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Mac Browset in Beguile

Whenever I buy brow mascara, I stick to it until it dries up. I dunno why but all the eyebrow mascaras I have seemed to work for me. I guess, it’s really how we do it that matters.

As far as I can remember, I already have tried 4 eyebrow mascaras.

Etude House Color my Eyebrows
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This is available in two shades; I picked the darker color which looks really great on dark hair like mine. The product is quite tiny and so the brush that was included in the packaging. I really like the shape of the mascara brush because it makes the application easier. The price isn’t bad at all. It’s actually cheaper compared to most eyebrow mascara. However, the product dries easily. Also, this doesn’t really tame my eyebrow hairs.

Compared to Etude House, the quality of this brow gel is a lot better. It tames my eyebrow hairs really well.  The thing I hate about it is how cheap-o the brush it came with. Mine was stuck inside after a month, this explains the reason why I failed to blog about it. It really pissed me off, it happened to several girls who also brought the same product. Plus, I don’t really like the color selection. The darker shade I have is too dark on me and the next shade is too lighter.

Full Review  HERE
This reminds me a lot of Etude House Color my Eyebrows, only better. The brush is tiny making it easy to use! I adore the color in BR 555. This has to be the best among the three.

And then, I purchased this one. This is undoubtedly the priciest Eyebrow mascara I ever purchased. But I don’t mind purchasing eyebrow mascara as long as it has a good quality. So, did this product impress me?


This brow mascara came in this clearish tube, which I prefer! Since the price is quite steep (as they say!), I would like to make the most out of it. With this clearish tube, you can see exactly how much product you have left.

The brush that came in this brow set is quite bigger but shorter than Majorlica Majorca which makes the application more difficult. I really like the shape of Majorlica Majorca spoolie brush because it has a very nice shape that is very convenient for such application. 
Majorlica Majorca (top) ; Mac (bottom)

In additional to the burden of having a big mascara brush, this brush takes out a little bit too much product. Good thing the SA in SM Megamall gave me a 2 separate washable spoolie. 

If you too are having hard time working this with the spoolie brush included, you may opt to use a smaller spoolie which you can purchase at beauty stores. Or, in my case, I just use cotton buds and concealer to erase my mistakes in application and so that it appears more clean and defined.

Bottomline: The brush included is hard to work with but you can always make it works for you. Applying concealer after doing your eyebrows will make a HUGE difference!

Mac Browset is available in 3 shades: Showoff, Beguile and GirlBoy. I choose Beguile because the color compliments my dark-colored hair and it looks really natural on me. This is by far the most natural looking eyebrow gel that I have ever used.
Beguile is a mid-toned gray with very fine golden shimmers that is rather noticeable in the swatch than on my eyebrows.


Performance-wise, this is closest to James Cooper than Etude House and Majorlica Majorca. Although, I love Etude House and Majorlica Majorca, I always rant on their performance to tame my eyebrows.

I told you in my previous posts that my brow hairs tend to fall down all the time and it doesn’t really look neat even with concealer. That’s why; my priority will always be to find an eyebrow product that will tame my brows. And I’m happy to say that I’m contented with the performance of this product. It is very effective in holding the hairs in place and gives me soft-looking eyebrows!

In comparison with Majorlica Majorca, the staying power of Majorlica Majorca is much better than Mac Beguile. Mac Beguile is not waterproof and can be easily rubbed off.


Overall, it’s something I would definitely repurchase. This has to be my top pick among the four that I’ve tried just because it did live up to my expectations. Comparing all the b brow mascara products that I’ve tried, it’s the only mascara that can tame my brows well without making it look so unnatural. Since Beguile is more on gray-toned shade, it appears more soft and natural than brown, especially with my dark hair.

However, that’s just me. I personally think that some people would still choose Majorlica Majorca over this. Why? Majorlica Majorca is easier to work with plus I think that BR555 can compliment more skin and hair color. Although in the end, it’s not how many people who like this product that matters. It is what works for you. If you want soft-natural looking eyebrows that can hold your eyebrows in place, then choose this.  If you want a lighter eyebrows that has an excellent staying power and can instantly brightens up your face, choose Majorlica Majorca BR555.

You can always try. Explore and experiment. It’s the best way to know what products will look best on you.

Some people think that this is overly priced. I think it’s reasonable! You can actually get more with Mac than Majorlica Majorca. Majorlica Majorca and Etude House are cheaper but both only contain 4.5 grams of product while Mac contains 8grams of product. You see, Majorlica Majorca costs me Php 595 for 4.5 grams, meaning Php 132/gram while Mac costs me Php 1,000 for 8 grams which is about Php 125/gram. Plus, you can get Mac Browset as cheaper as Php 900 if you purchase it online or if you have relatives in the US. Do not be deceived by the price tags. Be Wise; always look on the contents of whatever products you are purchasing. It is the best way to justify the price, rather than merely looking on the price tag itself.

To sum up my long post, the answer to the question “Which of these is better, Majorlica Majorca or Mac” is subjective. It depends on your personal preference. I would say both perform well. Majorlica Majorca has better staying power and more like a tinted-mascara while Mac has better taming capability compared to Majorlica Majorca.

Anyway, I hope you find this post helpful! Until then my loves!

Merry Christmas!

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