Sunday, May 5, 2013

Late April to Early May HAUL!

I have a confession to tell. I always get too excited whenever there are sales on my favorite malls/brands but the funny part is I always end up purchasing something “not on sale”! Well, I couldn’t blame myself either. I don’t want to purchase something I don’t even like just because it is on “50% off” sale. I know you can feel me.

Anyway, I went to SM Megamall just last May 1 after my work (yes, I went to work on Holiday) to buy things even if the sale is still on Friday, May 3. But boy, I was so glad that I was able to score affordable items there.

I got myself a sandals for work at Rusty Lopez (my ever trustee brand since birth). Okay, here’s a fact! I always have sandals I love and it’s always from the same brand, Rusty Lopez. I have quite more heels from other brands too but it’s always from Rusty Lopez I use for everyday. I love them, really! However, my older trustee sandals bid goodbye and I have to say that I never regret purchasing it! It’s so flexible, comfy and affordable. Plus, I honestly was able to maximize it. I swear, I abused my sandals like no other
I got this for only for Php 749.00 with 10% discount!

And then, while I was walking around. I saw these affordable closed shoes.
Can you believe that it was on Php 399 buy 1 get 1 promo? Well, that’s quite a good deal considering that the original price was Php 299 each, right, right? 
I got one for me and for my twin. Btw, If you saw this on SM Megamall, do not buy the exact size. For instance, I’m size 6, then I should get size 7, instead. For some reason, the sizes are smaller than usual!

Then, I went to Watsons, one of my favorite places in the World! Echos lang. I was  looking around and saw this Fanny Serrano gel liner! It's for Php 299.
I was eyeing on this since forever so I decided to purchase it since I run out of my fave gel liner (Mac blacktrack). It's a good deal, really. I got a gel liner + nice slanted gel liner brush!

The consistency is uber-creamy! It’s almost like a mousse-liner than a gel liner ^_^ 

 Just then, I saw this Rajah powder and purchased it too! I got it only for Php 399. 
I had a feeling that this will work really well as contour powder. It looks nice and natural on skin. I like it more than I like my Krave Contouring powder, but my sister likes the latter. Well, I guess it’s all about your preferences. 

Anyway, I was in the counter when the SA handed this lipgloss. She said that it was free! 
I was so happy because I was able to get my-kind-of-shade! Yay! I like nude colors!
 The color looks nice when first applied. It feels so nice on my lips too! I just wish it was a bit more long lasting. I was also disappointed that it feels rather a lipgloss than a liquid lipstick.

I spent only Php 699.00 and got 3 items.  

I also went to Petit Monde to look for my fave scents. I decided to get the blue bottle (d&g blue inspired) today. It’s only for Php 179! I like the scent, it's almost like Benetton Inferno and Paradiso. 

I was happy and contented with my purchases! Indeed, great things come when you least expect.

Anyway, below are beauty products I purchased last month (end of April) and failed to blog about them. I wish I have more time… so I could have time to blog T.T 

An HG material for BB Cream users! Doesn't really make my skin glow, as they claim, but made my skin look matte! I love how yellow it is (helps in toning down the greyish/pinkish undertone of bb creams) This is very affordable too! I got 3 oz for only PHP 800 at Beautyholics! I highly recommend this shop!

Stays on amazingly! I'm an eyebrow person and I love this! It's only for Php 299 and way better than my Etude House color my Brows.
It's in the shade of "Nude" but the color is almost like a "red"! Seriously?? Anyway, the shade looks nice for a red shade (if you're looking for a red lipstick)

I guess that's it for today!
Until then my loves!
I'm wearing Jazzy Collection Kiss Proof Lipgloss in Nude,btw!


  1. Why is your English bad? Seriously, grammar mistakes everywhere...

  2. Hi Anonymous, you could always correct my grammar naman. that would be helpful for me and i will highly appreciates it. i admit naman the moment I started my blog that I'm not really good at English. ^_^ I'm an Engineer, my profession is far from this hobby of mine. But sharing my thoughts on beauty prodcts and chatting with girls who have the same interest as mine makes me really happy and no English grammar should stop me from doing it. Anyway, thank you for the time. ^_^

  3. bkit hindi q ma-view un mga pictures?and I really missed reading ur blogs...super bz k ata noh..

  4. i love your purchases! and I envy the gel liner you have!

  5. Irene: wow, thank you irene! Yes, super busy. Sobrang di na makablog. I hope mgkaroon na ko ulit ng time mgblog para makapagpost ulit ako ng mga reviews kht mali mali grammar! Ahahaha! I want to review nrn kasi yung ben nye powder!

    Em: hi em! I'm on the process of testing it out! Sana mging ok. So far, medyo ngsmudge sya pero kasi I have oily lids tpos super hot pa ng panahon

  6. Very nice post, love the ideas. Can you tell me which is the best shapewear for women on the market?



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