Thursday, December 26, 2013

3W Clinic Professional Powder

Shirleen Yu of Pretty Angel Shoppe is the one who introduced this product to me. Funny, I call myself a makeup blogger and yet, I don’t know about this product that many bloggers raved! Well, well, atleast I did a little research to make up for my shortcoming! LOL
3W Clinic Professional was the newest name given to Dodo Palgantong Powder, which I’m sure I’ve heard many times before from different Pinay bloggers.

3W Clinic says,

3W Clinic Professional Natural Make-up/Loose Powder by DoDo Company

DoDo Company, the manufacturer of Palgantong has changed its name to 3W Clinic since 2009. ALL NEW versions of palgantong powder now use the name of 3W Clinic in Korea.

This is the professional version used by professional backstage make-up artists andare imported directly from Korea.  PALGANTONG was first launched in Korea in 1999. It is very popular among Korean Movie Stars and 4 out of 5 Korean ladies have tried this amazing power.

Firstly, it was only introduced to professional make-up artists, such as those who worked for Korean TV broadcast stations like SBS and KBS.

In 1989, more professional make-up artists started to use the theatrical powder.

Slimming Effect : Makes your face look slimmer with a three-dimension effect caused by light reflections.
Long Lasting Effect : Strong against water or sweat. Does not stain/smudge easily. Excellent long lasting functional powder.
Blooming Effect : The scattering effect of the light-scattering power creates bright and splendid skin.

Super Hydrating Effect : Maintains your skin's moisture all day long. It prevents moisture evaporation and thus creating silky skin.

Non Comedogenic

It came with this HUGE tub, about 3 inches in diameter! It’s heavy and too bulky, not perfect for travelling. Unlike Ben Nye Banana Powder, transferring this to a separate container is such a pain in the arse since the opening is too big! The trick is to use a clean sheet of paper shaped in cone to transfer this to a smaller container then brush off what’s left on the paper to the smaller container to avoid wastage.

This powder has a free sponge that has a very good quality,super soft and gentle! The sponge reminds me a lot of my Luview powder, even the red strap color!

The powder itself is finely milled, finer than my Banana Luxury Powder. It’s super soft and smooth on skin.

I have been using this religiously ever since I got it. Yes, been neglecting my Banana Luxury powder since I haven’t been using any liquid foundation or bb creams now. I try to use very minimal makeup as much as possible; I just use my ever reliable Naturactor to cover my dark undereyes circles.
The powder isn’t yellow-toned like Ben Nye. The 3w powder is more of a pinkish toned powder but it doesn’t appear pinkish on my skin. It blends well on my skin, and gives me a nice matte look.

Although it’s already December, the weather is still hot here in the Philippines! I found myself reaching for this over Ben Nye Powder because this lasts longer and controls oil better than the latter. However, if I were to use a bb cream that has weird undertone, I would reach for Ben Nye instead. Ben Nye has a nice yellow undertone that suites my skintone really well.

Since it’s a setting powder, it doesn’t have any coverage. Do not expect any COVERAGE. It’s very light on skin, and I recommend you to use this over a foundation instead of piling up another powder foundation. Yes, I do that few years ago! I use liquid foundation then set it with powder foundation. No wonder, my skin was bad and tends to break out more often before. Too much heavy products on your face will clog your pores.

Overall, I’m loving this! I’ve been using this everyday ever since I got it. It is super affordable and it works well as setting powder. I’m happy and contented. I will definitely repurchase this one

You can purchase it for only PHP 300 at Kering Keri Store!


  1. Haha, don't feel bad, you're not the last one to know about this product! I myself don't know this even! :) But if you use this product over Ben Nye (the holy grail powder for many), then this must really be good!

  2. Haha! I so agree na late din ako. Am deciding if I'll get Ben Nye banana or the neutral one kahit may talc at parabens then I saw 1 review before this na mas maganda pa din un Palgantong na 3W clinic na pala ngayon (so huli sa balita haha). And na ngayon nga ginagawa ko pa din un ipapatong sa liqd foundation ang mineral powder foundation thinking na better ang coverage haha! So guilty!!!!! Maybe I'll try this. Palitan n un walang kwentang revlon mineral foundation.

  3. @hazel: yes, it has better oil control than ben nye
    @anonymous: hehe! okay lng yun, ako din guilty dun ^_^

  4. Nice review...I do really loved this powder also becoz of longlast effect and it is cheap for an adorable effect..I always using it after my history of whoo skin care regime(foam,balancer,essence,cooling suncover,bb cream) and it is just covering imperfection of my skin so damn well..I'm using multilayer skincare everyday and never got blackhead.the secret of all korean flawless skin lookalike was just mask sheet.btw is ben nye selling worldwide?I wanna try it

  5. i thnk they are shipping worldwide, dear!

  6. I bought one last 2 weeks in japan i guess dodo jp didn't change the name to 3w and japan has different packaging and has different types they have the red packaging and black ones, i think they offer different spfs, thanks for your blog i tried researching about this coz i got confuse with the name and packaging


Thank you for the comment ;p xoxo