Sunday, June 2, 2013

MAY favorites!

This will be a very long post as I failed to blog these past few days. I, somehow, summarized everything here. Nevertheless, I will provide comprehensive reviews on these amazing products one of these days!

This should not be a surprise to you if you have been following me on my fan page. I am official joining the bandwagon. This product deserves all the raves! 

However, I haven’t seen the “glow” most girls are mentioning in their posts. 
Then, what makes me love this product? 
First, it is super cheap! Yes, super cheap especially if you are going to buy it at Beautyholics Manila (Thank you Celline of Product Arena for sharing this amazing online store!)
Beautyholics is selling this at a super affordable price, the lowest I’ve seen so far. I got 3oz for only Php 800 and this will lasts you a very long time even with everyday use! Secondly, it is a perfect setting powder if you have bb cream that has grayish or pinkish undertone to it. Or even, if you have lighter liquid foundation that does not match your skintone. This blends really heavenly on skin. Love it. Life saver, indeed.  
With just bb cream (Luview)
applied Ben Nye Banana luxury powder on bottom part. Amazing, right? I love how it toned down the bb cream
Next in line is my favorite bb cream, Pond’s BB Cream (agemiracle). I have a comprehensive review on this. Check it out HERE. I love it so much that I will be repurchasing another tube. It doesn’t give me coverage and doesn't control oiliness but I like the glow it gives. Most importantly, my skin feels safe whenever I use this on my face. Some people may not like this, not even appreciate it, especially if you are someone who prioritizes makeup more than skincare. But as for me, it is such a wonderful product. It’s like wearing SKINCARE for MAKEUP. I love it!

I rarely wear other face products on my face other than the two mentioned above but if I were to wear blush and contour powder I will definitely reach for these products.

Elf All Over Color stick in pink lemonade is a nice cream blush base to make your blush powder lasts longer. It looks good on its own, though. What I like about this is it is very versatile and you don’t really need other tools to make this works for you. If you are also aiming for a Korean-skin-like effect, this is nice blush as it gives your skin a nice sheen to it. It looks dewy when first applied. However, if you are a matte-person, you can use this as base then apply powder on top of it. It will give you the nicest and most natural blushed cheeks.

Ever Bilena Blush on Earth and Fanny Serrano Two way cake powder in Rajah are nice products if you are aiming for neutral looks. Ever Bilena blush is really cheap at Php 150 but the quality is beyond the price. The packaging is a mac-inspired. This blush is highly pigmented so you really have to be careful on applying it. FS in Rajah, on the other hand, belongs to mid-range price products. It costs me Php 399. This, however, will lasts you forever especially if you are not a person who doesn’t need to contour everyday. It might be too orangey for some, but it looks nice and natural on me. For reference, I’m NC30-35.

Moving on. The following are my favorite eye and eyebrow products! I’m a person who wears very minimal makeup for everyday. I mostly wear bb cream, setting powder then do my eyebrows. That’s all and I’m good to go.

If you are minimal makeup wearer just like me, my dear, eyebrows are everything! Do your eyebrows really well and people will not notice that you are not wearing eyeshadows, lipsticks or blush! That is how powerful eyebrows are.

This might be the reason why I spend 80% of my makeup time doing my eyebrows. I won’t mind spending a lot for my eyebrows and I know some girls could relate (I can hear you!).

First, my most recent purchase, the Majorlica Majorca Eyebrow Colorist in BR555. I was actually planning to do a comparison review on this with my James Cooper Eyebrow Gel. 

Unfortunately, the brush of my James Cooper was stocked inside the tube! I honestly don't know what happened. Anyway, before the incident, I was really loving James Cooper because it does a great job in taming my eyebrows. The only thing I hate about James Cooper is the big brush that came in with the product, making the application harder especially for beginners. The trick with James Cooper is to apply it carefully, if it messed up, clean it with cotton buds. Concealer trick works too! 

Anyway, going back to Majorlica Majorca, the shade I have, according to the Saleslady, is the darkest available. However, it is still a little lighter on me. But I was surprise that even though it is lighter, it does looked good on me. Do you agree? Do you? Do you? ^_^ 
excuse my hair; wearing FS liquid lipstick in Heavenly, etude house eyebrow pencil and majorlica majorca eyebrow colorist
My favorite eyebrow pencil is still my etude house drawingeyebrows. Still unbeatable. I’ve been looking for slanted eyebrow pencils that are as thin as this but most of the pencils from other brands are just too thick for my taste. This is a perfect eyebrow pencil to outline my eyebrows. I just love how thin it is! Plus the slanted shape (triangular) makes the shaping very easy! This is the perfect eyebrow pencil to correct the outline after applying my concealer.

As for the staying power, I admit. This Etude House Eyebrow pencil has no match for sweat and oils. That’s why I need to set this with a good eyebrow powder. I have been really loving this Mac shader in Walnut. It does a great job filling up the gaps on your eyebrows. In the additional, it makes the pencil lasts longer! However, I wouldn’t still recommend girls to purchase it since there are lots of other options available. You could try In2it which is a lot cheaper and works exactly the same as the Mac eyebrow powder.

I like gel liners. I rarely wear gel liner, but I absolutely love the effect it gives our eyes. It is amazing how gel liner can change our look from simple to glam! I have been loving this gel liner from Fanny Serrano. This one stays longer than Maybelline and Mac. If your eyelids  tend to oil up easily, this will smudge on you. The best thing you would have to do is to apply primer then top it off with powder. Apply gel liner afterwards. Also, you can set it with black eyeshadows but this is optional.

I hate lipsticks during summer. These melt on tube due to the hot weather. Plus, our lips become really dry during summer making it chapped ridiculously.  Lipsticks tend to sit on the fine lines of our lips if not well-moisturized.

For summer, I only wear lipbalms on my lips. No other products. One of my best lip balm buddies I had this summer is my Nivea (blue). It moisturizes my lips really well inspite of the cheap price tag! I do not recommend you to buy EOS lip balms. Those were really cute, but do not really moisturize my lips.

During the days when my lips look pale and sick, I often reach for my FS True Light liquid lipstick in Mauve. I love the color! Perfect color if you are aiming for a no makeup look. I have been wearing this most of the time. But, this will not lasts you very long. Not even average. I don’t recommend it for girls who are too busy to retouch their lipsticks. Btw, I don’t feel like it is a liquid lipstick. For me, tinted lipgloss is more appropriate term to describe this product.
If I were to wear something with color for special occasions, I mostly reached for Covergirl in Heavenly. I have a detailed review on this. I super love the shade. It is very long lasting and not drying on lips.

My rule in life is to spend 70% on skincare and 30% on makeup. But just like promises, rules are made to be broken (right?). We like to break rules and so am I.

I have very few skincare products. I spent mostly on makeup. But I never neglect the importance of skincare. It’s just that I’m already contented with my skincare product that I don’t find it any necessary to add more skincare products.

Ever since I used this Kojie San soap, I have never used any other kojic products on my skin, ever! This is cheap but works really amazingly on my skin. Check my review HERE.

Moisturizer is a must! This is the last tube of my Sebamed Moisturizer. I got this from my sister in Singapore. She gave me tons of samples. I love it! If you know where to purchase it here in the Philippines, let me know. This is really amazing on my skin.


These are all my favorite products of the month! I highly recommend these.
How about you, girls? What are your favorite products?

Until then,



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  2. ooh, the ponds BB got me interested~ I am so going to try it out soon~ Thanks for sharing ^_~

  3. You can buy SebaMed here in the Philippines at Watsons or PCX. You can also order through the offices of DMark, the official distributor (

  4. @janet: it's worth trying sis. got another tube recently!
    @red devil: i haven't seen it at any Watsons. where specific? thnk you

  5. I wanna try Fanny Serrano too! I never tried Ben nye but it seems you love it as much as they do! :D Was is that good? Does it help in blurring pores like mineral powders?

  6. "eyebrows are everything".

    I really agree with that words.
    I don't mind stepping out without eyeliner or blush or even powder but I always drew my eyebrow..hehe..


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