Sunday, July 15, 2012


Orange has a lot of skin benefits. I still remember back then, whenever I eat oranges, I keep the peeled skin of the oranges and rub it on my face and body. The juice of the oranges can also be used as toner too!

Oranges, according to the articles I’ve read, helps cure acne, detoxify skin, prevent skin cancer, reduce wrinkles, makes skin supple, reduce scars and more! Isn’t it amazing?

ELCURE Vitamin C Serum 50ml, high-rated Korean skin care product, no chemically synthesized additives, removes wrinkles, improves complexion and melanin, restores skin resilience and maintains oil balance!

Contains a ionized form of Vitamin C. When entering the human or animal body, it converts into L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C) through the enzymolysis of phosphatase, and maintains the same physiological function and biological efficacy as L-ascorbic acid.
It is able to effectively inhibit the activity of tyrosinase in skin, facilitate the synthesis of collagen. It may also resist the damage caused on the skin due to the U.V. light, smog and other environmental effects.
- US FDA (OTC) registration

No chemical synthetic additives
No preservatives
No artificial colors
No thickeners
No antistatic
No antioxidants

The package looks really expensive. It reminds me of Estee Lauder Advanced Night repair.
I think it’s really the wisest thing that El Cure provided droplet applicator which helps me control the amount of product that I will be getting! I really really love the application process because it’s really clean and very hygienic. The clear-ish bottle also let me know how much I’ve already used.

-Apply 2~3 drops of serum on face at night after facial cleansing
-After that you can use your other cosmetics

This serum definitely smells like TRUE ORANGE JUICE. I use 2-3 drops of this every night as recommended. I feel slight tightening of my pores as it dries up on my skin. This has a weird sticky feeling at first but sinks in really quickly. Waking up was the best part after using this product at night.  It leaves skin feeling softer and well- moisturized.

-reduce skin pigmentation
-reduce sunburn and blemishes
-delay premature aging of skin
-reduce acne
-resist the damage caused on the skin due to the U.V. light, smog and other environmental effects thus prevent SKIN cancer.

This 50ml bottle is really amazing! Thank you KoreaCosmetics for letting me try this wonderful product! I will definitely do another review on this once I’m done using all the product in this bottle!


  1. wow love this serum! thanks for sharing!

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  2. Thanks so much for sharing this review, I've been searching for a nice serum that help with my acne's..I'll check the site out..Thanks again for this review ^_~

  3. looks like a promising product! love the packaging :)

  4. Orange peel is really effective! I used an orange peel soap to cure my acne :)

    How much does a bottle cost? I have pimple scars/blemishes on my face and I'm looking for an effective product to remove these ugly scars.

    I will be waiting for your review once you finish your bottle!

  5. hi! where can i buy elcure vitamin c? I'm from valenzuela city. thank you!


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