Thursday, September 12, 2013

Surprisingly good - Knock-off goodies!

I was sceptical, at first, upon receiving this package from a certain seller. Although, the packaging looks almost similar to the original, I can’t help but notice some differences that made me realize that these items were knock-offs.  I immediately ask confirmation in this matter. She, in all fairness, admitted that she was selling “Singapore Authentics”  not original one. According to her, “The items are class A replicas.” Also her target customers are those people who cannot afford to buy the real thing.

This is the first time, as far as I can remember, trying out knock-offs cosmetics. And surprisingly, these knock-offs have really nice quality. I even freaked out when I learned how affordable the products were!

Singapore Authentic are not authentic at all, whether it’s a bag, cosmetics or perfumes. Singapore Authentics are fakes but the packaging of these products are almost similar with the original, although there are some visible differences. I have tried Singapore Authentic perfumes and they smell almost similar too but lasting power is so-so.

Indeed, the price does not always guarantee “Quality.” In all honesty, I think the products I received were even better than other brands I have tried locally. Plus, for the price, you really can’t complain. However, choosing fakes over authentic is still a risk. It’s always a risk. Why? Because you have no one to blame for the product, in case, hopefully not, something bad happens to you. Who are you going to blame? Benefit Cosmetics? Na-ah. Unlike if you purchase from a company that has their own name, you’ll know it’s safer because their name is at risk. You got me, right?

I've seen "debates" on whether it's better to purchase knock-offs than authentic products. I say, "If you can afford authentic, go get legit products. If you can't,  then, you can opt to purchase fakes or look for cheaper alternatives."  You have the freewill to do whatever you want with your money, afterall, it’s all yours. 

However, you still have to be extra careful when you buy fakes, especially if it’s something you put directly on your skin. I would definitely not recommend people to purchase “fake skincare” products. Go for Original products, find cheaper alternative if you can’t afford expensive products. It's no use purchasing fake skincare goodies, trust me!

For foundation, mascaras and lipsticks smell the product first. If you think the product stinks, do not even consider using it.

Now, for the products I received!!

Price: Php 150

This is amazingly my favorite product from the loot I received! Php 150 for this product? It’s really a good deal! The bristles are so soft; it’s even softer than my Beauty Cosmetics Kabuki Brush.
It doesn't have bad smell. It’s soft. It doesn’t shed off hairs. Although, it has minimal bleeding when I first washed it off.

I am very pleased with this brush. I would  definitely pay Php 300-400 for the quality of the brush that I was able to get.

Price: php 350

I haven’t tried the original yet. But if I were to compare it to my other eyebrow kit, this one is even better. It does a decent job in creating a polished look for my eyebrows. The wax is good enough to tame my eyebrows, I like it better than my elf or modelco eyebrow kit just so you know. The powder is not pigmented which is ideal for an eyebrow powder, however, you can't use this as eyeshadow. I will do a more detailed review on this soon.

Price: Php 75
Do not underestimate this lipgloss, it’s rather a liquid lipstick. This is very similar to Jazzy Collection Kiss-proof Lipgloss. It has matte finish, it has good color payoff and it’s kiss-proof -- meaning it will not transfer when it's dry. 

Honestly, it took me few days before I finally decided to use this! Well, simply because I prefer using Authentic products for makeup that I put near my eyes, like mascara and eyeliners, and lips.

But overall, the quality of this lipgloss is really impressive. It's like a cheaper version of Jazzy. If you don't mind buying fake lip products, you can try this one out. (but i do! I can use fake brushes, perfumes, eyebrow products... but not mascara, eyeliner and lippies)

So far, these products really are good and affordable! I will try to do a detailed review on each product if you're interested. Just let me know! 

You can purchase it at Pretty Angel Shoppe

How about you girls, what are your thoughts on Knock-off products?
Until then my loves! 


  1. Ohh thanks for this post, I've been thinking whether to purchase a cheaper on or not. I've seen a seller on IG seeling their Benefit Concealaholic (if that's the exact name, not sure) for 350 as well and she said it's US Authentic. What do you think?

    But yeah, for me, I'll go for legit products. I don't want to risk my skin.

  2. Knock offs will never compare to the original, but I consider them better than some cheap or bad makeup, just like you.

  3. Hi Genzel,
    I don't think it's authentic. hehe!

  4. Thank you very much for a very honest review Ms. Eloisa. I like it how you balance and pro's and cons of buying Knock offs. :) Actually the kabuki Brush and Brows Agogo are my bestsellers :)

  5. nice find! glad that these knock offs did perform well. I am scared to purchase knock offs especially if it is a product that you apply on skin. Because I have doubts about the ingredients they used. hehe
    Random Beauty by Hollie

  6. Hollie: i was in doubt at first. but as long as I don't put it directly on my face, i guess, i'm ok with it

  7. @simplewithatwist: my reviews are always honest and based on my own experience. thank you for letting me review your products that way I want it.

  8. Finally! A post that takes on both sides of a consumer. Sure people purchase fake branded makeup but that doesn't mean they're social climbers or something. Others just can't afford the real deal and what if those cheap alternatives are as good or worse than the knock offs? It's a risk. But I hope people don't judge too quickly and generalize especially for people with a student budget like me.

  9. Thank goodness for your review! I'm so tired of people saying bad things about knockoffs for people who can't afford. It's just MEAN. Thank you for your sincere and practical review. :)

  10. I had a bad experience purchasing SG Authentic cosmetics. I asked the seller whether the NYX soft matte lip cream she was selling were authentic, she said they were SG Authentic. so i purchased 3 of these lip creams at 150 each..When I got the package, I already noticed that they were not authentic. 2 of them looked like lip gloss and the other one is like a paint. I did not use them..just threw it..


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