Tuesday, May 8, 2012

GEO: Bella 205 (Gray) Circle Lenses

I’m back again. I've been trying my best to upload reviews every day for this week. Can you tell?
Today’s review is a contact lenses sent by Jhia of Red Jhelli Shop.

Red Jhelli Shop is an online shop that sells Geo lenses (and Mary Kay products). I guarantee you, she is selling ONLY ORIGINAL circle lenses. I already checked the authenticity of these lenses.
Bella BS-205 (Gray) has 14.2 mm diameter, the typical diameter I use for contact lenses. For me, this size is best for people who like to make their eyes bigger but still looking natural. If you want this design but would like to get a bigger effect, I suggest to you to purchase the Xtra Bella Gray (15mm) instead.

Unlike the two lenses I’ve tried from Geo circle lenses (angel and nudy), this appears to be less obvious on my eyes. The design is nothing fancy, just a black/gray-ish spiked design on the outer ring of the circle lenses.
I like these lenses because the design enhances the eyes (brightens up the eyes) without going overboard. It is the most natural looking contact lenses I had so far.
I have dark brown eyes and these circle lenses shows decently in natural lighting.  As expected, inspite of being called “Gray,” this appears to be deep blue on my eyes.

This is my 4th geo contact lenses, if I’m not mistaken. Just like all the other Geo lenses that I’ve tried, these are comfortable to wear but do not wear them for so long (less than 8 hours, please).

However, I admit, I don’t wear contact lenses most of the time. Back then, I use contact lenses every single day and most often than not I use contact lenses for more than 6 hours.

Just like what I’ve said in all my past posts in geo lenses,   I wouldn’t recommend you to wear it for a year, even if the life span of this lense is good for 1 year. Also, wear them for only 6 hours maximum starting 4th month from 1st purchased to avoid any discomfort.

Let's admit it, contact lenses aren't always comfortable to wear. If you feel like your lenses are hurting your eyes already, use some lubricants or remove your contact lenses and let your eyes rest for a while. 

Overall, I recommend this circle lenses if you seek for a natural looking eyes. Otherwise, this may disappoint you. 

If you like dolly looking eyes, go for 15mm and/or check other designs available at Red Jhelli Shop. You can get  "free shipping" by using my code "RED-ELOISA01." 


This picture was taken for my newest "fashion edition" (soon!) post on my blog! Hope you'll like it!
Ana also received the same circle lenses and she used it on her youtube videos. Check her channel HERE. Please subscribe to her channel, she's amazing! Like her fan page HERE too! 


  1. natatakot ako sa ilong mo neng. lagyan mo ng pang contour para medyo tumulis tignan

  2. Hi Anonymous, wag kang matakot. hehe! mas nakakatakot pag matalas db? hehe! pero true, isa nga yan sa napakarami kong imperfection. nasanay narin siguro ako pg inaasar hehe! yaan mo pgaaralan ko icontour yan. hrap tlaga pag di pinanganak ng magandang ilong hehe!pero sabi nga nila, mahalin kung ano ang binigay ni God, kaya hinayaan ko nlng. kasi bigay naman ni God to hehe! <3

  3. it looks great on you! and you did wonderful shadows on your eyes :)

  4. You look lovely girl! And those contacts looks great on yah too. :)

  5. the contact lenses look really pretty on you! :)

  6. oooh~ I love the design of the lens, really pretty and natural! You look so gorgeous on them! Thanks for the review ^_^~

  7. Looks really good on you sis! :)

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