable. Since it’s a matte lipstick, it has neither shimmers nor sheen to it. The lipstick appears beautiful for first few hours. After two or more, the lipstick would start to form like a film/line on the inner part of my lips. This also accentuates chappy lips even with lipbalm underneath.

The staying power of this lipstick is pretty amazing! It leaves stain on my lips that last for 4-6 hours on my lips.

Overall, the color and color payoff is really gorgeous, it’s just that this lipstick is not for me. I just can’t wear matte lipstick since my lips are very dry and chappy already. But if you’re a fan of Matte lipstick, you might want to check this shade.

If you’re a fan of this shade but you can’t wear Matte lipsticks, I found a great alternative for Ever Bilena Pink Flame.

The packaging of this lipstick reminds me of Maybelline colorsensational long lasting lipstick but not exactly. Unlike Ever Bilena, Covergirl packaging feels more durable and has a better quality (because you pay more for this lipstick).
Like EB, it has a color cap at the bottom but unlike EB, the color cap isn’t detachable. The purpose of this color cap is to give us the idea of the color inside the tube.
 The lipstick has a perfumey smell (slightly altered version of vanilla) that is quite hard to describe, some may like it… others may not... But I honestly like the scent!.  

Covergirl Lip Perfection in Heavenly as I’ve said earlier is a great alternative for EB in Pink Flame. Both give nice pink lips that is not overpowering.
Left: Ever Bilena Pink Flame (matte) - shiny due to light but in reality, it's matte
Right: Covergirl Lip Perfection in Heavenly

Like EB, Covergirl is very pigmented. However, Covergirl is far richer and creamier than EB. It glides smoothly on my lips. Covergirl has creamy texture and has slight sheen to it. It feels very moisturizing as well (I can wear this without lip balm!).

Inspite of the creaminess, Covergirl lipstick stays on amazingly on my lips! It’s has a staying power of a matte lipstick but a texture and finish of a creamsheen lipstick --- ohhh, best of both worlds!

If you like a non-drying lipstick but prefer a matte finish, you can still use this lipstick. Just apply this lipstick, blot the lipstick on your lips with tissue then apply your face powder over the top of the tissue with your face brush.

I’m really impressed with this line from Covergirl. However, I’m quite disappointed with the color selection here in Philippines. I haven’t found any other colors that I like. Some are just too bold for my taste, others are too frosty. I just wish the line has more nudes (peachy brown) and soft pinks for everyday. If you like bold lipsticks, you would definitely love this selection.

Overall, I highly recommend Covergirl Lip Perfection! Yes, it’s a bit pricier as compared to EB. But formula-wise? Hands down! It’s amazing! The packaging has good quality, the color payoff is remarkable, it’s moisturizing on my lips and it stays amazingly on my lips!  It has the quality of a high-end lipstick but with a drugstore price tag! No doubt, it deserved to be included in my top 3 favorite brand of lipsticks (lip creams, lipgloss not included): Mac lipsticks, Covergirl Lip Perfection, Maybelline Colorsensational Long lasting lipstick (in no particular order).

Ever Bilena, PHP 150
Covergirl, Php 395 

Top: Ever Bilena in Pink Flame
Bottom: Covergirl Lip Perfection in Heavenly

What are your favourite lipsticks? Have you tried any of these lipsticks? Feel free to share your experience! I would like to hear from you!


  1. Thanks for the review! =) I just bought Covergirl Lip Perfection a while ago but in 'Temptress charmeuse' shade. Well, based from your review I think I'm going to love this product. =)

  2. Colors are gorgeous! Pink lipsticks doesn't look good on me though. D:

  3. nice shade i wanna try the pink on my lips =)

  4. a-ha!!! now I know that they're not just a typical colored caps.. I have matte lipstick from NICHIDO and when I read your blog, I tried to check it I can open it.. and voila! It did!

  5. Want another color dupe for pink flame? Try NYX round lipstick in Milan..the color is exactly the same except the formula is creamier..its waaay cheaper than cover girl too! :)

  6. Hi. Where did you buy this? Can I find it in Watsons?

  7. Ang ganda po mas ok din talaga ung EB na dupe sa mga ibang lipstick :) Gusto ko po yang pink na shade :) pero wala po ako nyan meron ako ibang shade po :)

  8. I like the shade of this lippie! Basta pigmented, okay na sakin.

    ~Pauline @ Kallony

  9. I've been eyeing on matte lipsticks right now and I already have 4 shades from the line. The shades are off beat pink (it's like a barbie pink), fierce red (didn't try it on pa), siennas (good for everyday use if you have a fair skin) and pink flame which is my latest purchase after I read the review on your blog! So thank you for this great swatch! I'm excited to try pink flame on my lips<3

  10. Hi, glad I was able to help! I love this shade! <3

  11. Pink lipsticks and gorgeous lips..Perfect!


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