Thursday, November 14, 2013

Song for the Victims of the Super Typhoon Yolanda

Hi girls. A friend of mine asked me if I could share this video on my blog. I have read the lyrics and it was beautiful. I hope you could share this video, too! Thank you, my loves!



Walls are broken
Roofs were blown away
But something's making us strong
Lives have perished
Hopes were torn apart
But someone's holding us tight

So don't you give up
The sun will come out tomorrow
So don't you give up
Blue skies awaits
And together, we will rise
Coz we are stronger, yes we are stronger
Stronger than the...
Tougher than the storm

Tears are falling
Knees are shaking
But our faith makes us stand still
Kids are starving
The nation's crying
But we will find a way

240 kilometers per hour
Ground is shavings, deaths are rising
OH Father help them, Father help us
The whole nation is praying
Everyone is helping
Everything will be all right
Everything will be alright
Coz no wind could ever break our hearts
We are flooded with good love
Good love, good love
Ohhh Ohhhh Filipinos

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  1. It touched my heart.. Heres my Poem for the victim of typhoon Haiyan


Thank you for the comment ;p xoxo