Sunday, July 14, 2013

Mac Fluidline Brow gel creme

I had hard time finding this limited edition Mac fluidline brow gel crème in Dirty Blonde. Now that I have found it, is it worth all the efforts and money I spent?

This gel brow crème came into this fluidline gel liner-like packaging of Mac. Both gel liner and brow gel crème contain 3g of product, housed in this small glass tube. The packaging is very durable.
I have it in Dirty blonde, a nice soft taupe shade that has sort of gray-tone to it which looks really nice on girls with black hair because it doesn't look too light or too dark.
The consistency is really nice, almost the same with my fluid line blacktrack. What’s good about this product is it applies very smoothly like gel liners do but the finish is somehow the same with eyeshadow that’s why it looks so natural.

I wouldn't say it’s easy to apply, though. I was actually having hard time applying it to one of my eyebrows since my other eyebrow has weird hairs that goes everywhere. But nothing is really too hard for someone who wants it so badly. Practice makes perfect, right?.

Not all slanted eyebrow brushes will work for this. I would say, go for something stiff, it would definitely make the application a lot easier. I heard MAC 208 was the brush promoted along with this brow gel. If you can get it, you should. I’m still thinking of getting one for myself since it's quite pricey, if I’m not mistaken, it’s around Php 1250 in Mac counters.

I also notice that this would really work for girls with less eyebrow hairs. The color would show-up more nicely on them. If you have thick eyebrow hairs, better skip this one. This will make your eyebrows even darker.

The staying power of this product is sooo amazing. It stays throughout the day without budging. It may fade a little if you tend to oil up a lot but you can always retouch it with a nice thin eyebrow pencil like Mac Automatic Eyebrow pencil in Lingering or Etude House Drawing Eyebrow Pencil.

Overall, I think it's worth my money, I never regret purchasing it at all. I was so excited when I first had this. But after few days, I realized that this is something I could live or live without. It's nice having to experience a different kind of eyebrow product but it's not something I'm planning to repurchase anytime soon. I have encountered some more amazing eyebrow products that I'm really excited to share with you in my future posts.So, stay tuned girls! 

-applies smoothly, not dragging or tugging needed
-stays on amazingly
-the shade is really nice
-if you have overplucked eyebrow hairs, this is a good product to try since it sticks nicely on skin
-when you found the perfect brush to work this with, this will definitely be a heaven-sent for you.
-you can use this as eyeshadow base
-not too pigmented for natural-looking eyebrows

-tricky to apply
-pricey at Php 1,100
-limited edition (out-of-stock already)

Mac fluidline brow gel creme in Dirty Blonde only
credit to my facebook account LOL!
Here I did my normal "routine" for eyebrows. I use Etude House Drawing eyebrow pencil to outline, Mac Fluidline to shade, Majorlica Majorca in BR555 to set and lighten brows and clean my eyebrows using Mary Kay Concealer
What do you think of my eyebrows? 
Until then my loves!

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  1. I like the color but yes it's pricey O.o Great brows dear :)

    from FFBE Group ♥


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