Saturday, July 7, 2012

All About Eyebrows and my Eyebrows Evolution?!

Back then, I give little attention to my eyebrows because I feel like it was one of the most insignificant parts of my face…. until I started noticing how beautiful girls are with well-groomed eyebrows!

Shaping eyebrows is the hardest yet I consider one of the most important steps in my everyday makeup look. It completes my over-all look!

Do you want to see the evolution of my eyebrows? LOL!

See! It tooks me months and months of practice until I discover the right tools and application for my "ideal" eyebrows.

It’s really amazing how a little change in eyebrows can make a huge impact on your overall look.  

Thick eyebrows are so IN right now! No wonder why most Korean likes wearing thick eyebrows because it makes them look young and innocent.

 However, well-arched eyebrows will never run out of style! It is classic!

Today, I will show you the steps on how I shape my eyebrows. It doesn’t necessarily have to be this way. You can experiment and discover your own techniques! Who knows, you might just discover the perfect eyebrow shape for you!
Start with your naked eyebrows

Outline the outer (upper and lower) shape of your eyebrows

 Start filling with eyebrow pencil/powder the inside of your outlined eyebrows
 Brush your eyebrows with spoolie to make it softer and more natural-looking
 Your eyebrows should look like this after brushing
 Apply concealer on the edges of your eyebrows to make it look more defined
 Blend the concealer using a flat concealer brush

Voila! You can stop here if you want natural-looking eyebrows for everyday
But if you want to define it a bit more (a technique I learned from Ana Patricia of Glaminar Basic Makeup Workshop)
Using one or two shade darker than the first eyebrow pencil/powder you use in step 1, outline the lower outside of your eyebrows as shown in the pic above. This step will help your eyebrows to look more neat and well-defined
Tada! See the difference?

And yes, this is my eyebrows' secret! (and now, it's no longer a secret!)

Eyebrows are important! It makes a HUGE difference, so spend time doing it well!

Products I highly recommend for eyebrows:
(easy to use, precise, no need to sharpen but not long lasting on thin eyebrows)

Easy Eyebrow Pencil 
(last longer on eyebrows than Drawing Eyebrows)

The Faceshop Lovely ME:Ex Auto Eyebrow Pencil 
(no need to sharpen, waxy and stays longer than EH Drawing Eyebrow Pencil)

(for unruly eyebrow hairs, can also be used to lighten up the eyebrows)


  1. wow! i wanna learn how to do this kind of eyebrow too! it really shows how your eyebrows changed! nice job!


  2. the power of beautiful eyebrows talaga.. wanna perfect mine too. not perfect but at least have it at its best.. i'd be trying that last step.. that's what's missing on my ritual. great post sis.. very informative..

  3. When I don't have enough time, I just put on tinted moisturizer, do my eyebrows, and put on lipbalm. Eyebrows are a must.

  4. I always mess up with my eyebrows! Thanks for the heads up sis! :)

  5. What concealer are you using? What would you recommend? Thanks!

  6. Simple and easy to follow steps! Thanks for the tutorial, now I know what I missed :)

  7. sana magawa ko rin to sa eyebrows ko ^^

  8. Wow nice brows! :) I also attended the basic workshop of glaminar.:)

    Dainty MD

  9. Wow thanks for sharing your secret, beautiful gurl!! :)

    The Misty Mom

  10. Nice... very beautiful eyebrow style.. thanks for sharing.


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