Sunday, December 29, 2013

KB Korean Magic Towel

This is one of the products I received from Yumeimi-se and probably, the easiest product to review! Click HERE to see the 3 products I received for product review.

KB says,

Korean has a culture of bathing in public with a special rough fabric almost similar to bath brush. The concept rooted from wet clothing which was hyped up to be in parallel to a body scrubber. The bath towel continues to propagate in Korea and many tourists purchase it as a souvenir because it is good for skin exfoliation.

Koreans use this scrubbing towel to exfoliate dead skin and to make their skin soft. While it massages skin, it helps undergo metabolic change in one’s body.

The whole process of head to toe scrubbing takes at least 10-15 minutes, so generally it starts from the feet up to the upper extremities. Layers of grime that have been accumulating since the last scrub will come and fall off, and that’s how this towel works.

From the makers of KB Korean Whitening Set comes another wonder intensely made to answer skin worries.

KB Korean Magic Towel, a Korean-made product is widely used for skin exfoliation while bathing. It serves as body scrubber that eliminates dead skin cells and acts as massager to further boost the toxin removal effect, leaving the skin free of everyday blemishes.

This product works well with KB Gold Premium Soap. Soap’s active whitening agents go deep within skin after freeing the skin from unwanted skin cells.

How to Use
  1. Wet body with warm water. The hotter the water is, the more open the skin pores, the more effective.
  2. Wait for about 10- 20 seconds until excess water reduces.
  3. Grab the towel. You can soak it also into hot water or just leave it moist.
  4. Start the process. Gently scrub all over the body in a circular motion.
  5. You can notice that dirt from dead skin cells will start to fall off.
  6. Rinse body with cold water to tighten skin pores.
  7. For best and whitening results, use KB Gold Premium Soap after.

This isn’t your ordinary towel. It has a pouch where you can insert your hand for scrubbing your body. The texture of the towel is very rough, which some may find too rough especially if they have sensitive skin.

In my case, I have been using this scrubber on my body every other day/alternately. So far, so good! I use this very gently on my skin with my soap or body wash; the key is to scrub your body with very light hands. I must say that it works nicely for me. After bath, I notice that it made my skin soft and smooth.

I think this would be a good scrubber for elbows, knees or feet. I recommend this product. Although, I won’t be recommending this product to those who have sensitive skin, as the rough surface of this towel may irritate your skin.

You may purchase this at Mercury Drugs, Watsons, Generika, South Star Drug and Rose Pharmacy for Php 99/piece.

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