Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Faceshop Freshian Volumizing Mascara

Contact lenses, eyeshadows, mascaras, eyeliners and whatnots! Do you sometimes have you been wondering why girls put so many products on their eyes?

Well, it is because, other than perfectly groomed eyebrows, our eyes make a huge difference on our over-all look! I tell you, simple eyeliner can make or break you. And so, the mascara!

There are two basic qualities we look in for mascara (whether it was a waterproof or non): the volumizing and lengthening effect it gives our lashes.

Back then, I always go for waterproof mascara even for daily basis! However, waterproof mascaras are just a pain in the arse to remove; I always end up irritating my eyes when taking it off. Also, waterproof mascara contains harsher chemicals compared to non-waterproof mascara. I am not saying you should never consider buying waterproof mascara, however, for daily basis I rather recommend you to use non-waterproof mascaras. Nevertheless, waterproof mascara is good for special occasions where you want your curled lashes to last all day or during the times where it require you to an  intense “crying” moment without looking like your one of the casts from a horror drama.

Finding the perfect non-waterproof mascara is a no-joke journey as most non-waterproof mascara can run down on your eyes when you cry and doesn’t hold the lashes really well. After few “definitely-not-my-kind-of-mascara” I finally found my so-called holy grail!

The product I’m talking about is my THE FACESHOP FRESHIAN VOLUMIZING MASCARA!

Before I found this HG of mine, I was somehow contented with my other non-waterproof mascara from faceshop which is the FACEIT EXTREME MASCARA EX Lash Stretch. It was good mascara too, but the other kind is even better! (That’s why I don’t see the need to review the Lash Stretch!)
Just for your reference, here is the one I used before which I won't be reviewing because Freshian volumizing mascara is even better. 
 The Faceshop Freshian Volumizing mascara brush is very typical; it has the “most” common brush for mascara.

The thing I like most about this mascara is it has a better and smoother formulation. It is far easier to apply than waterproof mascara! It doesn’t give my eyelashes a spider leg-like look---if you know what I mean. One of the biggest turnoffs I had with waterproof mascara is that it clumps easily because the formulation is extremely waxy and thick!

Removing this mascara is heavenly Believe me! I don’t have to use eye makeup removers! It doesn't insanely damage my eyelashes when taking it off.

Although, it was non-waterproof mascara… it doesn’t give me the “panda-eye” look. If I accidentally rubbed my fingers on my eyes, I  just use tissue/cottonbuds and soak it in water to clean it up.

The volumizing effect is as good as my other Maybelline waterproof mascara.

As for the staying power, it amazingly holds the curl of my lashes until the end of the day! 

It’s very rare to find a non-waterproof mascara to do this thing that’s why I loved it! (Take note, I have eyeglasses).
Waterproof mascara can be really unreasonable for everyday as it goes really clumpy, thick and hard to remove. It flakes big time, may cause breakage on your lashes and irritation on your eyes. If you want to save your lashes from everything I just said, this is your saviour! 

Indeed, I highly recommend this product for girls who like to use mascara for everyday!

*btw, I accidentally slept with this mascara on my eyes. To my surprise, it did not give me a panda eyes! It stays on amazingly! It’s the first non-waterproof mascara I’ve tried that does that! Hands down. I love it!

Enjoy this before and after pictures I just took! 
Appreciate, do not hate! 
Until then my loves!

without mascara
with 1 coat of mascara


  1. oh wow! this is such a great find!

  2. Oh wow, amazing! I would actually love to try this... might be my next purchase! :)

  3. i'd love to try this one! i was in faceshop recently and might have overlooked this. :P

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  6. I really love this mascara and the curling variant too!

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