Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fanny Serrano Long-Wear Gel Liner

For the longest time, I have settled with my Mac Fluidline gel liner in Blacktrack, review HERE. It was worth all the cents I spent, imagine, it lasted me almost 2 years before it dried up completely. I was contemplating whether to repurchase it again or not. I heard Bobby brown and Inglot gel liner were better than Mac but I couldn't compare these since I haven't tried Inglot and Bobby brown yet but I will definitely check these out when I have extra-cash LOL. Alam niyo naman ang priority ng lola nyo, kilay muna! hehe

BTW, For today, I will be reviewing the gel liner I have been using for quite a while. Kasi hindi lang ang gel liner na meron ako ngayon ^_^

Fanny Serrano Long-wearing gel liner in Black.

“A long-lasting, gel-based, waterproof liquid eyeliner that’s soft on the lids and rich in definition”

This gel liner, worth Php 299, came with a glass pot with a covering cap made of plastic material. It contains 5g of product which is a huge amount considering that my Mac  Fluidline contains only 3g but lasted me almost 2 years. 

I was very impressed with the creaminess of this product! This is one of the most creamy gel liners I’ve seen. It is so smooth and soft thus making the application alot easier (recommended for newbies in gel liner). However, due to its creaminess, this gel liner needs few minutes before it dries up on your eyes. It does smudge on me too! I’ve tried the waterproof test for this baby. It smudges about 40-60% during the water test, depending on how thick you applied. I would say, for the consistency, I was actually surprised. 

See how creamy it is?
I heard that this doesn’t last long for some bloggers which is weird because the staying power of this gel liner is quite good for me. Well, maybe because I am mostly in an air-conditioned room throughout the day and I have glasses on so I rarely rub my eyes. But my sister once told me when she used this, she had hard time removing this gel liner. I experienced the same after washing it off with just soap and water. I notice that even after two washes, this will still leave black stains (raccoon eyes)  on my eyes making me look like I have black eyes! So, better remove this gel liner with a good makeup remover. Nevertheless, I will try this on site one of these days to see the real staying power of this product with our very hot weather. I normally wear very minimal makeup on site kasi since I don’t want my makeup to melt on my face. Anyway, if you want your gel liner to lasts longer, try applying primer prior to the application of this gel liner and/or applying black eyeshadow on top of your gel liner.

Have you tried this product? What’s your favorite gel liner? Let me know!

Until then my loves!
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  2. Ma try nga... I'm currently using Elf Pen and it's easy to use. I haven't used any gel liners before, nice tong Fanny Serrano pang first time, mura pa.

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  3. Hi Swexie, you should try pero take note girl, ngsmudge sya. ^_^ elf is nice, and has a better staying power. yun lang mabilis magdry ;p

  4. I have this. I really love its consistency at first. But heck it dries up so fast! I think it only lasted me 3-4 months. Its not also smudge-proof and would make me look like a panda after 3-4 hours. I think my hooded and oily lids caused it -_- Quite disappointing product. Good thing it works well on you.

  5. @Desire: aw. i hope mine will not dry out anytime soon. but if that's the case, i will definitely let my readers know. thanks for informing me Desire. I'll just wait for few months, maybe. ^_^

  6. saan po nakakabili nito? nagpapractice plang ako mag make up kaya cguro eto muna ang bilhin ko kc mas affordable sya

  7. @twinkle: any malls /watsons dear na my fanny serrano. u can try elf din . it's more affordable


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