Monday, June 24, 2013

Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder

Just few months ago, some girls requested me to do review on this highly raved product. That simple thing made me really happy for I know that there are already tons of available reviews out there but they still want to hear from me. For ordinary bloggers like me, this is the fuel that keeps us going. It makes me undeniably happy whenever I get messages from my readers asking me what products I would recommend. You have given me TRUST (WOW, big word! LOL) and in return, expect nothing but honest reviews on my blog. Some products I have recommended may not works for you just because we have different skin types and conditions, but I can assure you, I never lied with my post. Everything I will say and will be saying in the future are all honest, and based on my very own experience.

Wew, what an emotional introduction. I almost cried while typing this, well, just kidding! I’m extremely thankful to those readers who have been very loyal to my blog since day 1. I’m blessed; I don’t have to be viewed by many or to be included in the top blog to appreciate my readers. If you were one of them, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Anyways, enough of the drama. Here’s the review I owe you.
I read enough rant on the packaging of the product. Well, I guess, the packaging came into this bottle because this product is not really meant to be used for convenience. I mean, it’s not something you would just throw into your kikay kit for retouch, right? The bottle is bulky and inconvenient for travelling. The holes are too large too. We cannot do anything about it, so we have to deal with it. Like what all other girls do, purchase and transfer the product into a separate powder container.

The name “Banana” suits this well since the “yellowish-ness” (I know, there’s no such word!) of the powder is very obvious. For Asian ladies, this powder is a heaven-sent!
The powder is finely milled. It goes smoothly on skin if you already have soft and smooth skin. I notice that this is not a good choice for girls with dry skin as it tends to emphasize (even more) the dry-ness of skin. However, you can always make this works for you by applying moisturizers and/or primer prior to the application of this product.

Some bloggers claimed that this powder will give your skin a “glow.” Unfortunately, this is rather a matte-looking on me. So if you are expecting for powders that will deliver this effect, I recommend you to try mineral makeup instead. But if you’re contented with powders that will make your skin look matte, then, this will work just fine.

This is not the best powder for oil control. I have tried other powders that are way better than this. However, it does a decent job in keeping your oils at bay for few hours.

The reason why I like it is because this is a very good setting powder for bb creams and foundations. BB creams, mostly are in pinkish or greyish undertone and doesn’t suit my yellow undertone skin. I find it also time-consuming to wait and let the bb cream oxidize on my skin to adapt to my skintone before going out of the house. But I had no choice or else, I have to deal with my face looking weird and uneven.

This is my everyday saviour, I just hate the “white cast” I get from bb creams and foundations.
With just bb cream
Set the right side with Ben nye powder. Amazing, right? Ahh, the reason why I'm inlove with this powder

I haven't told you the best part yet! This powder is very cheap especially if you’re going to purchase the biggest size. 3oz is a huge amount for setting powder and will lasts you a very long time even with every day use.

 The only thing that bothers me is that this powder contains 3 kinds of parabens. I remember back in my college chemistry years, we are instructed by our professor to memorize all the chemical structures of these parabens! Kaloka! But then, I never really learned how dangerous these were on skin until I started loving makeup. I have read some articles and learned that methyl parabens may react to UVB due to Sun’s exposure and may lead to skin aging and DNA damage! Scary, right? Again, this was based on some articles I’ve read in the internet, which I’m not yet sure of. Therefore, Use products with parabens at your own risk.

Overall, I have been loving this product and I highly recommend it. 

You can purchase it at Beautyholics Manila

-perfect setting powder for bb creams and foundation
-can be use alone to remove shines on face
-decent oil control
-suits most skintones

-not available in local market
-no coverage
-contains parabens
-tends to be cakey


  1. Sis I actually used the neutral but I guess am not impressed so I just gave it to my sister. Now I wanted to try this one because of the good reviews and the hype but am doubtful if this one will work on me since I have a very oily skin. Nice to see that you are active again in blogging kase the time that I checked your blogs medyo lie low ka na but I decided to follow you in FB :)

  2. @Cynthia: Hi Sis! if oil control ang habol mo sis, i think mas madidisappoint ka dito. very average lng ang oil control nito. ^_^

  3. most of the makeup products we have now have parabens. Parabens prolong the life of your makeup. organic makeups with no parabens actually has shorter shelf life.
    I like your review btw, not biased, because I think this ben nye powder is so overrated.


Thank you for the comment ;p xoxo