Friday, November 8, 2013

Skindinavia The Original Makeup Saver

Being a Beauty Blogger that I am, it is surprising to know that I do not like bringing makeup stuff with me especially at work. As much as possible I stick to makeup that will last the longest time, if not for the entire day! The most forgivable retouching I could do throughout the day are to blot my face and apply lipbalm.

Most of the girls would probably spend good amount of 30 mins doing their makeup every morning. Not to mention another additional minutes retouching their makeup after few hours. For busy people, this can seem to be a lot of work.

If you’re this kind of person, you might already have researched or heard about this product. This has been a very, very popular product from Local to Hollywood Makeup Artists. They say it’s pricey for a reason and it is because it works amazingly! Skindinavia Philippines is kind to sponsor two of these for my giveaway HERE and one for me to try it out. Is this truly a HOLY GRAIL Material? Here is my take.

The Original Makeup Finishing Spray
Skindinavia says,
“This makeup-saver is the pioneer in the makeup finishing spray category. Proven to hold makeup in place, keep colors vibrant and make creasing concealer a thing of the past, consider this your barrier against makeup meltdown. Our 4oz size will last about 90 days of daily use. Our 8oz size will last about 180 days"

Did you know that makeup starts degrading the moment it is applied?

The Original Makeup Finishing Spray sets and holds makeup in place, maintains color and prevents makeup from slipping, melting, drying out or creasing.

The Formula
SKINDINÄVIA has solved the vanishing makeup mystery with patented Temperature Control Technology® that forms a lightweight, breathable web on top of your makeup, holding everything in place for up to 16 hours.

Your Final Finish
Perfect for normal/dry skin types, The Original Makeup Finishing Spray is a lightweight, breathable and hypoallergenic mist that creates a perfectly smooth texture. It makes you glow – but never shine – and lasts all day.
Packaging wise. It came in this typical plastic spray bottle. The nozzle should be pump few times to ensure that the product is new/unused. 

The product sprays evenly on my face. It has finer mist, enough to let me know that there are already good amount of products sprayed on my entire face, if you know what I mean.

Through continous use of this product, I found that this Skindinavia Spray works effectively to:

1. Keeps whatever products you initially applied on your face in place.
2. sets the makeup well, making it more natural-looking and less cakey.
3. Minimize touch-ups by adding hours to my makeup wear
4. Making eyeshadows last and appear more vibrant
5. Controls oil as it lessens the need to blot the face throughout the day. Normally, I would blot my face 2-3x a day (4x atmost) depending on the situation. I noticed that Skindinavia helps me minimize the frequency of blotting my face. Say, instead of 4x a day, I only blot 2-3x. Although, it does not promise to prevent oil, it’s good know that it does helps keeping the oil at bay.

In spite of the good things I mentioned above, it did not live up to its promise to keep my makeup lasts for 16 hours. However, that’s quite reasonable. I have combination skin, I am 5 rides away from work to home, making it 10 rides back and forth (including jeepneys, pedicab, mrt and lrt) and my work is quite stressful that, sometimes, my skin tends to oil up even more.

Overall, I really think that this product works effectively! It does what it promises to do and so much more (like making eyeshadows appear more vibrant). I really recommend this setting spray especially for makeup artists. Nothing is worse than spending all your time perfecting your craft then seeing it melt out throughout the day especially when your Name and profession are at stake.

But as for me, I'm not really sure if I would repurchase it again when I ran out of this product just because I think it does not fit my lifestyle. I just started my classes for my second course and all my classes are scheduled in the evening. In additional, I wear "less" makeup for everyday and I could definitely live with blotting papers for touch-ups. 

I find this product quite pricey for my taste (20ml costs Php 600+ and bigger bottles are more than a thousand pesos). Nevertheless, if you’re job requires you to wear full makeup everyday and less time to do touch-ups. I recommend this product for you to try out. Again, it really works well. It’s just not for me.
Without, with; without, with Skindinavia
Thank you again MS. DOROTHY for letting me try this product! 
If you want to purchase your Skindinavia Spray and know more about this product, VISIT and LIKE their FAN PAGE. Click HERE.


  1. How many hours did it last on you? I dont wear much makeup, usually foundation and blush lang but I hate it when oil starts to creep in. :(

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