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Bb creams have been a huge craze in makeup world! Almost all brands have it now – from Western to Asian brands! Name it!

My love for bb cream started few years ago with Korean brands, and now that even Western brands had released their own, I still choose to buy from Korean brands- or any other Asian brands. It’s quite unfair for me to judge something I haven’t even used for a while, but I feel like “Western” bb creams are just commercialized bb creams. They are more like a “lighter” makeup, which is also good substitute for everyday foundation.

Some bb creams I highly recommend are bb creams from Luview (whitening capsule), Skin79 (hot pink) and Missha. I have swatched several bb creams, available in our local stores, like Maybelline, Shawill, Ever Bilena and more, but I haven’t really liked them just because I think these are just like a “lighter” foundation.

When Pond’s released their newest bb cream, I was really giddy to try it! I have known Pond’s for years, and it’s one of the skincare brands I really trust.

It was love at first swatch that made me really purchased this product! Glad Watsons are almost everywhere now.

Pond’s bb cream has two variant: flawless white (pink) and anti-aging(red). Both contain 25g and are housed in a good-looking tube type packaging. In spite of my undying love for pinks, I opted to go for the red tube because of its anti-aging benefits! Okay, you might be raising your eyebrows now. “Gosh, you’re only on your 20’s, why use anti-aging products?” Yes!  However contrary to that, I was informed by a dermatologist that we should start using anti-aging products as early as 20’s to prevent the sign of aging in our skin. And so, this will be a good additional to my growing anti-aging skincare regime (I use my Estee Lauder Night Repair at night and Pond's regenerating cream in the morning)

Pond’s bb cream, just like all others, comes in one-shade which is surprisingly not as light as typical bb creams. This will be a good bb cream for girls with fair to medium skin tone (up to NC30, I believe).  The shade oxidizes on skin, adapting to your skintone. If you’re on a much darker skintone, I heard Pond’s will release a darker shade soon! Yay!

It has pink undertone but still look nice on girls with yellow-undertone---just like me!
It has quite a thick consistency but spread and blends heavenly! One of the bests I’ve tried.
Upon spreading
oxidizes after few minutes
After few more minutes!

POND’S says,
“Helps provide effortless natural bare-faced look! Instant natural coverage. Reduces wrinkles, fine lines and age spots from within.”

It has a SPF30 ---which is perfect for girls like me who works in field.

It is very light on skin--- the reason why I love wearing it on summer, and looks really natural on skin. It evens out my skintone and somehow, brightens it up!
The thing I love most about it is when I removed it at the end of the day, my skin still feels soft!
It’s like I’m wearing a skincare for makeup --- if you know what I mean!

It doesn’t have coverage, really. It’s very sheer and just enough to lightens up and evens out some redness on face. However, it will not hide any imperfections like acne marks.

Personally, I think this bbcream focused more on skincare than makeup, which is nice if you wear makeup for everyday, just like I do.

Overall, I love it and it works for me! Yes, It’s not cheap at Php 499, but most bb creams are way too expensive than this. This is perfect for girls who do not really go for full-makeup for everyday.
I will definitely use it until the last product on my tube! However, I’m still open in trying out other bb creams available. Right now, I’m eyeing on Celeteque Bb Cream when this runs out. But if, in any case, it will not work for me, I will gladly go back to this Pond’s bb cream. So far, it’s one of the best bb creams I’ve tried, considering the price and skincare benefits it give.

- It’s like wearing skincare for makeup
-not pricey as other bb creams available
-available at Watsons!
-does not feel oily or heavy on skin
-evens out skintone
-with anti-aging benefits
-doesn’t make my face oily
-not too light
- Works well to girl with fair to medium skintone (up to NC30) as it oxidizes on skin
-blends heavenly
-never cakey!

-some may think it’s quite pricey for a 25g
-comes in 1-shade only (for now)
-has pink undertone--- yellow would be more perfect for Asian women
-very sheer coverage


  1. I want to try this one. Hope it wont give me a grayish color. Nice review by the way.

  2. Its very expensive for 25g. Nice review

  3. how much is it and were can I find it?

    1. Didn't you read the post? The answers are there.

  4. What's your skin type? normal, oily, combination or dry?

  5. i saw it in watsons its Php399.00.

  6. im only 12 and a half and i use ponds age miracle bb cream, is this good or bad

  7. i am 12 years old...
    Can i use Ponds Age Miracle BB cream??

  8. Hi dear. I think it will work just fine. BUT I won't really advise you to use anything on your face at your young age,really. :) Just enjoy your natural beauty since you're still young. you don't really need anti-aging products, yet! I would suggest, start at age of 20. just don't put anything on your face while you're still young, someday, your skin will thank you for that. :) Anyway, thanks for reading this post.

  9. BB Cream now in MOUSSE form!!

  10. Thanks for sharing this informative post. here, you mentioned this cream will be a good for girls with fair to medium skin tone. What about mens? Is there any cream for men? Please mention some Skin Whitening Soaps also. If you mention it will be very useful.

  11. For me, american makeup brand di ako hiyang as in nangingitim face ko lalo na pag naaraw ako. I dunno Tama lang naman sa skin tone ko. Tas nag kaka finlines ako sa face. Pero i try ko to. since im using korean makeup super maganda din sya sana mag gawa ka ng review :_

  12. I'd love to see your images above that shows the best anti aging products in the Philippines, but you got a hosting problem already. Wouldn't that affect your page views?


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