Friday, June 29, 2012

Mattifying your moisturizing lipsticks in just 1 STEP!

Apply the lipstick of your choice, blot the lipstick on your lips with tissue then apply your face powder over the top of the tissue with your face brush.

Oh, you probably have heard this by now. It’s the most famous way of making your "moisturizing" lipstick look matte. It seems easy but IT'S NOT! especially when you’re always in hurry.

You are lucky because recently I just discovered a faster way to mattifying your lipstick with just 1 simple step! Yesone simple step (other than applying your lipstick, ofcourse).

Apply your lipstick (I use Nyx Rls in Eros)

Then, blot it using Gatsby Powdered Blotting Paper

Just like that! The concept is still the same and yet, it’s simpler!

Advantage of this technique:
- You can now have matte-finish lips, by using your creme/moisturizing lipstick, without drying your lips 
- It makes your lipstick lasts longer

Now, enjoy transforming your moisturizing creme lipstick into matte finish minus the hassle of doing it! 

Go Ahead! Share this latest discovery to your lovely friends/readers!

It's really fun discovering things. I have few other techniques I discovered as I do my makeup for everyday, I will be sharing them in the future!  How about you girls, what are your recent discoveries? 

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