Sunday, July 21, 2013

My Mary Kay package

Mary Kay is a brand that is very close to my heart. This brand is popular internationally for their amazing skincare products, which unfortunately I haven’t tried yet.

All the products that I have tried from the past were all from their cosmetics line. I have featured two of my most amazing Mary Kay products on my blog: Liquid Foundation and Concealer.

Even Janica, the beautiful, barbie-like, talented girl, loves Mary Kay Concealer which is the only concealer I use for my undereye circles for this past two years. She even mentioned my post on her blog. She is the sweetest!

Most of the products I used from Mary Kay were purchased by me with my very own money. Some were given by a good friend of mine from Red Jhelli Shop.

Just recently Mary Kay Philippines sent me this products!

Mary Kay Philippines gave me this nice dual mirror which I haven’t seen on their brochure so I’m not sure if they are selling this.

Mary Kay Philippines sent me their Translucent Powder which is the star of the package. I will be reviewing this separately.

LASTLY, they sent me this “Cheek” Blush brush which I originally thought was a foundation brush since it came with the translucent powder. Good thing, it has a name on the handle
“Mary Kay” was engraved nicely on the middle part of the brush – very professional-looking.

The brush is not too long and not too short. The size is just right to fit your kikay kit for travelling.

The bristles are soft but not extremely soft. It’s not dense either – which I prefer for blush brush so that my blush will look more natural than overly done.
It does a decent job. I don’t hate it that much since I got it for free. I can apply my blushes or bronzer nicely because it has a nice shape and enough dense that makes the application a lot easier. However, If I were to purchase it with my own money, I would definitely skip this one.

The brush has bad smell, the same smell I encountered before with my Beauty cosmetics brush set (only the powder brush). I tried washing it off but it did not worked.

The brush was not as soft as I expected it to be. But atleast, it’s not scratchy at all.

The brush shed a lot. I had one or two hairs on my face every time I try to use it.
Another thing is, this brush bleeds badly. When I first washed with water and soap, the water came out black, which also I have encountered several times with my other brushes.

I was really sad that my very first experience with Mary Kay brush did not go well as I thought it would. But anyway, there are still tons of amazing products from the brand to try. I’m done with my translucent powder review which I will be posting very soon.

You want some sneak peak picture for my next review?


  1. I love their concealer. It worked wonders on me.

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    Chamee of PIXELS AND TALES

  2. I love May Kay concealer too sis. :) You can browse MK products here: :)


Thank you for the comment ;p xoxo