Monday, September 23, 2013

Fashion 21 double up mascara

This was dubbed to be the best local mascara by many of the bloggers. Although i haven't seen any lengthy review prior to my purchase of this product, i decided to give it a try. I'm pretty sure this was crowned "best mascara" for a reason. And you will found out soon as you go along this review.

Fashion 21 Double Up Mascara


The packaging of this mascara is commendable. Even though the mascara is cheap, it came out with a sleek looking red packaging. The materials used do not feel cheap at all. One of the nicest thing about this product is that it has a manufacturing date stamp on the product itself, not on the box. Plus, most of the Fashion21 Double Up Mascara I saw from their stall were freshly manufactured. Mine was manufactured on May 25, 2013. 

I absolutely love the wand that it came with. According to the packaging, fashion 21 claimed this to be "a new and advanced soft-glide bristles".. I noticed that the bristles of the mascara are thin, making it easier to work with every strand of the lashes. I like that the bristles do not have same sizes too, it has shorter bristles, making it easier for me to reach shorter lashes on my inner corners and lower lashes. 


Aside from the wand, the real make or break of any mascara is the formulation. This has a wet formulation. I personally like wet formula because it doesn't make my lashes look very clumpy. Based on my personal experience, mascara with wet formulation appears more natural on me. However, it can be really messy since the product tends to transfer on some parts of your eyes when it's not yet dry. In additional to that, this mascara really takes alooooot of time to dry. So you definitely have to try your best not to blink for few minutes. Applies only for the first few months. 

Fashion 21 only promises to make your lashes 2x longer and stronger. It has no indication of being smudgeproof, waterproof or if it can volumized lashes. In my opinion, it's better for a product to have little promises that they can make rather than promising heaven on earth then not making it at all. 

This mascara does what it's supposed to do and so much more. It made my lashes 2x longer and stronger upon application. 

This mascara is smudgeproof! One of my readers even told me that she unintentionally slept with this on her eyes. I tried rubbing my lashes with my fingers. Amazingly, it did not transferred on my fingers. So you are well assured that this will not give you panda eyes. 

I haven't been using waterproof mascara for a very long time now since those were pain in the arse to remove. I like removing all my makeup with just soap and water since im too lazy to use makeup remover. The thing i hate about waterproof mascara is after washing it off with soap and water, my eyes always end up looking dark as if i haven't slept for 100 yrs. I'm glad that i weren't able to experience that with this mascara. This mascara crumbles rather than smudges when removed with soap and water. Basically, it's like peeling the products off your lashes. Yung parang buo buo yung products when removed, yung may residue kang natatanggal . Typically kasi, most of the mascara will smudge when u try to remove it with water and soap (If it does makes sense!) ... I dont really know if you get the picture, i sucks at explaining things. Basta the bottomline, it did not give me panda eyes! That's it! Lol

Overall, i actually think that it's a good mascara to try. Definitely, the best local mascara out there! However, this will not give u a "false-eyelashes" like effect. It's more on the natural looking side. If you're into "wow-ang-eyelashes" mascara, i recommend you to buy "volumizing" mascara instead. Avon and maybelline are brands I highly recommend for volumizing your lashes without spending tons of money. Most of their mascara are priced at Php 500 below. 

EDITED(February 25, 2014): The formulation of this mascara is a lot better now! The formulation is no longer too wet. I've been loving this for everyday! It stays on throughout the day. Take note: I don't curl my lashes. For special occassions, or if I want my lashes to look fuller. I use this together with my Maybelline The Falsies!

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS MASCARA! The price, php 225, is superb and the formulation is REALLY great! I wish Fashion21 would come up with mascara that can volumize and lengthens the lashes. I would definitely be the first one to purchase it!

without mascara

-affordable at Php 225
-makes lashes appear 2x longer
-not clumpy
-easy to work with
-the wand design is really helpful in reaching shorter lashes
-does not give me panda eyes

-takes time to dry
-does not volumize lashes

I hope this post helps you decide whether to buy this or not. 

Until then my loves


  1. I don't understand how it's the best but you have to lower your expectations.

  2. Hi Dawn,
    This is the "best"local mascara. im pertaining to comparison with everbilena, nichido, etc. ^_^
    also, some people kasi would expect too much from brand kahit hindi naman hindi prinomise ng product yun, ex. volumizing

    i hope naenlighten kita sa post ko. sorry to confuse you ^_^ i guess, medyo confusing nga ako nun. thanks for clarification, appreciate you reading my blog. :))


Thank you for the comment ;p xoxo