Sunday, August 11, 2013


Here’s a fact: I’m not a blush person. But I love cream/liquid tints than powder blushes because I’m so lazy to retouch my face. That’s why I’m a mess at the end of the day! I’m used to it. LOL

Recently I saw Redberryaha selling this posietint mini sample. I was so intrigued by this product but I don’t want to spend a thousand peso for something I haven’t even swatched yet. And so, purchasing it in sample size is actually a good decision. Oh boy, I’m glad that I purchased it in mini because I realized that this is quite pricey and there are other cheaper options available in the market.

“This poppy-pink tinted stain brightens cheeks & lips with a cheery flush and natural finish. Kiss-proof & nuzzle-proof, the liquid-gel formula blends to just-picked perfection on all complexions and lasts for hours.”

This comes with a nail-polish like applicator which is common for lip and cheek stains. It has a pretty light poppy pink color that will look absolutely gorgeous (dewy and natural-looking) on fair to medium skin. However, I won’t recommend it to girls with much darker skin tone since this is a light shade-- I just feel like this will not show up nicely on their skin.

This color is sheer but build-able. Compared to cream-based blushes, liquid tints/blushes are much more difficult to blend. These dry out faster and so you have to be really quick in blending this on your skin or else this will leave blotches on your face. I don’t recommend using brushes in applying this product. I think for dry skin, applying moisturizers is necessary prior to the application of this tint for easy blending.

I like applying this on top of my bb cream and set it with my powder because it will looks more natural and longer lasting that way.

This product stays throughout the day if you are an office person. I haven’t tried it yet on site since, again, I don’t normally wear tons of makeup on my face if I’m in the field.

I must say that this product does what it is supposed to do, give your cheeks a flushed of color that is natural-looking. However, I’m not willing to spend a lot of money for that effect. I mean, I’m very cheap when it comes to blushes because there are tons of great blushes that have good quality and amazing staying power. I would still choose Sophie Martin over this because hello, Sophie costs me only Php 70 and it gives me the same flushed cheeks as this Php 1000+ posietint.

-gives your cheeks natural flushed of color
-staying power is better compared to powder blushes
-perfect for girls who are not into retouching their makeup

-can be tricky to blend
-works as good as other cheaper blushes in the Market

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