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Time sure is fast! It seems only yesterday…--- andrama lang!! When one is getting older, everything seems very fast, riight? ^_^

Anyway, since I’ve seen bloggers sharing their 2012 BEST PRODUCTS I, too, decided to share mine! After all, great products deserve some recognition.

The first product and probably, the best discovery I had for this year was my Kojie San Skin Lightening Soap. It is very affordable and yet very effective! To further read my review on this product, click HERE.

Next in line was my PETIT MONDE FRAGRANCE. D&G light blue and Benetton Pink Paradiso were used to be my fave scents until I met this affordable fragrance from Petit Monde. It is so affordable but the scent lasted me until the end of the day. I like spraying a lot (seriously a lot!) and it sometimes made me feel guilty spending a lot on perfumes (ambilis maubos!).
With this on the market, I don't feel guilty anymore! This 110ml bottle only costs me Php 200! I love the green bottle and the blue bottle. You guys should try this.
My favorite scents are in this kind of bottle, only the colors are in blue and green.
Photo credit: http://www.petitmonde.com.ph/fragrance.php

Finally, after long months of being in a lipstick-state (being crazy buying lipstick), I’m finally done finding my HG lipsticks. So far, I have 4 lipsticks that I absolutely adore. 

These are my:
Mac Pink Nouveau 
my fave bright pink lipstick
full review HERE

Covergirl Lip Perfection in Heavenly
this is easier to wear than Mac Pink Nouveau
full review HERE

Nyx Lipstick in Tea Rose 
my everyday pink!
review HERE
Photo credit: http://www.indianvanitycase.com/2010/11/nyx-round-lipstick-review-swatches.html

Nyx Lipstick in Heredes 
my fave tawny shade! I love it for everyday, as well.
Photo credit: http://kosmetikaddicted.blogspot.com/2011/04/nyx-round-lipstick-swatches-teil-i.html

For gel liners, I have always been loyal to MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack! Seriously, I still use the same gel liner I used in this POST! Can you believe that? I love it so much! But according to my sister’s makeup artist, the best gel liner she ever used was the one from Inglot. O, how I wish it’s available here in the Philippines

Best Eyebrow Pencil award  goes to Etude House Drawing Eyebrow Pencil. I’ve used tons of eyebrow pencils from different brands and eyebrow kits (modelco, elf and mac) but I would still prefer this pencil. It’s a no-brainer pencil at very affordable price (plus it has a refill too!). Full Review HERE

I am ever loyal to my Mary Kay Concealer. It has a very good coverage. This little tube will lasts me a very long time even with everyday use. For a detailed review click HERE

My favorite brush would still be my Beauty Cosmetics Pink Kabuki Brush. It’s still the softest even after few months, it’s affordable and most of all, the color is super cute (I love Pink) –detailed review HERE

The best combination of face products I have on my face is when I combine my Faceshop Aqua Tinted BB Cream + Faceshop Phytogenic Infinite Powder Foundation = Full Coverage and Faceshop Aqua Tinted bb Cream + Faceshop Lovely ME:EX Angel Skin Loose Powder = Sheer Coverage

You probably have seen this mask on my facebook fan page! This is absolutely my favorite mask ever! I've tried different masks from Tony Moly, Etude House, the Faceshop but nothing beats this SKIN WHITIA MASK. Unfortunately, I don't think it's available here in the Philippines. I got it as Singapore (Sasa).

Sleek Palette (from fabshopaholic shop) in Storm would still be my favorite palette, (so far)! I love the color combination of this palette. In fact, it's the only palette I used in all the events I attended this year! Full Review HERE

And lastly The Skin Doctors Overnight Zit Zapper. It works really well although it is quite expensive. If you’re looking for an affordable dupe, I recommend Celeteque Acne Spot Corrector Gel. I haven't done any reviews yet on these products, but I'm sure you can definitely find useful reviews on google.  

(Pictures are from my past posts and from google. Sorry, I don’t have time to take new pictures.)

I think these are all the products that amazed me for 2012. I will still continue to use all of them until 2013! Happy New Year again, my loves! Cheers

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