Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Hi my loves! 

I know, just like me, your heart is breaking too every time you see in your facebook newsfeeds or in your televisions the updates for the victims of the Super Typhoon Yolanda. My heart weeps too. But we can do more than just giving sympathy. It is time to step up for our fellow Kababayans! We might be far away from the places destroyed by the Super typhoon but we can do something! 

There are many ways to contribute: through donating money and/or relief goods,if you don’t have much money to give, you may opt to give your time by volunteering to repack the relief goods or donate your used clothes. It’s not the amount that really matters but the willingness to help. 

The brighter part of this incident is that people, no matter what country or race, are united than ever! Everyone is giving their part to help. Even in Beauty World. I’ve seen tons of Beauty stores giving their profits to the victims of Typhoon. If you’re a beauty enthusiast, this is your time to HELP in your own way. 

Recently, Ate Myla contacted me about this promo on GLAMINAR MAKEUP ARTISTRY. According to her, she will have a PHP 1,000 BASIC MAKEUP WORKSHOP PROMO, and 100% of the profit will go to the victims of the Super Typhoon.


1. Php 1,000 worth of Workshop is just so amazing, most of the workshops would cost more than Php2,000.

2. You will get to meet the Number 1 Youtube Guru in the Philippines, Ana Patricia Victorino and meet amazing girls who have the same interest as you.

3. This workshop will enhance your skills and broaden your knowledge in Makeup

4. There are tons of makeup and tools available to try during the workshop

5. MOST OF ALL, You do not just PAY to LEARN but also, to HELP. 

Hitting not just two birds but five birds in just one stone. Isn’t it amazing? The main goal here is to HELP THE VICTIMS. Meeting Ana Victorino and learning makeup are just bonuses. 

If you're interested to participate in the said workshop, kindly refer to the picture below attached for more details.

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