Thursday, July 11, 2013

Majorlica Majorca Eyebrow Colorist

I’ve mentioned this non-stop on my blog, eyebrows are everything. I spent a lot of money experimenting with different eyebrow products. Before, I’m very much contented with eyebrow kit from Elf. And I still remember how ugly looking my eyebrows were way back years ago. I can’t imagine myself sporting with that kind of eyebrows. LOL. Don’t get me wrong, Elf Eyebrow kit is a good kit for your eyebrows. The only problem I had back then was I don’t know how to make it works. Plus, I do pluck my own eyebrow hairs and I’m the worst ever! That’s why I strongly recommend that if you haven’t shaped your eyebrows yet, as much as possible, do not do it on your own. Go to eyebrow salon for they know the best eyebrow shape for your face. Eyebrows can definitely make or break your overall look.

Like what I’ve said before, I have used several eyebrow products from powder to pencil to eyebrow gels, and even eyebrow sealer. I might consider purchasing liquid eyebrow pen from K-Palette. I'm super intrigued since I haven't tried anything like that before. I'm an eyebrow sucker, and I love it! (my wallet hates it, though)

Eyebrow pencils are my fave kind of eyebrow products. These are much cheaper, easy to work with and very convenient to bring.

Next in the list are the eyebrow gels. Sometimes, I feel like my eyebrows are incomplete without eyebrow gels. Although, I can definitely go out without wearing one.

I have two reasons why I use eyebrow gels. 
(1) to lighten my eyebrows and 
(2) tame the eyebrow hairs.

However, the second reason was the main reason why I keep purchasing eyebrow gels, and so I don’t mind using clear eyebrow gels.

Basically these reasons are my criteria in judging whether to repurchase a certain eyebrow gel or just to try another product. The question is, did this Majorlica Majorca pass my criteria? This question will be answered as you go along with the review.

Before I share my thoughts on the product itself, let me first start with what I think of the packaging. Well, the packaging looks nice. Very much Japanese looking. Although, (i don't know if that's just me), I feel like too much decoration makes the product look cheaper. But certainly, it’s not. Php 595 is quite pricey for the amount you’ll be getting. This product contains 4.5 grams, fyi.

I have it in BR555-Maroon Brown, the darkest available according to the one who assisted me. The other shade available is BR333-Vanilla Brown. I opted for the darkest since I have a natural black hair. 
The best thing about the packaging is the brush that came in with the packaging. It is small and very much easy to work with. Much easier compared with James Cooper, at least.
The shade is lighter than my usual eyebrow gels but I was quite surprise that it doesn't look bad on me. I was actually loving it. One of the best I’ve tried in terms of the shade.

Just like most of eyebrow gels, you can see tiny shimmers which are not obvious on my eyebrows. Do not fret; most of eyebrow gels have shimmers. It’s nothing extra-ordinary, really.

The only disappointment I have with this product is it doesn't really tame eyebrow hairs (for girls who are too lazy to groom their eyebrows, this is not for you) which defeats the reason why I use eyebrow gels. Well, I should not blame the product as the name implies that this one is rather a “Colorist,” the main objective of this product is to “color” the eyebrow hairs.

So the answer to the question is it did not pass one of my criteria. HOWEVER,  I'm still loving it! I'm so inlove with the shade, for now, I use my eyebrow sealer from Model in a Bottle to seal and tame my eyebrows. 

I don’t regret purchasing this product at all. I highly recommend it to girls who want to lighten their eyebrow hairs. This is a great buy! This is very long lasting and it’s waterproof. The color is gorgeous, never looked weird on me. It certainly brightens up your face and perfect for girl with thick eyebrows as the color make your hairs appear thinner than the actual.

-Lightens up eyebrows
-Easy to work with because of the small brush that came in with the packaging
-Available locally
-Available in 2 shades: BR555- for medium to dark hair, BR333- light to medium blonde

-It doesn’t really tame my eyebrow hairs as good as my James Cooper eyebrow gel. But you can definitely make it works for you by frequently grooming your eyebrows or using alternative products for taming
-Quite pricey at Php 595 but cheaper than Mac Brow gels.


  1. your eyebrows look beautiful!
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  2. I agree with you on "Eyebrows are everything" it's an instant makeover. I wanted to try this product but I find too pricey and light colored for my brows. I bought the Tony Moly instead. :)

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