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Mary Kay Translucent Loose Powder

I have been blogging for almost 3 years and I still wonder how to answer questions like “What product would you recommend” or “Is that product good?”

“Good” is very subjective, what is “good” for me may not be good for you because we have different skin type, skin condition and probably lifestyle.

The answer to these questions will always depend on what are your top priorities. In this World, you just can’t have it all. You have to be specific, what are the things you mostly want and what the things you are willing to give-up.

For me to say that I highly recommend a product because it works for me is not enough! I have to lay down the details why.

That is something nice about Mary Kay Philippines. They have beauty consultants to make sure that the products will fit your skin type and lifestyle.

When Mary Kay Philippines sent me products, in this post, they did not “merely” send the products. They included some brochures and fact sheets for me to better understand their intentions for creating such amazing products.

Mary Kay Translucent Powder was born because they know how difficult it is for every woman to find powder that will suit our skin tone. The beauty of translucent powder is that it’s a "no-brainier" product; you can never go wrong with this shade since it’s translucent and will magically disappear on your skin.

“Translucent. Sheer. It’s every woman’s perfect shade”

Among all the loose powder I’ve tried, this has the most intelligent packaging for loose powders. This powder came into this large tub with a twist-locking mechanism which I think is very simple yet useful. They did not overly design the packaging, they keep simple and plain. But they did focus on simple details like adding twist-locking mechanism which I commend   Mary Kay brand for creating. 
That’s one thing I hate about travelling with loose powder, every time I open the cap, the powder would go all over the places. It’s just so messy! With this kind of sifter, you can control the products you will be needing, to avoid wasting and of course, to give more value to your money.

This loose powder has 11g of product which is a decent amount for the price (SRP: Php 800).

This powder appears white but eventually will disappear on skin upon application. This powder is invisibly sheer; the reason why it will works on all skin tone!

Mary Kay Translucent powder does not contain talc which is used by most cosmetics companies as filler. 

Talc is used by cosmetics companies to absorb moisture, to prevent caking, to make facial makeup opaque, and to improve the feel of a product, as per this siteHowever, talc are said to be harsh for sensitive skin since it has the tendency to clog pores. It can also cause “white cast” in flash photos.

The powder is ultra-finely milled that feels smooth on skin.

When I first swatched the powder at the back of my hands, it gave me a very luminous finish making my skin glow. 
Can you see the difference?
Mary Kay explained that this powder has “light scattering properties” they designed to “diffuse light and create soft focus effect that diminishes the appearance of fine lines”.

While it is true that the luminous effect is visible when you apply the powder with your fingers, you might NOT notice this effect when used with your brushes.

This powder is pretty basic, if I were to compare it with fashion, it’s like a white t-shirt or dress, it’s very flexible to use. It does not have any coverage and will not alter the color of your foundation. You can use it to set your foundation or you can use it on its own.

It does a decent job in controlling your natural facial oils. It’s a perfect powder for retouching! It “eliminates” oil instantly and will not look cakey even with few layers.

Overall, I recommend this. It’s a nice staple in your kikay kit. The packaging is very nice and convenient to use. It’s a great product to eliminate oils and keeping your face look fresh. It does a decent job as “finishing” powder and a great job as “retouching powder.”

-weightless on skin
-provides sheer, invisible finish. One shade fits all.
-controls and eliminates oils
-Dermatologist-tested, fragrance-free, oil-free, suitable for sensitive skin and non-comedogenic
-does not alter the shade of your foundation
-great “retouching” powder
-stays on decently

-Php 800 is pretty pricey for some
-no coverage
-I guess this will not suit girls with large pores

Above: After several hours on my face. ^_^ (unedited)

Until then my loves!

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