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Every year, I have several beauty, makeup and skincare, products tried and tested on my face. Out of all the products I’ve tried, I’ve compiled my “Must-have” products which are the products that I fell inlove this year. I have done reviewing most of the products in the list. I already included the link for my detailed review for your convenience.

NOTE: I personally picked each and every product in the list, sponsored or not. I have tried, swatched, tested and worn these products several times this year. These are the products that amazingly worked for me.



KikaySiMaria awards for 
“Best Cream Foundation/Concealer”

I’m on the verge of giving up until this product came along and gave me a different perspective on Cream Foundation. I have been using this religiously every day ever since I got it from Pretty Angel Shoppe. This is just an amazing product that deserves a special room in my makeup kit. Now, I’m more hopeful and excited, than ever, to try other popular Cream Foundations. Check out my Detailed review HERE to know more about my Naturactor experience.


KikaysiMaria awards for 
“Best Facial Soap”

This soap saved my life! I included it in my top products for 2012. Still, unbeatable for 2013. This is the only soap I used for my face for the entire 2013. Detailed review HERE 


KikaysiMaria awards for 
“Best Eyebrow Sealer”

This can be tricky to apply! I have lost my patience several times before I was able to get the right application. The trick is to use very, very little amount of this product on your eyebrows to avoid disrupting the products you initially applied. Once you have mastered the application, you’ll be surprised on how this product can change your life… for your eyebrows, atleast! Click HERE to see my detailed review.


ST. IVES, “Best Facial Scrub”

If there’s one skincare product that I always go back to for years and years, this is THE ONE. I have been using this for almost a decade now. It’s just an amazing scrub for face and body. It makes my skin softer and instantly smooth after use.

SNOE HAIR HEROES, “Best Hair Product”
Although I only had finished one bottle of this conditioner, I can already say that it’s a product that deserves to be included in this list. Already finished my 2nd bottle! And will definitely buy my 3rd bottle!!
It’s the only conditioner I knew that can be used in several ways. I have tried and tested this product as a leave-on before hitting the beach and it works amazingly in keeping my hair soft and tangle-free even in salt-water! For detailed review on this product, click HERE.

This product is very convenient on my end since I want a product that can help me prevent the early sign of ageing and can brightens up my skin. Olay is one of the brands that I trust most when it comes to skincare.


I’ve tried several eyebrow pencils, trust me! But I keep going back to this just because it’s easy to use and affordable, too! The shape and thickness is just perfect for outlining my eyebrows to achieve my perfect eyebrows look. Detailed review HERE

SLEEK PALETTE IN STORM, “Best Eyeshadow Palette”

This palette has been my “no-brainer” palette for any occasions. This palette offers amazing color combination that I use to transform my day to night makeup. Review HERE.

ELF HD BLUSH, "Best Long-lasting Blush”

HD Blush from Elf offers a really good value for your money. For a very affordable price of Php 168 at The Primp Pad, you can already have 2-in-1 product that works! The blush is super pigmented and a little amount of this goes a long, long way! It works very nicely on lips, too! Click HERE to direct you to my review.

BEN NYE BANANA POWDER, “Best Setting Powder”

There are mixed reviews on this product. This product has its PROS and CONS. I only have two reasons why I super love this product: (1) makes my foundation and bb cream appear more natural-looking (2) the biggest bottle will lasts you very long even with everyday use! Review HERE.

VEET SHAVING CREAM, “The Best Hair Shaver”
The only shaver that I trust on my hairy legs! It works really effectively in removing my unwanted legs hair, and made my skin feel soft and smooth after.

POND’S BB CREAM, “Best BB Cream”
Skincare and Makeup in one? Definitely! It goes smoothly on my face and does a very good job in brightening up my skintone. Wearing skincare as makeup, what more can you ask for! Click HERE for my review.

MARY KAY CONCEALER, “Best Liquid Concealer”
Although I am now retiring my Mary Kay Concealer, I have to admit that it is one of the best concealers I’ve tried in my 3 years as a beauty blogger. The coverage is commendable; I have used this for 2 years. A little amount goes a long, long way. One tube lasted me a year (used as undereye concealer mostly) even with everyday use. Click HERE for my detailed review on Mary Kay Concealer

How about you girls? What are the products that you fell in-love with this year? Share yours!
Until then, xoxo


  1. My hair and skin is healthy, soft and shiny because I take care of it and it has nothing to do with chemical products.

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  2. Great list! Will check out your reviews and go get myself some. :)

  3. I absolutely love snoe hair heroes too! it smells so nice and you can use it both as a conditioner AND a leave on <3

  4. Thanks for the compilation. For me, the Kojie San Soap is the most essential!


  5. i want to try the etude house drawing eyebrow pencil in the grey shades... i really don't know what color to match my very black brows and my black hair...


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