Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Latest Haul

These are the latest additions to my collection! I will try to make full reviews on them in the future!! 

I repurchased my HG Mary Kay Concealer and Foundation from Red Jhelli Shop and Jhia gave me discount! I'm so happy! I save Php 200! Plus, she also sent me a geo lenses for review! I love you, Jhia. Thank you so much!
 This was given by my mom! I'm actually liking it. Very refreshing. Moisturizer that you can spray on your face (and also help sets your makeup)? How cool is that!
 These were purchased from Etude House. Since the drawing eyebrow refill or even pencil in 03 is not available, I have to purchase this easy eyebrow pencil (01). It's my alternative every time drawing eyebrow pencil is Out-of-stock
Finally, the Babydoll Puff Blending Brush. I will do a review on this in the future (expect a comparison review on beauty cosmetics egg sponge)


  1. I love your hauls!!I've always wanted to try the MK concealer and foundation but wasn't able to find reviews on it. Can't wait for your reviews on these two items! ^_~ Thanks in advance!! =)

  2. I wanna try the Babydoll Puff Blending Brush too but it's waaaaay to expensive.

  3. @janet: hi sis. i'm done reviewing them na few months ago na ata :) kindly check it on the tab/label sis :*

    @angel: yea. it's quite pricey for a sponge. :(


Thank you for the comment ;p xoxo