Wednesday, September 11, 2013

"Online Shopping" --- hassle-free Christmas!

Christmas is almost here!

Filipinos are the earliest to prepare for Christmas season. As expected, my facebook newsfeed was bombarded with warm “Ber-month” greetings. Some of my neighbours started playing Christmas songs as well! As for me, I will probably start buying new blazers and jackets to prepare for the cold season. I might bring out my boots too!

September is the nicest month to start planning for Christmas. You only have 115 days left once September starts. Just like the saying, “Early bird catches the worm.” Planning is very essential in Engineering, and in almost all aspect of life. Yes, even in Christmas Shopping! People, who are unprepared, not every time but mostly, are the most stressful ones. Planning saves you time, energy and money.

Shopping can be really stressful especially if you have a stiff budget. Thus, making a list will help you allocate your budget nicely. Here are some points I'd like to share with you guys to help with your Christmas shopping:

 1. Estimate how much you would like to spend on Christmas gifts. If you’re working already, consider all your expenses then plan how much you can set aside.
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 2. Once you have set your budget, make the list of the lucky people you'll be planning gifts for. Family and friends should be your priority. Do not forget your inaanaks. You can add your co-workers and neighbours too. It’s all up to you and your budget.
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 3. Consider what the person likes most. Knowing his/her hobby can be a nice start. You can ask them to make a wishlist too if you really have no idea on what they want.
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Once you’re done with planning. Give yourself ample time to shop and look around. Shopping is fun, especially when you don’t think of other things like Work, meeting and the likes. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to really shop.

Good thing Online Shopping was invented. Long time ago, I dedicated whole post for online shopping. There I mentioned some online shops that I highly recommend. The only downside, I guess, with that post is that those shops sell only limited items thus you have to buy at different online shops for every kind of item. However, I recently checked out Zalora's Christmas Bazaar, and they have so many great Christmas gifts, ALL ON ONE SITE! I encourage you girls to visit their SITE NOW and be the first to get big discounts on some amazing items on their shop.

I hope this post helps you in your Christmas Shopping. Do not stress yourself too much on simple things, Christmas should be a day of joy. It only comes once a year so better enjoy it while it lasts. Giving is one of the most exciting parts of Christmas. But never forget yourself. You deserve to be treated with all the hard work you’ve done for the entire year. Have a blessed Christmas, everyone!


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