Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Snoe Hair Heroes Intense Hair Conditioner

This is the best time to try out different products for my hair. My hair has been suffering from all the experiments I have been putting it through. Just last September I had my hair colored at Victor Ortega, a salon near our home. The promo package I picked was Hair Coloring and Keratin Treatment for only Php 2,500.

My hair was gorgeous for a week or so. However, it turned frizzy and dry after. As much as I wanted to have my hair rebonded again, I couldn’t. I still have to wait for 3 months. *sigh* I know, I know, hair rebonding is one of the most damaging treatments you could get for your hair. But it makes my life a lot easier. If you had your hair rebonded, you’ll understand. -_-

Before my hair coloring, almost all products seem to work with my hair. That’s why I don’t give reviews on hair products back then. I want to give reliable reviews, as always!

Now that my hair is all damaged, I think I could now give decent reviews for hair products. Funny how this ugly experience can be useful, huh?

Today’s review is about my favorite hero to date!


Snoe says,

Lavish your hair with the revolutionary liquid gold oil, grown in Morocco. With its multi-tasking benefits, Snoe’s 5-in-one Argan Oil easily absorbs into your hair follicle to give your hair that healthy sheen. It has astonishing conditioning and anti-aging properties to keep your hair nourished and revitalized, to keep you looking beautiful. Change the way you clean your hair! 


Argan Oil - restores damaged areas, split-end protection, prevents further damage caused by styling and outdoor activities, improves hair elasticity and reduces hair loss due to breakage 
Wheat Protein - anti-inflammatory, prevents hair breakage, moisturizes 
Moringa extract - strengthens hair fiber, protects against environmental stress and pollution, improves hair surface, protects hair keratin quality after UV damage 
Indian Sienna - improves hair surface, aids in maintaining the vibrant sheen of hair color

Price: Php 599/250ml

The thing that keeps me away from trying this product is the price. Fortunately, I have a very generous sister who doesn’t mind spending Php 599 for a conditioner (NOT ME!). Good thing she saw this on Holly Chang’s blog! She’s such a fan!

SNOE Beauty is a proudly Pinoy brand. You can check them out HERE.


It has a decent pump with lock mechanism. This is a travel friendly packaging because you’ll feel safe if you need to bring 250ml conditioner with you during a long trip.

The consistency is thick, just as thick as most conditioners.

Conditioners should not be applied directly on your scalp to avoid having dandruff, which unfortunately my major major hair problem! LOL. But this has already been a long time problem even before I started using Snoe.

This product is a multi-tasking product; believe it or not, it can be used as a leave-on, i have yet to try!

The smell is super amazing and it stays even after few hours.

This product is definitely my hair hero. It made my hair soft, shiny, bouncy and more manageable!! (not really straight) I’m not kidding with the manageable part. I like how I can finger-comb my hair! 

I actually like this better than my HG Conditioner, Dove Treatment but Dove is a lot cheaper. 

I've seen improvements in my hair just after 2-5 days of daily use. Amazing, right?

I normally take conditioners for granted but this one, I was really impressed. The only problem I have is the price, really! The pure argan oil (from Snoe too!) costs Php 799 while this conditioner costs Php 599. Only 200 price difference T.T

Overall, I really, really like it. BUT still, the price is a very, very high factor for me. I'm thinking of purchasing the pure argan oil, or maybe, try more hair products from their shop.

Nevertheless, if price was never a big deal for you, I highly recommend you to try this out. It's really good especially if you have damaged hair. 

Until then, loves!

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  1. Thanks for this post. I had a bad experience - hair rebonding. And like yours, I have to wait for three months or so to have it 'refreshed' - whatever that meant.

    I will try this for sure!


Thank you for the comment ;p xoxo