Sunday, May 6, 2012

Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Addis Ababa

Just few weeks ago, I attended Etude House Playhouse event and Ana’s meet and greet. To see the pictures of the event, click HERE.  There I met a reader of my blog, Jhessica, who accompanied me throughout the event!! As in, she toured me around the event. She’s so fun to be with, I swear, as if we’ve known each other for a long time already! She’s my newly found friend. Celline even asked us (Ana, Jhessica and I) if we have known each other even before the meet and greet, then I realized, “Onga no. Feeling close na pala kming lahat? Kahit kaka-meet lang” LOL

Anyway, the event supposed to be an introduction for this lippy. (Napahaba lang yung kwento). Jhessica, who won the best makeup for the meet and greet, wore this lip product on the event. When I first saw her, the first thing I noticed is her makeup (pasensya, mahilig lang sa makeup) especially her lipstick.

During the event, I opted to wear my Mac Lipstick in Pink Nouveau. We had some snacks at the Etude House event (macaroons, popcorn, cotton candy and ice cream!) and because of that; I had to retouch my lipstick again. However, Jhessica’s lipstick stays on amazingly! Out of my curiosity I asked what lipstick she is wearing.  (Even Ana asked the same question too!). Then, she told me it’s NYX SOFT MATTE LIP CREAM in ADDIS ABABA. And so, I promised myself to include this on my “TO BUY” list!

Then after few days, Ate Myla of Fabshopaholic (who also attended Ana’s meet and greet) contacted me through facebook  and asked me if I would like to do reviews on some of the products on her shop and she asked me to pick the items that I would to get. Of course, Addis Ababa was first on my list. In fact, it’s the only thing I picked on her shop then I let Ate Myla choose the rest of the things she wants to send me. That’s how much I like to try this lip product!

Take note: This product was sent for me to test out and make an honest review!
For sellers/bloggers: You may use the pictures below but please provide a link back.

The packaging of this lipstick is like a typical lip gloss container containing a typical sponge applicator.

"It’s not a lipstick nor is it gloss. It’s like nothing you’ve experienced before. It’s lipstick cream that goes on silky but looks soft matte"

The description says it all! There are products that promise you heaven but deliver hell instead! But this one, hands down! Indeed, it’s like nothing I’ve experienced before.

When it first came into our door (together with my other package from Ate Myla), I immediately unpacked the cover and tried this lip cream on my lips (oo, sabik lang no?). Originally, I was expecting a liquid lipstick consistency. Surprisingly, it has this weird mousse consistency.
 I’m a huge fan of liquid lipstick, I admire whoever created it. It has the pigmentation of a lipstick but feels moisturizing as lip glosses. However, liquid lipstick has several cons like it feels heavy and sticky, it’s quite messy to apply, it goes everywhere on my lips and even on my teeth and it doesn’t last very long!

This Nyx soft matte lip cream can solve all the problems mentioned above (believe it or not!).  I honestly think that whoever created this technology for a lip product is such a genius! LOL.

Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Addis Ababa is a cool-toned (blue undertone) hot pink lipstick. Pink Nouveau (a cool-toned hot pink lipstick) has more purple-ish undertone while Addis Ababa appears more pink-y blue.
Left: Addis Ababa
Right: Mac Pink Nouce

Once blended, I noticed that it has blue-shimmers which are weird since it’s a matte lipstick.
This lip cream has a superb pigmentation that is buildable. On my normal days, I usually use one coat of this lip cream on my lips. If you want to build it up, you can apply more layers. However, take note to always start with one thin coat then let it dry for a minute before adding another layer. Take one layer at a time.

Lip cream glides smoothly like whip cream (feels moist on my lips) but dries into a nice matte finish. Unlike liquid lipsticks/lip gloss, this is not sticky at all! It’s very light on my lips that I sometimes forget I’m wearing it.

This lip cream does not transfer (100% kiss-proofs) when it’s completely dry (the key is to let it dry for a minute or more).

This lip cream can be really drying on my lips especially after few hours; however it’s nothing too dramatic (like chapping your lips) when applied in the right way (one layer at a time). You can definitely use it with or without lip balm. I honestly use it without lip balm. Normally, I use one wipe of this lip cream on my lips so it won’t be so drying.  I noticed that the more products I apply on my lips, the drying it is after few hours.

Just like what I’ve said before, it’s a long-wearing lip product! If you hate retouching, I definitely recommend this to you. This can last even after a meal or two! (Depending on the layers you put on your lips). Nevertheless, it’s not something that stays on forever! If you like eating A LOT, you still have to retouch it once in a while, I guess. 

Overall, I find this lip cream better than any lip products I’ve tried. I’ve always wanted to wear matte lipsticks but I never had the courage to wear one as Matte lipsticks are very drying on my lips! (Eto, medyo drying lang hahaha!)

This lip cream was absolutely a heaven sent! I highly recommend it, it feels light, it’s non-sticky, kiss-proof and transfer-proof, and long-wearing! I will definitely purchase more shades in the future!

- cheap
- non-sticky
- kiss-proof
- long wearing
- very pigmented
- amazing formulation
- glides smoothly on lips

- can be drying
- tricky to apply
- can look cakey if applied too much
- it has blue shimmers that are somehow noticeable on my lips
- time-consuming in applying this lip cream (one layer at a time)

I'm not a huge BOLD lipstick person. I prefer nude-ish peach shade. I was thinking of purchasing Stockholm next.  How about you girls? Have you tried this lip cream? Share your favorite shades!

- Any online sellers like Fabshopaholic

SWATCHES (1 coat)

New applied (natural lighting)

Newly applied (with flash)

After few seconds

after 15 minutes ( blue shimmers! I told you, these are noticeable! haha)


  1. I think that just went into my list of must-haves this month :) thanks sis for the review! :>


  2. I have this too! Everything looks gorge on you Eloisa! :D ♥

  3. One of my favorite pink matte lippie! I'm already on my second tube! :P

  4. natry nyo na po yung matte lipstocks ng revlon? :)

  5. celline:buy kn rin!
    kai: no problem! share your experience after sis ha hehe!
    janine: naks! thanks sis! syo din bagay!
    peachy pink sis: wow! bongga! feeling ko nga di ko maubos to sa dami hehe
    @anonymous: yes natry ko na sis. i will do a review soon. smoked peach yung binili ko

  6. I recently got the Antwerp shade. You must try it!

  7. Lipbalm is a big help to avoid dry lips. I suggest to use this lippy during night time (e.g parties) and for sure you'll look glamorous with this shade! :) antwerp and sao paulo is also a must try since they are the best seller of the said brand.❤

  8. Wow, thanks for the recommendation. I'll check Antwerp next time

  9. Hi do you know how to spot fake and authentic Nyx products?


Thank you for the comment ;p xoxo